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Future Regret

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Dust Update · 3:27pm Aug 17th, 2014

I'm going to post the next chapter soon. Sorry for my laziness and lies.

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  • TDust
    Almost a decade ago, cracks began to form around the edges of a town. Its veins in the earth shriveled up, and it died. Three years ago, cracks started to form in the town's last resident. When will she shatter, or has she already been broken?
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I wish I understood. I got the image thing I think, but that bracket thing confused me. I'll try it out though, so thanks.
It worked thanks

You needed help with putting links on comments. Try the Add link button above the comment box. If that doesn't work on your browser for some reason, just do it like this:
(url=http://www.example.com)Example link(/url)
except replace round brackets () with square ones [].
For Youtube videos (replace brackets again):
For images (ditto about brackets):

wow I cant believe I remember asking that. That's certainly a blast from the past. I did know but Thx any way.

i dont know if you already have the answer, but look at the left side of the story or chapter and click the thing that looks like an open book, thats how you put it in read later

Oh my, I wish I could! I don't track... when I see a story I sit down and read it through (I'm a very quick reader). My suggestion would be to find someone wo does track their stories and ask them. Sorry that I couldn't help!:fluttershysad:

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