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The Crazed Werewolf

Lets see where this goes. The stories that i write are the kind of stories i like to read and are the kind of randomness that fills my head. I write primarily for my own satisfaction.

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Updates · 6:24pm Oct 29th, 2020

Sorry about the lack of updates this past week. I was in the process of moving when I was hospitalized with a bacterial blood infection. I'm not home yet, but I am on two antibiotics and I'm getting plenty of rest.

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Yeah I may only be a junior in high school but I've seen way worse books then mine

It just takes practice. Look at how cringe worthy my earlier stories are.... I really need to do a ton of work to most of them.

Exactly I write from myself, I've never heard of a story about Sonata x Anon and Sonata getting abused in the relationship with Dusk Shine. I will keep moving forward and getting better at making my stories.

That's great! The biggest advice that I can give you is this: Don't write for other people, write what you want to write. That's how Sirens of the Night got it's start, I had read a ton of stories about Sunset getting adopted, and I noticed that nobody had done anything similar with the Dazzlings and I wondered what a story like that would be like, so I wrote it.

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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