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May the flaming language of the Judgements reveal Truth and Law to all.


Silicate's Mary Sue test · 9:28pm Nov 27th, 2020

( ) Your OC has more than 2 colors in his/her coat.
( ) Your OC has Bat Wings/Ears.
( ) They have an ethereal/flowing mane
(X) They have sparkles in their design. (not really her choice tho)
( ) Your OC has had his/hers eyes change colors.
(X) Your OC has Slit/Snake/Dragon/Bat Pony Eyes.
( ) Your OC uses a form of dark magic.
( ) Your OC has changed species.
( ) Your OC is an alicorn (+5 pts.)
( ) Your OC contains neon colors.
( ) Your OC has non-canon markings.

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Noticed your avatar and just couldn't resist to stop by and say

Greetings. Delicious friend.

May the chilling language of the Liberation shatter truth and cast down law for all.

i am actually. Sigmar Alkahest.

Merry Whitsun! Are you open to exchanging letters in FL?

Thanks for the follow. Hope you enjoyed the story.

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