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Comments ( 40 )
Vinie #1 · May 2nd · · ·

Oh My God!!!
What a unexpected ending!!!
The best part of the story is that Twilly, without her late friends, will not be Hanging around bad influences in the story.

Ooh, suicide? Might want to label that. But good story.

Not suicide, but accident.
Otherwise there would have been fewer vegetables. Like, obviously. :facehoof:

Well that's... huh. Unexpected, I'll grant you.

? above teen what I think this looks like happened ? \/

Wasn't that autoerotic asphixiation gone wrong?

Heh. Died being an egghead. They should put that on Twi's grave:rainbowwild:

Enza Ren #8 · May 2nd · · ·

"And THAT my newest student, is why you always have a spotter when you engage in more *cough* strenuous physical activities."

-Celestia to yet another student

Funny but terrible.

It may e that the entire purpose of your life is to serve as a warning to others.

RDT #10 · May 2nd · · ·

This was actually kind of sad. Mane Six being dead, Twilight dying after only a hundred years? Punchline was funny, although you hit me too hard in the bittersweet feels in the first half that it was hard to laugh.

Enjoyable read!

I'd have to agree; bittersweet and comedy kind of subtract from each other.

Thanks for the feature, everybody! Really appreciate it.

I see where you're coming from, it just didn't really feel all that sad writing - maybe cause I knew where it was going. I'm not sure I should throw a sad tag on it though, might be a tad bit misleading. Thanks for the feedback though!


:rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading!

Care to rephrase, my Austraeoh brethren? What do you mean?

I'm...I'm not sure I understand...how, exactly, did Twi get herself into that position by accident? I mean, I get it was somehow sexual or related to that, but...

Comment posted by easysnuggler deleted May 2nd

Restricting the ability to breathe is believed by some to heighten sexual sensation, in particular the orgasm, because your brain does weird things when it's suffocating that can sometimes be misidentified as pleasure. This leads to various fetishistic practices, the most direct of which is to simply get choked during sex or to choke yourself while masturbating. Thousands of people reportedly die from this every year when they fail to take safety precautions or go a few seconds too long; it often gives the initial appearance of a suicide, because people who practice such things will often use hangings and similar suicide or execution methods as inspiration for their ill-conceived roleplay.

I would not recommend this to anybody, by the way. Suffocation is not something to play around with; even if you don't kill yourself, you're still causing brain damage.

Badly drawn turtle went into what I was seeing happening in this fic. I put it behind spoiler tags because it is a bit on the mature side of teen. It is probably okay but I tend to err on the side of caution.

Zuabug #17 · May 2nd · · ·

LMAO Okay, okay, omg I did not expect THAT oh my fucking god

Zuabug #18 · May 2nd · · ·

Behind spoiler tags because it's still to do with the story.
It has nothing to do with restricting the ability to breathe, that's INCREDIBLY dangerous. It has everything to do with the slight restriction of bloodflow. And I'm not saying that's not dangerous, which it is, same as with hair pulling (you can damage vertebrae), and so it should be done with those that you either trust or are otherwise experienced with such actions. It is called Edgeplay for a reason.

Now that's a big OOF, with a capital F

Coretz #20 · May 2nd · · ·


It's sad. Then a little funny as you follow along. Then sad once you've finished. Then heartwarming when you realize that they will always be together, always have each other as best friends... THEN HILARIOUS because Twilight will never be able to live it down!

Breath play does, in fact, have to do with restricting the ability to breath; hence the name. But either way, it has the same effect; the goal is hypoxia of the brain, which some people interpret as a euphoric state. Unlike hair pulling, which can be done right, this CANNOT be done right, because that feeling of euphoria is, in reality, a signal that your brain cells are already dying. There is no safe amount of hypoxia; people only do it because they don't understand biology.

Eden #22 · May 2nd · · ·

This is so sick and disgust me...

It's wonderful, great story :pinkiehappy: :heart:

She accidentally killed herself. Wow

Fun! Well I knew her death would be something like that once the questions started...

Hope the rest of the afterlife is more interesting than endless grass and gentle breezes. Makes me think of Love and Death as it's described. Wheat...

Rainbow Dash on Soul Introduction Duty! Perfect. Bet she'd be good at it. Sometimes brashness and an irreverent attitude is exactly what's needed.

So since you asked, thoughts. I did enjoy it but thought it could have had just a bit more time to breath and play with the concepts and banter. Maybe follow up on the introduction of things being a bit more ambiguous. They're good concepts, they deserve it. Is this Dash getting a dumb idea in her head again? Is this a prank? Also, quotes in quotes are "And then she said 'But what about the kumquat?'" There were also some places the phrasing could be polished. But yeah, enjoyed that.

Until the magazine was mentioned, I totally thought Twi hanged herself because the others were dead. But, NO, it had to be even more awkward. :facehoof:

(Secretly, I loved that little twist. It turned tragedy to comedy with ease. Great work! :pinkiehappy: Have a favorite!)

Hey! april was autoerotic asphyxiation month, not may!

Thats rough

I feel Celestia's reaction was entirely justified.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it, really appreciate you both giving it a read.

I see where you're coming from, and I don't disagree (even though the actual feeling of bitterness is lost on me as I read it because I know the end). I love some bittersweet action, and I'll keep a closer eye on the ratio.

Ahhh, your long form review is welcome my friend.

Seems like one of the things you thought was lacking was more or less the flushing out of certain concepts. I've got no excuses, but I've got some explanations. 1) I kinda subscribe to the camp that the shorter can effectively be the better it is. Effective being the key word there. I know more about the story than anybody else, and that can kind of get in the way of me realizing there's a blind spot of info between what I know and what's on the page. But RD was just taking the opportunity to troll, more or less. 2) The other problem is that creative stamina is in low supply for yours truly. If you need more proof of that check out the story I wrote lol. It's something I don't really know how to do. Maybe write scenes and bits out separately before combining them? Who knows. If you got any tricks I'd love to see them. You've got an impressive array of longer stories. As for the quotes I'll keep an eye on it, and the phrasing as well.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked the story and thanks for reading, and thanks even more for the comment.

Thank you for that clarification, I didn't realize it was one and the same. But hypoxia occurs only if it's completely cut off, sure, but with most types of asphyxiation, it's restricted for moments at a time, not minutes. Alcohol and spicy peppers are technically poison, but with responsible use, there are no negative side effects.


Alcohol and spicy peppers are technically poison, but with responsible use, there are no negative side effects.

For alcohol, that isn't actually the case. Even small amounts have negative long-term effects, which accumulate with each use; it's just so embedded in society (and supported by massive business interests) that it's not honestly discussed.

But hypoxia occurs only if it's completely cut off,

Not true. A reduction of oxygen levels below normal can cause damage without there being literally no oxygen; you appear to be attempting to rationalize a dangerous practice, which has the effect of putting more people in danger.


never be able to live it down!

Kinda hard to live it down when you're already dead.

It doesn't need a "Sad" tag, that might not be fitting, but a "Dark" tag would be accurate. Otherwise it seems to have a tonal shift that isn't warned for by the tags. Craft-wise, the description during the beginning was good.

Seriously. How bored do you have to be that that activity needs a lethal possibility?

And yet it's surprisingly, depressingly, common.

I blame the fact that biology courses don’t focus enough on theoretical lethality.

I personally blame human nature. Why is autoerotic asphyxiation a thing? Why is meth a thing. Both will kill you or ruin your life with only a slim chance of a slightly heightened and very brief feeling of satisfaction as the pay off. I say try sky diving, at least if you try to enhance it in, that, way it'll be much less obvious what you were doing.

Skydiving always struck me as a rather terrible way to go. It is one of the few ways to go where once you realize something has gone wrong you have a decent block of time to marinate in just how screwed you are. It would be like finding yourself in a Bond movie villain trap except you only have yourself and parachutes to blame.

I could see that being the case. At least you got to experience the high of skydiving. And I still think any form of lack of oxygen death would still be worse. You have plenty of time to see it coming and you have to suffer through it. Personally I want to go in a way that if there's a video of it it'll make people cringe.

Ha ha! Twilight's a gasper!

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