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This story is a sequel to How to be a Mother

Mother's Day is finally here, and Scootaloo wants to make it extra special for her adoptive mother. Will she be able to find the perfect present for Diamond Tiara?

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:rainbowlaugh: love it

This canon is so strange...

So absurdly great

I love this series. Please, more.

“...I think I’m just gonna ask Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo mumbled as she slowly backed away from her crying mother.

Isn't Apple Bloom her dad? :rainbowhuh:

Otherwise, fun :scootangel:

I think the last line was the best part of all! (I hate Randall.)

LMAO wow. That ending. What. The. Heck Tiara! XD

Gosh, I wish I had more time, I would of loved to have made a Mother's Day fic too. xD
Albeit a less lazy and far less rushed one at least than my last 'story' lol

I loved Apple Bloom's rant. That breakdown was adorably delicious.


Considering how much you love the mother-verse, I'm glad you enjoyed this latest entry :twilightsmile:


Made my brain fry, my heart giggle, and my mouth smile.:rainbowlaugh:

utterly shocked:rainbowderp:

How dare you, Randall!!!:flutterrage:

That was terrible.. I LOVED IT:pinkiehappy:

“Curse you, yogurt! Curse you to Tartarus!” Apple Bloom screamed into the sky.

But... But everyone loves yogurt!

Yogurt is the ultimate merchandising specialist!

And what does that have to do with yogurt, may I ask?


You've never seen Spaceballs, eh? For shame, you poor, poor bored person, eh.

Please enlighten me. What, specifically, is Spaceballs? I could do with an iPhone accessible internetic link. In fact that might be better than an explanation. Is it in the Internet?


Spaceballs cannot be explained in words, look it up on google, eh. i cannot give you what you deny yourself, eh.

Oh. Okay, I'll see if I can find it. Thanks.. I guess?


Embrace awesomeness, eh. Translation 'your welcome', eh.

K, I will….

“...I think I’m just gonna ask Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo mumbled as she slowly backed away from her crying mother.

you mean crying "father":applecry: right?:duck:

If there was one thing Diamond Tiara hated more than goop, it was sports. Unless it involved mud wrestling. That was kinda hot. But anything other than that was simply stupid and childish.

hey that combines both two things she hates (goop and wrestling) with two things she loves, MARES (apparently):pinkiehappy:

Note to self: never mention Mother’s Day, or yogurt, to Dad ever again


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