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Rainbow Dash wakes up to discover that something very important has been taken from her, something noticeable and humiliating. She tries to sneak into town without being noticed.

When her ailment is discovered by the Cutie Mark Crusaders, a certain orange pegasus helps Rainbow Dash discover that sometimes the greatest generosity comes in the smallest of packages...

...or so she thinks.

[A/N] This is random as hell. I hope you enjoy. And yes, the title is a pun on the book "The Ox-Bow Incident" by Walter Van Tilburg Clark.

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:rainbowlaugh: I don't know how you come up with these things, but don't stop. This was hilarious!


Don't worry. I'll try not to :raritywink:

Feck... how?

Again, thanks, I'm loving these shorts! The episodic nature makes 'em even better!

Usually if a story has Comedy and Random tags I'll click right past it but for some reason, today I didn't. :rainbowlaugh: This one wasn't bad.

It's a pretty silly question, but I just have to ask, how do you change it to say 'complete'?

This looks good. Will read.

Loved it. Loved the HTTYD reference too by the way.

After reading the syn, and the cover image, I think Rainbow Dash gets her hair stolen...

Will read.

After reading, it was a pretty funny story, highly amusing. The Duke Nukem reference could have been skipped though, it kind of broke the story for me. Cupcaking Pinkie Pie is slightly too close to her stereotypical character to be believable, and the weather report at the beginning was meh.

Although it was a good story! Great job!



You go to the "edit" part of the story (like you want to edit your title or summary) and scroll down to where you'll have three bubbles. "Complete" "incomplete" and "on hiatus". Click the circle next to "complete" and you should be good.


Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:


Awesome, happy you liked the reference. I love that movie, so I couldn't just say "terrible terror" without referencing it :raritywink:


Thanks :twilightsmile:

and yeah I know that quote was a bit cheesy, but I'm happy you still enjoyed the story.

You know Rainbow Dash none of this would have happened if you'd kept your big mouth shut about what you and Pinkie Pie saw, also you took things WAY too far when you found out what was going on. :facehoof:

And you wonder why I like you least of the mane six, it's because you don't seem to realize that your ego only gets you into trouble, name one good thing your ego has done for you. :twilightoops:


Hey come on now, Rainbow Dash is my favorite (even if I did write this story with her being somewhat of a jerk :rainbowwild:)

Absolutely wonderific! This was hysterical :rainbowlaugh: . Totally loved it! :rainbowkiss:


Awesome, happy to hear :pinkiehappy:

New nygiants fic?
[insert the incredibly original] *drops everything* [here]
speaking of nygiants, as a patriots fan, i have to disapprove of your username
But the fic? I approve 120% (cooler) along with all your other fics.


That's cool. As long as you enjoy my fics you could be an Eagles fan and I'd still think you're awesome for liking my stories. :twilightsmile:

Happy you enjoyed this fic and thanks for the compliment

:rainbowdetermined2: "Hi, girls."
:unsuresweetie: "Oh no."
:pinkiegasp: "What are you doing here?"
:scootangel: "It wasn't me!"
:applejackunsure: "This won't end well."
:applecry: "We're bucked."



Okay, this comment is awesome and deserves a Spike-stache. :moustache:

1524984 That's the reaction I was hoping for. Good old Love and tolerence.
Speaking of football, how about those Jets?:rainbowlaugh:
But seriously though, you're one of the funniest guys on here.

A thoroughly enjoyable romp if I do say so myself. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Luna_lolface.png


:twilightblush: Oh come on, don't give me more praise than I deserve lol. Actually, in real life I am the least funny person imaginable. More often than not I just say whatever pops into my head (if I'm with my friends) and 95% of the time it makes no sense or it falls flat.

But here, apparently, I am somewhat entertaining. :rainbowlaugh:


Oh and in response to the Jets. He may not be the best, but I think its time to give Tebow a shot because, let's face it, Sanchez is terrible anyway so it's not like they'd be losing much. :rainbowlaugh:

I've gotta say, this was a funny read. Very few Comedy and Random tagged (at the same time) are any good at all.


:yay: Yay! Happy you liked it man.

:pinkiehappy: Now, back to working on my World of Warcraft/MLP crossover. Still trying to get it completely perfect before I get it posted. I know I need sleep, but I can't lol.

:moustache: :moustache: :moustache:
Those are for the bubblegum reference

This was so awesome :rainbowkiss:


It's actually a "They Live" reference... regardless, i thought it was kinda funny. It set the tone for her mission in Sugarcube Corner...

:rainbowlaugh: This was fantAStic! It was utterly hilarious. I could easily see this being an animated short if hasbro ever decided to make them. Submit the script or something. I want to see this on TV. :rainbowkiss:

1521933 I get why Pinkie Pie was involved in this; she loves a good prank. But I was always under the impression that she tried to avoid pranks that might be hurtful to their intended targets... or maybe that's just Fluttershy. Sorry, I tend to provide more nitpicking than actual criticism in the comments, and the occasional suggestion.

1524709 1524731 Settle down, good people (why am I talking like this?), we all have our favorites. Personally, Rainbow Dash is mine, with Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie tied for second. My least favorites are Applejack (totally uninteresting in my opinion) and Rarity (whiny and melodramatic). But that certainly doesn't mean that those two don't have their good qualities. Similarly, yes, Rainbow Dash is a jerk with a massive ego. However, I think we can all agree that (most of) her ego is well deserved, and her heart is usually in the right place.

Oh look at that a duke reference

An enjoyable fic, I loved the ending, and the Duke Nukem reference was expertly placed :pinkiehappy:

So many crazy stories, so little time ... :D

"I'm surrounded by idiots"

So true, so true...

Anyway, great story, thumbs up :twilightsmile:

oh that was priceless, good work eh:pinkiehappy:

DEAR SWEET CELESTIA!!! A How to Train Your Dragon reference in MLP:FiM fanfiction! My day is complete. :pinkiehappy:

When I read the title, my first thought was that this would be a Grim/Dark about hasty decisions and vigilante justice.

Something like this, but involving a tree and the rope on the top pony.


Because that's not what this fic appears to be about, I might read it.

OH.MY.GOD. I can't breathe because I'm laughing so hard! This was hilarious! :rainbowderp::scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry::facehoof:

1524197>>1524468 Yep, go to edit story and you'll get some options near the middle. It's actually four selections though. The fourth is Cancelled.

When I read this, the feelings I experienced can be summed up rather soundly:


"I'm surrounded by idiots."
That last line was so perfect! :rainbowlaugh:

this story was hilarious but the mental image of AJ dancing/singing to pop music is making me mentally rofl:rainbowlaugh:

Shout out to How to Train Your Dragon:rainbowlaugh:

That story rocked mate You sir are awesome:rainbowkiss:

Tebow is terrible, and he should feel terrible. His inability to throw the ball at a level beyond that of high school is simply mesmerizing. Also, nice Duke Nuke 'Em reference. I have to ask though: Who just stands there and lets someone shave every bit of hair off of them?


In Rainbow Dash's case she was asleep so she didn't notice. The other five probably thought it was pointless to run since RD is so fast and would catch them anyway (or they were too stunned to move). So even if they did try to escape she'd probably tackle catch up to them and shave them bald regardless.

At least that's my reasoning :rainbowwild:

Yes you are, Twilight.

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