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With Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle gone over the Summer with their sisters, how will Scootaloo cope? As Scootaloo finishes the latest meeting of the official Rainbow Dash Fan Club, she gets a visit from Rainbow Dash, who is unfortunately late to the party. After a short talk, and a confession from Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash decides to train Scootaloo herself. Scootaloo's adventures over the Summer are filled with surprise, disappointment, entertainment, and more!

***Author's Notes:

Holy jeeze... I made the first chapter a /bit/ more depressing than I wanted it to be.

Oh well. :scootangel:

Also, taking critiques. That is, if ya'll wanna critique it.

...AND BLARGHLESHNARGLE. Forgot to put in Apple Bloom's accent. :U
..oh well. Slightly un-canon dialogue is fine... right?


BLEARGH. Didn't mean for the third chapter to be so short... Oh well. All's good for now. The rest of the chapters will make up for it, when I finish/publish them.


And w00t. Chapter four! :D
I feel like I did horribru with this one!

Me: I'm sorry, Asian father, I get right next time! D:
Asian Dad: No, son, you bring dishonor to your famiry! Now you go back to piano before attempting writing again! Fright of the bumbre bee, backwards, now! D:<
Me: Yes, Asian father. Dx


Chapter five. Short.
Gonna edit it and make it longer; Wanted to give you all content though.
Still alive. Just... problems here at home. Nothin' to worry about; I'm strong. I can handle it. :D


Chapter six is up, and sorry it took a bit. I made it a bit longer to make up for it, though. owo''

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Strangely enough I wana read this...Maybe I'll comment later, maybe not. It depends on impressions...from the text, I mean.

Why does this remind me a bit too much of my story?

I hope you like it! And hopefully you do indeed make a full comment... I enjoy them.
'Specially if they have critiques/suggestions in them. ouo

Hmmm scootaloo having an older sister of course! why didn't I think of this before!? It's brilliant. I'm going on to read the next chapters. You've caught my attention.

Hmm well I think I may have just adopted a new chant haha this is awesome XD

Hhhmm....now I want to read this! Alright. I will read it soon.

Really? Haha, thanks a bunch! That means a lot to me, especially considering I've never gotten support like this from people. But even if I had, I'd still appreciate this so much!

..so yeah. Glad you like it, and can't wait to hear you read it! ^u^

Hhhmm....now I want to read this! Alright. I will read it soon.

Fillies are girls. Colts are boys.

Really? ...huh. Did not know... I thought colt/stallion were just both male, older ponies, while filly was universal for kids... Thanks! When I have access to my computer again, I'll be sure to fix it.

Also, I love how the person who said this has the name 'RealityCheck'.
That makes my day, somehow. xD

Thanks, man. Hope you enjoy it as it unfolds~ :scootangel:

need a proof reader?
cause if so
im your man



yeah just as i though on second round of readin and i see a few mistakes

tracking :derpytongue2:
good job imo:scootangel:

Thanks a bunch! I hope you like it as it continues. x3

No pain, no gain Scoots

346460Thankies! More is soon to come!
And not just in the form of this fic. I may be taking on other projects while doing this one. c:

Will do! Just gotta fix this lil' bugger in my comp... It's becoming quite annoying, and I'm too stubborn to get professional help.
I mean, System 32 isn't THAT hard to navigate, right? :D

more please, good chapther but too short

In the process of adding/editing. Sorry 'bout that. Haven't had much time to bust out the details, y'know? I'll try and hit at least a thousand words with this edit... future chapters will be longer, though. :D

Addin' and edditin', don't worry. Won't be long, and chapter five'll be right-as-rain.
..actually, considering I don't know how rain can be right
I'ma just make it longer. :derpytongue2:

Great story so far keep it up!

Thanks a bunch! I'll be sure to do just that! :D

..and now, because I feel like it

Its good that you feel like it because i want to see where this is going

Oh and have a :moustache:

Wow this is a great story I can’t wait to see what happens next :twilightsmile:

feeling rly hapy for scoots :pinkiehappy:
keep up the great work!

poor scootsy, losing her first big sister, like that

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