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If the world you imagine is just like the one you live in, you either misunderstand the world you live in, or miss the point of imagination.

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On Becoming a Pony · 6:29am April 9th

To many the very concept is, on the face of it, insane. A good portion of people won't even get to the "but how" part, some because they're so comfortable with what they currently are that they can't comprehend a sane person desiring change, and others because they view "human" as some sort of sacred designation to which change could only make one lesser, as a beast or monster. But I would claim that the idea is not as far-fetched or unusual as common wisdom would have it.

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Well, enjoy the ride :pinkiehappy:

It's been on my "to read" list for a while; now I'm regretting not getting to it sooner.

Yaaay! You discovered Nope! :yay:

Also thanks for adding Cards Against the Princesses, Trixie's Infiltration, Trixie's Commentary, Batwings, and Twilight's Secret Shouting to your library!

Thanks for adding Cards Against Starlight to your library!

For the record, I apologize for having downvoted all your stories.

Thanks for the favs!

Thanks for the favorite of Twilight de Bergerac! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for adding Pokémon Red and Purple to your tracking!

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