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Nobody gives honesty its due, and look where that's taken us.

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If I don't answer a DM, don't worry, it's not you. I just don't like private messaging.
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And they all live on my bed.

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Wishing the World Would Stop Being So Real


On Becoming a Pony · 6:29am Apr 9th, 2020

To many the very concept is, on the face of it, insane. A good portion of people won't even get to the "but how" part, some because they're so comfortable with what they currently are that they can't comprehend a sane person desiring change, and others because they view "human" as some sort of sacred designation to which change could only make one lesser, as a beast or monster. But I would claim that the idea is not as far-fetched or unusual as common wisdom would have it.

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Thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Thanks for the favorite on "Pretty Laces for Good Little Fillies"!

I wish. My motivation is such that I can't even take requests from myself, so I wouldn't want to make promises I couldn't keep to anybody else.

Do you take requests/commissions?

Thank you for adding my story to your shelf! :heart:

I haven't even interacted with Artist in months. I think most people are aware that they can blow things out of proportion, so I'm not too concerned about it, but thanks for telling me.

We don't know each other, but I think you'd want to see this- Artist made a post with links to all the people she 'hates', and your name is on it.

  • Viewing 122 - 131 of 131
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