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This story is a sequel to Celestia is still a Spider and Chrysalis hasn't been Informed

The day prophesied to be that of Sombra's return is nearing. The Cutie Map has sent Twilight and Rarity on a mission to Canterlot, and the two can't seem to find the problem. A mysterious force lurks in the background, trying to stop the purple alicorn. Time is quickly running out, and Rarity is the only one who can figure out what's happening and put a stop to it before it's too late,

Also, Celestia is a giant spider, but when you look at it that fact isn't really all that important in the scheme of things.

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It finally happened. Her Royal Arachnidness, The Great Spiderlestia, has an ongoing fic. What we did to deserve such magnificence is beyond me. Must have done something really good in a previous life, I suppose.

All hail Spiderlestia!

Is Celestia going to eventually stop being a spider? Will this at least be explained in some fashion? What the hay.

I think I know what is happening. It is a plot to turn the bearers into spiders! Imagine how Twilight and Rarity would react to suddenly turning. Then think of how Sombra would react when he finds his foes are all spiders.

How can your lips stand to speak such heresy?
She always has been, and always will be, a spider.
Any other insinuation is just loco-in-the-coco levels of cray-cray. :raritywink:

Commendable rendition of the holy Spiderform.

Yet another story in the Spider-verse (so to speak)!

"When Sombra returns sometime next week"

We are going to hold you to that

Is this before or after “Celestia Continues to be a spider and society crumbles”?

Before, it's tagged as a sequel to the second installment in the series and takes place only months after it, whereas Celestia remains a Spider seems to take place years or potentially even centuries in the future.

"Why is, ah... Why is Princess Celestia a spider?" the stallion reluctantly asked.

Why are you asking that, hasn't she always been a spider?

I like the various appellations applied to Spiderlestia.

the way the author writes this, she may just not be a spider at some point and that's fine too

And then Twilight turned into a Spider.

Great, when does Lloth show up?


Snake what happened?



Wow. Twilight depressed herself into a coma. That's honestly kind of impressive. Worrisome, but impressive.

Also, someone should probably throw Starlight at Celestia until she stops being a spider.

Rarity bit her tongue. "Touché," she admitted. "What was up with that anyway? The whole 'stars aiding in her escape' thing, did you ever figure out what actually happened?"

I wrote a theory on that, but linking it would seem like attention-begging.

Or throw Discord at her...Or the Hippogriffs and their magic Pearl shards...Starswirl would probably be interested in how his student turned into a giant spider

Smoke Screen is a changeling, isn't he? -__-

The pegasus sighed and did the same. "I'm Smoke Screen, by the way. I already know your name's Rarity, no need for introductions there."

...Insight check.

Yeah trope sense is also declaring Smoke centered plot twist. Don't know what kind of twist or for good or ill but it's tingling.

I question leaving Twilight alone given that someone is actively trying to poison her but I suppose their could be full platoon of guards immediately outside...which wouldn’t help much against a shapeshifter who can figure out any given doctor or nurse likely to have permission to enter.

Nah. He's a smoke screen. The Doctor's the changeling.

No, the doctor is a time lord. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!!:flutterrage:

Well, this fellow doesn't seem even remotely suspicious. I'm sure he'll be nothong but helpful.

So this is a Raritwi fic

Good, good. We need more Raritwi.

For all their intelligence they don’t know where Chrysalis is apparently.

How suspiciously specific...

Eh, it's probably nothing.

Hmn, I ship it. Even if he is a changeling, I'm sure Rarity can work with that.

Smoke let go of the tapestry. "Because they didn't expect there to already be changelings amongst them. Chrysalis knew their every move in advance, she'd acquired quite a bit of useful information from Prince Shining and with time it paid off, allowing her to replace members of the Guard without anypony noticing."

"I... Interesting..." Rarity replied, seemingly focused on something else other than their conversation. After a moment she shook her head and looked down from the spot her eyes had drifted to.

There we go, Rarity is now wondering.

So what is even the point of having Celestia be a spider if that fact apparently has no bearing on the story. Basic rules of fiction say don't introduce major character or setting changes without purpose. I mean even as an absurdist joke its a strange choice.

Well, it does mean we know for certain that Chrysalis wasn't the culprit.

My guess to show it's part of the Spider Celestia series and being something of a crackfic maybe?

Intriguing. Smoke seems awfully open about everything if he is a changeling... though that may just be part of the ruse.

The ultimate mystery is a murderer at a butler convention.:twilightblush:

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