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Horrifically Fun


It’s that time of year! That time where the magic of Christmas has mostly fled and all that’s left is the short, but grueling crawl towards the new year!

But wait! Aria wants to share the joy of post-Christmas, pre-New Years with everyone! Whether they want to or not!

Pretty much inspired by the art of thegreatcat14 and NekoJackun. Cover by AmazingPuffhair.

Thanks to
Tired Old Man ,
Nova Quill/ Firimil , and
Steel Resolve for their edits and suggestions!

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Adagio shot Aria a furious look. “I fuck more than just dudes!” She followed this up with a sneer. “Plus, I also get vacation time and benefits!”

That would be the part that angers you.

Aria sighed heavily. “Honestly, if Sonata had the attention span to do what I do, she’d probably make more money than me with that cute ditsy, ‘maybe I’m faking, maybe I really do have a terrible brain injury and need therapy’ act she has going!”


“I…” Adagio hesitated and thought about this a moment. “Okay, when you put it like that…”


Adagio got up to her feat and glared at Aria. “As impressed as I am at that intro with the multiple segues and some solid wordplay, I have four annoyances!”

HAHAHAHAA! I love these two.

“What?! NO!” Aria shouted back. “You’re the perv, not me!”

“A pity!” Adagio shot back.


“You’re just mad because that video has more views than any of your others!”

“I am FURIOUS that video has more views than the others, but that’s not the point! I need my hair ties!”

There's a quality to your writing that exists nowhere else.

It was Sonata’s turn to roll her eyes. “Well, on the trees, d’uh!”


“Oh! Like how I have piggy banks just full of blood-soaked bills from people I kill!”

I buy that.

Sonata giggled. “Only if you leave them in a place where the paramedics can find them!”

... You scare me.


Merry Christmas to you too, Sunny!

Oh boy! More Dazzlings! What a wonderful present.

I would totally subscribe to Aria's channel.

I’m just counting the days til you do a full blown clop fic with Adagio, but this will more than suffice for now! Love seeing your stories in my feed!

They know about us already, and theyespeciallyknow you, because you hijacked my channel that one time and just played with dinosaur toys for hours in front of it!

Betting she did this scene at one point.

This story needs but the gentlest of pushes to go into M-rated territory. I giggled throughout.

Sonata would be the perfect assassin because no one could believe her capable of it.

Now go write Sunset's ass-whoopin' part of it, good man.

Next Chapter: Sunset Shimmer is MAD about EVERYTHING INTERNET STREAMS

Oh boy, sounds like Sunny is ready to break out the newspaper again.

"Marshmallows roasting on an open fire,
Sunset takes potshots at your nose,
Many howls of both agony and desire,
Many hos, many hos, many hos!"

Huh. Somehow I stuck this in tracking then forgot all about it...

Flash is kinda like the town dildo.

I'd be happy to take his place...

“Adagio’s done a number on me too and now I need sex as an outlet for the bizarre feelings and weird stuff I have to deal with!”

Again, yo, right here, ready to go, just sayin'...

Already close behind Aria, Sonata popped her head out to the sound of the bells on her outfit and laughed. “Oh, she won’t hit me! I’m too sweet and innocen—”

Sunset let her fist fly.


“MOTHER FUCK!”Sonata exclaimed as she recoiled and instinctively covered up her injured cheek.

Sweet and innocent, eh?

Sunset sighed heavily. “He’s had his sexual desires completely sated and its apparently taken some sort of weird psychological toll. He’s in a semi-catatonic state, it’s the whole reason I braved your tumor field.”

What's this? Flash Sentry WINNING at life (kinda)? This is rare.

Sunset gave Aria a sideways look. “Was that a simple turn of phrase or a dig at Adagio?”

Aria shrugged. “A little from column ‘A’. A little from column ‘B’.”

Sounds about right.

Sunset rolled his eyes. “Anyways, Flash is a malehigh schoolerwho’s achieved his barely-post-pubescent dreams beyond hiswildestimagination, so now he’s like a boat without a rudder… which has also had its sails set ablaze.”


“I do blame her for most things that go wrong in my life,” Aria informed. “But Flash is kinda like the town dildo.”


The left side up Sunset’s lips pulled up into a small grimace. “Maybe living with her for so long, you haven’t noticed, but she’s like a sexual black hole.”

“…That is byfarthe best wording for someone calling Adagio asuper-slutthat I have ever heard,” Aria admitted.

I love this, I love so much.

“No!” Sunset insisted. “I mean…yes,but what Imeantwas that she kinda sucks in the very idea of sex and destroys it at a molecular level in regards to comprehension of it.”

This is fucking fantastic.

“80 years, give or take,” Sunset answered.

Sounds about right.

Sunset sighed. “Oh, I think I’m part of the problem at this point, or rather one of the symptoms!” She pursed her lips into a tight frown. “Adagio’s done a number on me too and now I need sex as an outlet for the bizarre feelings and weird stuff I have to deal with!”

You say that like it's a problem.

Aria shrugged. “She got upset that I was also dressed like ‘sexy Santa’ and ran off to change. I figured she’s probably taking a pair of scissors to a sash because it’s just ‘too modest’ for her taste.”

Sounds about right.

The trouble was, that Rarity’sskinwas now a color that matched the red of her outfit.

And considering how pale she normally is, that's not a good thing.

Sunset’s turquoise eyes seemed to smolder like lit coals directed in Sonata’s direction.

“Well it is!” Sonata insisted.

I can't tell how much of your obliviousness is real and how much of it is an act to piss off others because it amuses you.

Wonder what Sonata's personality of her sexual desires are?

Is it wrong I want the Dazzlings to meet Starswirl again?

Something's wrong.....more is not already available.

Sonata may kill everyone with her stupid.

...The Matrix Online shutdown. I still keep a copy of the client (along with half a dozen others I've outlived), and I'd expect Aria to also check in every few months on the "code server emulator" drama. Good atmosphere, in some ways very ahead of its time mechanics-wise, decent tie-in publicity to produce initial demand (though I'd have put the chat system on IRC instead of AIM), and sadly released maybe half a year too soon for basic bug fixing and major systems to be complete and a year too soon to have decent tools to continue developing and creating content for it. Neglected from early on, survived by sheer determination of the fanbase and work of the sole person bugfixing and creating plot and events, until somebody finally noticed they were paying money to keep the servers up. Scary thing is, I'm pretty sure if it had instead been designed and released today, now that there are well-laid roads on how to turn intellectual property into a profitable MMO, those same dedicated fans would have hated it. And still probably spent more total money on it.

Nice touch there. It isn't exactly what I would have expected Aria to be into, but can see it now.

An angel with a bugle pointed towards the ceiling

I initially read that as "an angel with a bulge".

Darnit, we once more reach the time where im caught up on a Justice story. *le sigh*

So uh... it’s July, and if there is any month other then december for a christmas special it’s July. Cause i do kinda want to see where this all goes.

“Ugh! How can I forget!” Aria exclaimed before she began mumbling irritably to herself. “Frickin’ jive-ass, send-us-back-wherever-whenever, Star Swirl portal…” She shook her head. “Everything smelled like sheep and camel and even between all of Sonata’s frankincense and my myrrh, we still couldn’t make the smell go away!”

Adagio huffed out a sigh. “And then suddenly you two grew consciences and just handed out all our expensive frankincense and myrrh like we intended to gift it all along!”

Are we just gonna skip over the implications of this? I feel like this should be a bigger revelation.

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