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I like ponies, I like writing. Need I say more?


Scootaloo's entire life story...told somewhat truthfully. Okay fine, almost all of it is lies. And it isn't Scootaloo's life story. It's whoever she's stalking.
Will Rainbow Dash occupy most of this story? Scootaloo sure hopes so!
Will Diamond Tiara's secrets be revealed? Most definitely.
Will both Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom go bonkers? If they don't, even I'll be surprised!

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Can't wait for the next episode

Wow, you've earned a like

Scootaloo... wut r u doin..... Scootaloo.... SHATP:raritydespair:

The only problem with it is the POV (point of view). When I am reading it Its hard to tell whether or not its Scootaloo or you writing the story. It gets very confusing. For instance "Ok! We roll in 5!" Scootaloo smiled as she forced...I mean cooperated with her friends. In this sentence you are writing it as if you are saying it. In general, its best to avoid that. :scootangel:

I feel like I know that quote, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase gimme a clue:scootangel:


4670875 BS x QG. Good luck with that!

Ok. Why in the frak did Scoots get sued? She didn't have time to do anything yet. And how does her getting injured get that sort of reaction from ponies that one would get a heart attack and others would get mentally scarred? Are we missing something? I get the first chapter, that was creepy. But she didn't have time to do anything this fic. So many things took away from the zaniness. And we still didn't get good dirt on Deets.

4673024 It's Stalkerloo.... not much else needs to be said.:pinkiecrazy: Nah but I'm just as confused as you are.

4673024 its a country based on happiness, the laws are different


No. Not really. Not to the point where a pony gets injured, and is sued for getting injured. That makes that argument sound stupid. No offence.

But if that "ran on happiness" arguement was accurate. Then AJ, RD, Granny Smith, and all those mentally scarred in CH.1 and 2. Need to be sued, arrested, and thrown in a mental hospital for not being happy / their mental trauma.

I'm personally going to need 4672238 to reply to 4673024 before I read chapter 3 because seriously. There's comedy like Ch.1, and then there's stuff that litterally makes no sense. Up to the whole sued by Celestia thing. It was mediocre, but interesting enough. But nothing happened in that chapter other than Scoots, Deets, and Silvy getting injured by Ditzy dropping cargo on them, and could be a lead up to the next chapter.

4677771 Well, since both Diamond Tiara and Scootaloo were injured, Filthy Rich would sue Scootaloo. And since they also forced Silver Spoon to sign a contract against her will, plus in the previous episode creeped out Rainbow Dash. So Derpy's a hero. :derpytongue2:
I did realize how bad that explanation sounded, so I added a little more in C.3. Quite frankly, I'm running out of ideas, which is why I put up the competition every chapter.


Now Filthy Rich sounds logical. But not Celestia, that was my only logical gripe [should probably change that]. I'll be reading chapter 3 tomorrow. Thanks for the reply and I agree, Derpy was a hero crashing into Scoots.

I looked up one of them but I have no idea how what it's from. I have a feeling this might be an autobiography.... ok
I'm out

I cracked the code... Will send a PM

Your first story got featured. Wow.


Read this chapter now. It was much better than CH2, but as good as #1. I'm going to enjoy reading the next chapter. I wonder if her madness lets her accidentally learn how to do Pinkie Pie reality warping.

I didn't know this got featured. Congrats. This was a great chapter, a little disturbing, although I wonder how AB reacted to AJ kissing Scootaloony?

Or a cannon, bitches love cannons.

You NEED to have some of letters read aloud at some point XD like what Princess Celestia :rainbowlaugh: said

4740574 I have that all planned out! ;)

Sweetie Belle had turned them all into grown mares, with their respective powers. Sweetie Belle's unicorn powers ere that of an alicorns, due to the amulet.


Lol. Two seasons.

Tia isn't going to Stop Scootaloo. My theory, Tia is allowing Scoots to do all that crazy to bring out the insanity of her subjects so she can finally go crazy and noone will notice her sanity slippage. Either than or at the end of S2 beginning of S3 Scootaloo recruits Celestia. Then Luna and Cadance fight to save Twilight and fight Celestia.

"Give up now, Scootaloo." Celestia stated, her own battle sword prepared, a double bladed one at that (Luna's weapon of choice). Luna was wielding a scythe (Celestia's Weapon of choice), Cadance a whip (Cadance would never use a whip). Twilight simply was aided with her extremely powerful magic which she had used to blast Tirek (Which one? The combined Alicorn magic was given back to the other princesses, remember? The rainbow power on the other hand, can only be activated with all the mane six), Nightmare Moon, Discord, Trixie, and every other villain with.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea of the story. The ONLY problem I think you have is that the characters are out of character. They don't fit with the Show. I can understand if you don't care if they are the same as the show, that's fine too, but if you do that, ya kinda need to make them consistent with something. For example, the four princesses on the radio saying things like "Alicorn attack", and then they all show up with whips, scythes, and swords in a latter chapter.

You have a talent for making people laugh, but I think you need to work on your character consistency more. UNLESS that is deliberately a part of this story, in which case... never mind.

What happened to Sweetie Belle, I thought she was good?

4746317 She's good and all...just a bit scared of Scootaloony.

4745119 Hmmm, good point. I'll need to work on that. :twilightblush:

What did I just read?


I have no idea what to make them do.

What did I just read? :rainbowderp: It was interesting though! :twilightsmile:

Scootaloo have gone completely insane and now celestia is losing her sanity

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