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Waste of space.


Every week or so, Rarity gathers all of her friends for a little get-together at her boutique. Or at a cafe. Or in Sugarcube Corner. Anywhere that serves tea or tea can be brought in.

And every time, as soon as their conversation steers towards that most intimate of topics, Rainbow Dash falls silent.

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I don't see any romance tagged, so I'm just gnna read it and hope there's no shipping. Except for Flutterdash.

RARITY!!! Stop putting so much emhasis. >:(

This was very well done. I write two different Dash ship-fics, and you totally made it believable for me. :ajsmug:

1029644 You ain't getting no first comments 'round these parts.


And then Dash was Big Mac.

Well so far so good, it seems as if Rarity and Applejack have found their coltfriends, and this is yet another fanfic where Rainbow Dash is clueless about romance or expresses no intrest in it. :eeyup:

This story is amazing!

I like it! It has a lot of potential to be interesting, and it's off to a great start. I'm not sure where you plan to take it, but I'll enjoy waiting and seeing.

I love reading all of her out of conversation thoughts. Great so far. I'm liking this. A mustache for you. :moustache:

Hey, good job on getting featured already.

Best. Ending. Ever.

I liked it a lot! Very good dialogue. :twilightsmile:

And then they all... :raritystarry::rainbowderp:

...innocently finished the tea party. :raritycry:

Now I'm wondering who's Twilight's fillyfriend and where the hell Pinkie is. TELL ME! :raritystarry:

I am interested in where this is going.

Need more! What are you hiding Rainbow? :duck:

You know, when I read
"Anywhere that serves tea or tea can be brought in.

And every time, as soon as their conversation steers towards that most intimate of topics, Rainbow Dash falls silent."
I immediately thought it was about Rainbow Dash not liking tea, and the implications of romance were just there to be a red herring.:rainbowhuh:

Oh well, still a good fic.:rainbowdetermined2:

quality so far. too much emphasis if you ask me, but it begs a further look. ill see whats up when chapter 2 comes around. somehow it felt oddly complete to me though...ah well, keep up the quality work.

So many directions this could go. Right now, I'm just delighted with the start.

1029629 bu - b-but SHIPPING IS THE BEST!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!!! twidash all the way:twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss: best stories im my opinion are definitely twidash:twilightsmile:


So . . . did anything happen? No?

I don't get it. Why is this featured?

The whole 'distracting thoughts' thing is really well done. I can tell this story is going to be good.

1031152 Then i'm not gonna read chapter 2. No offence. :rainbowwild:

Something is going to go very badly very soon, isn't it?

Please say yes.

1031172 huh?:rainbowhuh: im not following you what do you mean?


Well that definitely wasn't how I was expecting it to end.

... How is this not shipping if There's AppleSoar and RariMac? I think you're missing the 'romance' tag... (At least, from what we can see so far.)

I'm delighted at this. Although one couldn't claim that the concept of asexual Dash is "new", this is certainly an interesting spin on it. Will watch in case of additional updates and more Dash adorableness.

Im confused. What is a ship-fic?

This was actually kind of pointless and uninteresting. There just wasn't enough of a hook here to hold my attention...if this is going anywhere, anywhere at ALL, you picked a truly horrendous point at which to end the first chapter, because there's just nothing there to draw a reader back.

You're new to FiMFiction, aren't you? Shipping is the romantic pairing of any two characters in the show. A Ship-Fic is a fanfic that revolves around Shipping.

I laughed so hard at that ending. More than I should've.

1031152 Oh GOD, no.

Shipping is the worst.

1031500 in your opinion yes, but i happen to love it, i respect your opinion, please respect mine:twilightsmile:

1031517 Hmmm... How about: Nope~! :twilightsmile:

1031436 Not really. I've been around the FIMFiction block a few times. It's just I never clicked on those fics because I'm always afraid they'll end up being clop-fics. That kind of thing ruins my day.

1029629 You my friend, have just earned all my respect :trollestia:

1031583 I've been pissed off all day by other people~!

So guess what? You just hit the brunt of my bad day.


1031599 Ha~!

You're shouting is amusing me.

1031603 hoping it would:twilightsmile: just try to think of something happy to bring up your mood, thats what i so, im not even pissed anymore. (not as much anyway):twilightsmile: im not asking much, just at least please respect my opinion on what i like to read, thats not too much to ask...

1031209 Woops. Thought you were the author. I might read it then.

1031589 Not even gonna question it.

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