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For the first Nightmare Night since her crowning ceremony, Twilight chose to organise a celebration of sorts in Canterlot. Some nobles suggested a play. Some, a parade. An end to the discussions came when Pinkie suggested both.

It came to happen, unfortunately, that just hours before the playrade one of the actors twisted his ankle. The one tasked with playing the role of Death. Once again, Pinkie came to the rescue with her own solution.

Twilight really wished she hadn't.

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twilight really needs to have a conversation with pinkie about summoning otherworldly powers, even if she did only politely ask

"You have a brother?"
"How does it feel, Twilight?"

I haven't gotten to that part of Pony Life, but I can still appreciate a gag leaning on the Sparkle family's inability to communicate.

Brilliant stuff. A most likeable incarnation of death, a fantastic Pinkie, and a fine time had by all. Thank you for it.


...but Pinkie IS an otherworldly power.

"Oh, no. I'm going as Princess Celestia. I'm just Celestia now," the alicorn replied. "Don't tell me going as your past self doesn't count. Luna does it every year."

[Insert Fry from Futurama meme-able image here]
Not sure if funny, or insensitive.

To Celestia's left, Luna rolled her eyes, but she was smiling. She wore nothing, but would take on Nightmare Moon's appearance once the celebrations officially began. "It's good to see you again, Twilight."

I suppose that is a "funny" then.

Pinkie was there, smile as bright as always, dressed up as a mint green pufferfish.

I hope the spines are very soft, or that she can remember not to glomp anyone while wearing that...

On the floor in front of her, the priceless crimson rug had been moved aside, and a black circle dotted with inscriptions had been drawn over the smooth marble. Twilight was at least four fifths of the way sure the circle hadn't been there the day before.

Why would she assume that Pinkie hadn't just inscribed it? Or is it just that her castle is weird and for all she knows it DID come with ritual circles suitable for this sort of thing pre-inscribed into the floor in at least one place?

Were we supposed to know what Pinkie was doing with that particular soul?

A faint scream echoed from somewhere far, far above the castle.

A good choice of teleportation direction!

"As I was saying to your friend, what happens after me is no business of mine. So I'm afraid I can't be of much help on the subject of ghosts." Death reached the punch bowl, and served itself a glass. "But I can assure you, graves and tombs are there for the living. The dead have no use for them."

I agree.

"Starlight," Death greeted the new guest. "It's been a while."

Interesting... I assume she summoned him, rather than escaped him based on the vagueness of what followed.

"She drew the runes with chocolate instead of blood."

...so he will be licking it up? Or he just likes her sense of humor? Reminds me of the very last, tear-jerking line, of the wonderfully bittersweet (death* provides the bitter, Pinkie the sweet) another story where Pinkie interacts with Death.
*Note the lack of capitalization. Death is resigned, not bitter, but death is bitter.


Were we supposed to know what Pinkie was doing with that particular soul?

According to 10510889 it's a reference to Pony Life, so probably not. (I will be interpreting any upvotes and downvotes I notice as indicating how people feel about that show rather than anything I need to care about)

Starlight has some history. Why am I not surprised...

"Oh, pretzels,"

It's the little things that get me.

I was sold by the mention of a Playrade, fabulous.

This was a brilliant story, I truly loved it!


10511264 Huh. According to J. S. Bach, death is sweet.

Eh, if one has accepted God's friendship what comes AFTER death is sweet (which is what Bach was probably writing music about), the actual process... kinda intimidating.

I like this. Fun.

Death is beautiful but... you should respect. Its funny how he clarifies with Rainbow. Those who died and have come back are the lucky ones.

I wonder how often Donut Jos and The Tasty Treat get visited, both for consumables, and consumption?

If anyone else but Discord had heard Deaths reply to Pinkie, how confused would they have been?

Albert is doing fine. Thank you. :pinkiecrazy:

Tomorrows headline
Princess Twilight kills it on the dance floor!
147 casualties

It isn't Death of Diskworld, but Death of Equestria clearly is cut from the same cloth.

Of course Pinkie Pie asked when she would die, and how. She understands it's the journey.

This also implies that Pinkie is indestructible till then. I love prophesy armor!

Starlight, you worry me. What, exactly, were you expecting?

Death and Twilight on the dance floor. Well why not?

He likes that Pinkie Pie a) is the kind of pony who would try chocolate instead of blood and b) more importantly, wouldn't use blood if she knew chocolate didn't really work.

I enjoyed your take on Death! He's likeable and friendly.

Also, TwilightXDeath can be a thing, right? :twilightblush:

Ah, charismatic Death. Never gets old.

Not bad. An enjoyable quick read to be sure.

This was entertaining

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