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What happens to those poor pegasai who fail their flight exam? They're taken to a special, secret factory. Their insides are then ground up to create rainbows. Figuratively.

Obabscribbler and Neighrator Pony made this happen. Congrats to her and Reverbrony on their engagement. SENPAI NOTICE ME AND BE MY FRIEND.

Thanks to Dustchu for editing.

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Comments ( 53 )

This is no mere story...

This is a work of fart...

I'll see myself out now.

Story Approver

No. Stop. Please. Why. Fuck.

Entertaining enough for a thousand words... I gas it was all right. :derpytongue2:

Well, it's better than the real Rainbow Factory.

This is certainly an...interesting take on my favorite grimdark fic.

Butt.. y

Amazing. This story truly captures the deep and rich world of Equestria and helps us expand our minds to how ponies make what humans deem impossible. A work of art like no other that cannot be compared to as a mere story, it is life given the form of words! A story full of drama!, action!, romance(kinda)!, and diabetes-inducing fillies! Oh, there's also fart puns. That's a nice bonus.

Face it, Rainbow Dash failed flight school just to get in...or something.

You make me ashamed to be attracted to you sometimes...
Not really, I'm laughing so hard over here, love you, you frickin weirdo <3

I've always wanted to see more fics from you to feed my insatiable fart fetish, Priest. Thanks a lot. :rainbowdetermined2:

What the hell am I looking at, Priest?
Just... What is this? Why did I read it?

And why does it smell in here?

Bootyful, ain't it?

Edit: Please let this be featured. *crosses hoofsies*

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I hate myself for loving this.

Already is featured if you turn off mature. ;)

I guess we all know what Priest's got his skills maxed out in...

The magical skill of Fartistry...

They can't be all wieners.

Not the usual grade of work I expect out of Flutterpriest, but it's aight. 7.5/10


Such a predicament! It's this or the clop, I can't take it! :raritycry: Rip me a new one 'cause you're tearing me a fart! :raritydespair:


This is clearly false. Pinkie Pie didn't like the taste of rainbows on the show. :pinkiecrazy:

Never come near me or my son again.

And I don't even have a son.

Hurhur. Rainbow dash is fart colored.:rainbowwild:

I'm not sure how I should feel about this story...happy, sad, guess I'll just go with confused... :rainbowhuh:

Calm down Scootaloo, it's nothing to raise a stink about.

no... just... no....

Author Interviewer

There was no way I couldn't read this.

I'm so proud. :')

"Yeah! There's bean burritos and soda by the door. Grab as much as you want and head to the gas chambers. We're all gonna work together to make a real work of fart."

It should not have taken me this long to realize why Orion started panicking when she said that. :facehoof:

I find this lacking in fartistic merit.

Well, thank goodness this was a story about pre-adult ponies. I mistook "bean burrito" for "beanis" and nearly freaked out.

That profile pic is the one thing in the world I love more than anything else

This story blew me away.

I don't know if this was anything, but it was something.

This wasn't what the Rock was cooking.

I feel proud to have helped get this to the featured list.

I came for a one-time FiMFiction site visit since barely being active for 5 years. I allowed myself to read just one MLP fanfic before disappearing from the site again for another 5 years.

I don't regret choosing this one at all.

What the goddammit.

Na fam. What you wanna do is feed them tofu and probiotic yogurts. Too much soda and cheap Mexicolt food will give them the runs.

No. But we do think that you'll love your new job...." he smiles, looking off into the distance. "To death."

"You're going to love it until it kills you. Until you're dead. Haha. All right? I don't know whether you're picking up on what I'm saying there." (/Portal)

"I want someone to tell Rainbow Dash that she was the best hero I could have ever had, and I would never expect her to ever betray me."

Scootaloo you're being a bit heavy on the foreshadowing.

There's bean burritos and soda by the door.

I see what you did there. :trollestia: (not cookies and punch?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7HrijDkfHc

gas chambers

so going to hell for this :applejackunsure:

Note: Pegasi fart helium (it's canon!), which implies that they're basically body-temperature self-contained fusion reactors.

This would be a completely plausible way to deal with a helium shortage.

Gott verdamt, priest...

This is glorious WTF. I am cringing and laughing at the same time. Well done, you twisted spawn of a water-ape.

"So, that's it?" Scootaloo said. "We're just gonna fart, eat fast food, and drink soda for the rest of our lives?"

Basement-dwelling fanboys everywhere, "Wait, I can do this and get PAID for it?! Sign me up!" :trollestia:

2 million times better than the original :D

this is the second worst best worst best engagement present I've ever seen

I started laughing when it's said
"What?! NO! That would be terrible. Why does everypony think that we'd just murder a bunch of innocent ponies. Who do you think we are, unicorns?

can i have mine be tamales with beans, soft tacos with eggs on the side hard boiled if you can, some sweet potato salad with bacon aaaaaand beer for my drink!:trollestia:

Awesome parody! I loved it :pinkiehappy:

The site got new story tags...I want a #fart tag :rainbowlaugh:

AuroraDawn... ah yes, I like many have read their work I believe.
Your story is a great play on that. Better than any of the other Rainbow Factory spinoffs and stuff. You made me laugh and smile and at the end of the day, that means your story is a success for making me feel something.

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