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Author and Future U.S. Army National Guard. Lightning Bolt is my Co-Author and Cloudfilly is my Editor. If you have any questions, just message me.


This story is a sequel to A Dazzling Reformation

So much has happened during Spring Break. Sunset Shimmer found The Dazzlings living under a bridge, people found love, and The Dazzlings decided to become reformed. At first, they weren't going to go back to school.

But time has changed, and so have they. The Rainbooms and The Dazzlings came up with a plan to prove to the school that the three ex-sirens have changed, and they are determined to make it work. Sounds simple, right?

But what about Sonata's little problem...

Author's Note: If you notice any mistakes, please let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible. Also, if you want to see anything happen in this story, please let me know and Lightning Bolt and I will consider it.

Co-Author: Lightning Bolt
Editor: Cloudfilly
Backup Editor: Sunatta

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oh, my God!! :twilightoops:
I've waited long for this!!! :rainbowkiss:
and finally here!! :heart:
thanks thunder!! :pinkiesad2:

6758417 No, thank you Darkness Moon :raritystarry:

Its viewers like you that motivates Lightning and I to write these :scootangel:

6758647 Natta problem. (ouch, that pun was so bad even I felt it.)

6759872 Thats easy :ajsmug:
Viewers like you are always encouraging :eeyup:

6764671 Yeah, our editor is having internet problems right now so he cant edit. But when everything is fixed the corrected version will be put up.

Merry Christmas too! friend! :pinkiehappy:

Hurry up with the next chapter I want to finish the story :pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

6807979 Sorry, I've been working on my Primitive Survival Skills a lot here recently, which hasn't left me with a lot of time to type. :twilightblush: But Lightning and I will get to work on it very soon, I Pinkie Pie promise :pinkiehappy: Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye :pinkiesmile: And we all know what will happen if that promise is broken :pinkiecrazy:

If you'd like I could edit for you, until Cloudfilly can get back in the saddle.

6816809 I would love that, Sunatta :pinkiehappy:. Lightning and I was actually going to ask for a volunteer backup editor in the next chapter's author's note, so this is awesome. I'll send you a PM for further discussion on the matter. Thank you so much :raritystarry:

"Principle Celestia" should be "Principal Celestia". There were also a few errors, such as "they're" instead of "their", and "glade" instead of "glad".

Other than these and a few minor ones, this was a decent chapter.

6822861 Thank you, the corrections have been made :twilightsmile:

6822861 Huh, guess I need to step up my game a bit.

6822952 Its okay, Sunatta. Everyone makes mistakes, and a few things are bound to slip through. Yeah, try your best to not let mistakes slip through, but if they do, thats okay. I can always go back and fix them when they are noticed.

amazing chapter :rainbowkiss:
I liked :pinkiehappy:
It is good to hear from you friend :twilightsmile:

6823021 Yeah, it has been a while sense I've last posted a chapter. I've been very busy lately, but its good to be back. Thanks friend :raritywink:

Just a little grammar tip. You're using "seen" the wrong way. It should be "She saw she had leftovers." Or "She saw Aria and Sonata come around the corner". It's a common mistake, just trying to help you out :pinkiehappy:

"I see that dog."
"I saw that dog."
"I have seen that dog before."

One last thing, if you use "she seen" it needs to be either "she has seen" or "she had seen". Trying to help c:

6823234 It's being addressed in editing.:twilightsmile:

Looking forward to seeing more. A comment, though, on a few incorrect words.

If they attended another school while they were away, then it would of made things so much easier.
"Their 'influence' from before aided me in enrolling them. But sense they don't have that now, it will be a battle just to make it happen."

Would of should be would've or would have, and sense should be since.

6823234 Thanks, I'll make sure to keep your advice in mind when writing future chapters. :twilightsmile:

6823377 Wow, that was fast! Good on you.

6823401 I ain't got much going on because of the cold weather, so I'm doing what I like to do. :rainbowwild:

Somehow didn't get an email for this chapter...

Looking forward to more.

AG outta do something that makes the RainDazzles(good name combo, right?)all b-slap him.

wow... now even a paragraph in and the bullying starts.......
poor sonata :fluttercry:

Multiple Personality Disorder huh? Sonata and I have a bit more in common than I thought.

poor sonata :fluttercry:
I had fun with the part of ari guitar :rainbowlaugh:
I loved :heart:
Thanks for writing the next chapter :pinkiesad2:

6848218 I'm sorry that you have to go through the ordeal with Multiple Personality Disorder. I can't even begin to imagine what its like. I only know what I have read and heard from people who also have it that I've met online. I hope that I represent Sonata well, and help those who don't understand Multiple Personality Disorder, become more aware of it.

For me, it isn't a big hassle. I have a rarer version of it, but I'm at peace with it. I'll help you if you need pointers

She had to say 'escalated'.

I think there's a commercial about a can of whoop-ass.

6851920 There are a few questions I have about it, if you don't mind answering. But how about we move this conversation over to PM for privacy purposes?

SunDagio is a perverted couple.

"My door is always open." Anyone else realize that this is innuendo?

We need nutcrackers!!!!

6852605 I think he means something more along the lines of this.

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