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Heart of my own heart, how can I let you go? Love of my life, why go where I cannot follow? Why must you leave me behind, to live on without you? My love, my love, what am I going to do without you?



This story is a sequel to Too Close to the Sun

"I have experienced a change. For the first time in many years, I find myself uncertain of what step to take next. I am not one to be so perturbed, but here I stand- as unsure and inexperienced as a young girl.

I have... a companion. A champion to call my own. In all my years I have stood alone, yet now I have a hand to hold in the darkness. It is... difficult to know whether or not I have made a wise decision.

Recently I discovered this journal, a gift from dear Luna that has been left untouched until now. I believe that I will, for the time being, use this diary to record my thoughts on the matter. Perhaps this will help clear my mind."

Hey, we've been featured! 04/05/2019, thanks so much everyone!

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 108 )

Why 1345? Any significance?
I'm thinking time machine.

Meant to be an unofficial record, and also a way for readers to keep track of the passage of time in the story.

What number is MCCCXLV, again?

At last, we’re back and you named him. This is very good.

His name was difficult. Took me days before I had something I was satisfied with.

When you said it'd take a bit I expected months not weeks. Bravo!

I had a long weekend. I'm going to try and update once a week.

Is such a legend for immortality real, and they're can you find it?????????????????????? :pinkiesad2:

I can genuinely say I wasn't expecting much from this series when I idly clicked on it, but I've been pleasantly surprised the whole way through. And this one has been a marked step up from it's predecessor. So to parrot the other commenter her - it certainly does not suck.

Wait, there's a sequel?


This story really should have more attention. I love reading each chapter - it's a rare case of the "human" tag not feeling like a mere change in shape. The characters and the world really do feel subtly changed, a little more recognisably human, reminiscent of medieval fantasy in a more direct way than FiM usually is.

Watching Celestia get girlish and bothered is so adorable!

I like the idea of her being inexperienced.

Theories: 1) the heat wave is being caused by Celestia's emotional state. This discovery will be a relationship challenge to overcome.
2) the growing tension with the Griffin kingdom will result in calls for a political marriage to "unite" the countries and ensure peace, leading to a heart vs. duty moment.

WHAT. The sequel has been going for three months, and I only find out now! This is great stuff, keep it up!

Hope you enjoy how it's going. Should be another update soon- tomorrow, most likely. The shorter length of the chapters makes it easy to keep going.

The Princesses really are too nice. They move heavenly bodies: a reminder of that would do wonders.

This is what I think of this story. No I have not read it, nor WILL I.

What is the point of this comment? I understand that trolling in the right context can be funny for both parties, or at least for one side. But right now, it's as if someone just shitted on the keyboard.

If its low quality bait, why did you even bother to respond? You have to wonder how easily some people get triggered...😞

“What if we wants to marry you? Would you have a secret marriage the whole of your life?”

Luna, I didn't know you felt that way!

First of all, that was amazing. Loved all of it and hoping for more. Second I love the way that this is writen.


You will. The length of this story makes it easy to update more fluidly than others.

I love how stylised Celestia's entries are! Cadance's letter really shows how carefully Celestia's voice in this is crafted in how different it is. Keep up the good work!

Holly shit dude. You got me crying like filly over here. :raritycry:

*Sigh*~ This would be a stressful relationship. But Ford’s pure unyielding love for Celestia seems to be pushing through these obstacles.

I wonder why Celestia has not gone to Cadence yet. Secret or not, guidance from the Princess of Love would likely come in handy.

Throughout the fanfiction you will find many stories, stories that pop up one day out of the blue and stories that fade away from ones eyes with age, stories that catch you eyes like gems with action and intense plot elements that twist your perception of reality to make you doubt what you have seen, and once in a blue moon you find another, different, gem... A story that does not bring one in for its action or complicated plot lines, but a story that bids you to put away your sword, to take off the armor, to rest. A story that eases you out of your defenses and be exposed to its gentle warm light. I would like to think that this story is one of those gems.

For those of you who read this far I thank you, it is rare for me to write such a piece and I know not everyone would willing read this much in a comment. This story has driven me to describe my feelings, and it’s all your fault Author!:twilightangry2:

ueegh, I hate number 2 :twilightangry2:, but that is because I can see it come about. I much prefer how both lovers live happily for however long they live, that’s the hopeless romantic in me.

A good point, it would be one to add to the fact that Equestria is a major supplier of food to the Griffon Kingdom. But when a person has power, they sometimes question who can keep them from what they want...
And Equestria IS a major supplier of food to the Griffon Kingdom.

And regardless of everyone’s excuses; War is stupid.

Oh... and what of you?

“If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.”

Constructive negative criticism can be good for any author, but your post is just negative. You post a comment that was sure to get bad responses for nothing other than attention. If your truly didn’t like this story, why bother commenting? Go where you don’t cause trouble.

He's a troll, man. Who cares what he thinks? Don't throw scraps under the bridge.

...I was not expecting that last bit.

I am at a loss for words, but anger is a good start.

You are doing a good job at making Celestia relatable instead of some omnipotent diety

Deities are dull. She's just as vulnerable and full of emotion as we are.

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