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The midpoint of a pony's leg is a po-knee.


Royal guards have many duties; one of the most important ones is to keep quiet about what they see and hear in the privacy of the palace halls. We observe one guard learning this lesson during one of Princess Twilight Sparkle's stays in Canterlot Castle.

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Hard to say are they speaking to memories or spirits? Could be either they have great power so they might see beyond life and death, or as immortals the memories help keep them sane. If it's just memory it's more that Twilight is expressing her internal monologue using her memories of her friends to see things from different perspectives. The idea "Pinkie would say this" or "AJ would say this".

This is a really good story. Sorry I don't have anything constructive to say, but yeah, love it.

Awesome! Reminds me of this video!

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