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Why do I write? Because I can't draw! I write mainly as an outlet, and don't take it too seriously. If you like what I write, awesome! If not, that's cool too.


Scootaloo's birthday is coming up, and Rainbow Dash is unsure of what to get her number one fan. Upon asking her, it seemed her birthday wish would be a little harder to obtain than Dash thought. Enlisting the help of Twilight, the two mares set out to ensure that little Scootaloo has the best birthday ever.

That's right, a fic about best filly where nothing bad, tragic, or otherwise horrible happens to her, or anypony else. This is my attempt at an episode like fic.

Special thanks to RazedRainbow for getting this thing ready for public consumption.

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Comments ( 230 )

Insta thumbs-up ^^ xD

What that guy said ^

Sooooo I expect happy shenanigans to ensue:ajsmug:
Reading time:twilightsmile:

^^Amen brother! If anyone thumbs this down, they are blind and therefore cannot read.

"That's right, a fic about best filly where nothing bad, tragic, or otherwise horrible happens to her, or anypony else." - is... is that even allowed? :unsuresweetie:

I absolutely hate Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Dem bitches.:trixieshiftleft:

u did good:pinkiehappy:

So, small wings, precision hovering... Is Scootaloo the Pegasus equivalent of a hummingbird?

Ah they're just being little girls. Girls are worse than boys when it comes to bullying, social exclusion and the like. They graduate from being trouble to being bitches only if they carry on when they're old enough to know better.

d'aaw... i really would like a good story bout those 2 bullies being banned out of town... seriously..

Part of me wanted Scootaloo to fail so Rainbow Dash would have to live without flying. Now that would be interesting!

Very heartwarming! :twilightsmile:

As I said last night, a real cute and enjoyable—if somewhat predictable—one-shot. Non-orphaned, non-depressed Scootaloo is best Scootaloo :scootangel:

A fic about being nice to Scootaloo?!:scootangel: Oh SO count me in!dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

...you see Twilight, THIS is why you don't write down your plans...Someone WILL find it, and ruin it.

I thought it was a pretty good story, though the fact that the resolution came in, what, 150 words at most? Yeah, that lost me. Too simple, too easy, too destructive to the story.
It's a facepalm moment when you look back and go "Oh, she just didn't want it hard enough. Of course, it's all her own fault." It's like when Disney brings a character back to life through the magic of tears in a movie and inadvertently tells children that their parents die because they didn't love them hard enough.

I liked the story it was "nice" :yay: you did well I'm glad to see one where scoots has somewhat of a normal life instead of tragedy and stuff like that.

Scootalove is best love

Eh. Ending is a bit cliché, and what's more, there is no real solution. It is rather heavily hinted at that the main reason she can't fly is the fact that her wings are underdeveloped. And that never is addressed. Apparently her will power is enough to overcome that, which is a bit of a stretch.

Other then that, its written well enough, no complaints there.

1141766 eeeyup. i should kno.

main comment: DAWWWW!:scootangel::rainbowkiss:

*Checks thumbs down bar*
T'would seem that you are right!

You, I keep seeing you pop up on ponychan. And this is really good.:pinkiesad2: For some strange reason I thought RD was gonna bring cloudsdale down or something, and promise not to fly at all for the whole day. *shrug*

Anyway, I only have one problem with this story, and it's this: adrenaline still coursing through her veins Yagh, ARGH! you-- this is so cliche it hurts.

I hate Diamond Tiara:ajbemused:

Great story!

... I tried to down-vote out of sheer Trollocity, but...


Have a like instead. :trollestia:


"Boys will break sh*t up.... Girls will sh*t in your HEART."

Furthermore--- YES! FINALLY! A HAPPY Scootaloo story. DogGONE y'all, fanfic writers, was that so TERRIBLE?


1141963 eheh..... Wow.... Never thought of that one.

There is sadness.
Thumbs up for story.

Awwwww. :')
That was wonderful. VERY well written, and I can totally see this being an episode. Everypony was in character, and I loved the Scoot and Dash relationship.
:heart: :heart:

"No, it's definately not as good as your cutecenera last year," Silver complimented.
I love how she can't spell correctly while talking.

Flying In A Blue Dream - Joe Satriani

1142157 sooo..... that line is so cliche it hurts, but the fact that Scootaloo couldn't fly because she didn't believe hard enough isn't?


on another note: I don't know how to feel about this.... Scoots was not hurt emotionally or physically...... And she was the focus of this story. Part of me is saying this story is an abomination and shouldn't exist. The other part is saying "FINALLY! I feel better now". So, I'll just post another pic and try to supress my emotions and drown them later in alcohal and violence... Yea, that seems like a good idea... (movie reference)


I thumbs uped this for the simple fact IT had no tragedy or sadness in it.

I did so before I even read it.

I like the story, but one thing got me...does Diamond Tiara have a crush/obsession with Spike?
'Dragon prince' and 'shrine' are the tip offs there.

-Ambassador of the Changelings,
Dopple Ganger

Daimond Tiara can go straight to hell


It seemed a bit too... I dunno, easy... at the end. Almost as if part of the ending got skipped. But on the other hoof, the rest was very well done.

And a happy ending in a Scootaloo fic? IMPOSSIBRU! :scootangel: I think of all the characters, she has it the worst when it comes to happy endings...

But if she hadn't given Scootaloo the note, would she have figured out she could fly? We may never know.

Nice. It's always great to see some love directed towards Scootaloo. :scootangel:

A scootaloo story without scootabuse?

Good point, oh and, CHAKATS RULE! Just had to say it, cause nobody else was gonna.:rainbowlaugh:


D'awww. Not the greatest of stories, but it accomplishes what it's intended for.

Hurray for scootaloo flying in a fic without having to be in the hospital and stuff before hand like very other damn fic!

I'm a reviewer on Ponychan's /fic/. I see that line in almost every story I look at. I only see a Scoots can't fly story once in a blue moon.:moustache:

Whan that BUCKING BITCH DIamond gave Scoot the list. I started to scream at my screen. Well done sir, well done :rainbowdetermined2:

1141963>>1142475 It was supposed to be episode like, so the cliche'd ending was all part of it. I've seen canon that's made me facepalm harder (MMDW, the season finally where Celestia gets beat and Luna is off doing who knows what, ect...). I admit the resolution was a bit quick, and I probably could have gone on more in that respect, but at nearly 5k words, I wanted to wrap it up.

Holy crap. This has no dislikes, and over 100 likes.
Anywho, beautiful fic:twilightsmile:

1143231 It won't last. A troll or legitimate dislike will come eventually!:scootangel:

Is that a challenge?:trollestia:
JK this is AWESOME. This could easily be an episode.

I did like the general idea and the beginning of the story, but to be frank, I disliked the part from when Scootaloo started to fly onwards.
I would have liked to know what it felt like for Scootaloo to really for te first time. Since I couldn't feel for Scootaloo when she flew, I subsequently couldn't relate to the betrayal and sadness she felt when she received the note or her feelings when she makes up with Rainbow Dash.
This is especially strange to me, since the fic strats out from Scootaloo's point of view but never comes back to it, I would almost go as far as saying avoids it in the later part of the story.
Hopefully my opinion is helpful instead of simply unjust.

It's good! I liked it a lot.

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