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Strawberry Sunrise


Twilight breathes in some air so that her body can get oxygen.

Now with a dramatic reading by Lotus Moon! Check it out here.

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Ugh, through her nose? All the cool kids are doing it through their skin nowadays:eeyup:

... So this is a thing why? Cause it's more boring than watching paint dry.

:pinkiehappy: It's true. Take it from somepony who had to watch paint dry.

She does sigh a lot, which is essential to maintaining breathing patterns.

Person: Dude, you're so obsessed with Twilight Sparkle. I bet you'd read a story entirely focused on just her breathing!

Me: Nah, what are you talking about? Not even I would read that.

This story:


Me: Why must you make a liar out of me

Breathing!!! Jojo reference.

Uh, cool, but...

Why? :rainbowhuh:

A story... er class on equestrian breathing. Well I’ll give you points for originality.

The best kind of drugs.

Please take more.
Then write another story :pinkiehappy:

I don't know what I expected in this story, but somehow, surprisingly, going into intense detail of breathing wasn't it

Who told you?
I need to find this security breach.
Wait, COOL, does that mean that I'm cool now?

This is the longest form "You are no longer automatically breathing" meme that I have ever seen. I have no idea why I read this as reading about the functioning of organs and body parts always squicks me out.

Wait, so you're saying that the cool kids have become amphibians?

They don't look like frogs to me.

Can't get more Slice of Life than this.

Never do Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Water vapor, Methane, Helium, Krypton, Hydrogen, Xenon, Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide with traces of Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia, kids.

Well, some of the girls are pretty cold blooded. And a lot of jocks must be toads due to the warts they have on some of their anatomy:ajsmug:

This kind of reminds me of those kids anatomy books, you know, where they kind of cartoonize the basic bodily systems such as this and tell a story about their standard functions so to explain how it works. This feels like that.

That was not a journey I expected to take.

I don’t know why I would have expected anything else.

Me: OK! *Dies from not doing oxygen*
Superman: I already stay away from krypton, no need to remind me!

Yep. She sure does.

Not boring! Everyone doing biology exams is smiling right now because they can pass their exams.




Those are good questions.


Random related thoughts:

From chapter 3 of "Three Wishes: The Cutie Mark Crusaders Before They Changed The World"

Twilight giggled softly as she placed the book on the table and leafed through a few pages.
"Yes," she said. "I think this may be the best introduction. I reread it a few months ago myself. Obviously I'm no expert, but it did help me get off the ground."
"So," Scootaloo said. "You're telling me you learned how to fly from a book?"
"Have you met Twilight?" Rainbow said jovially. "Of course she did. She probably learned how to breathe from a book!"

To which I commented:

Rereading. I got a chuckle out of the image it gave me of an unborn Twilight floating in her mother's womb looking at a picture book on how to perform basic inhalation and exhalation. She would be using her horn for light of course.
Edit: Probably sucking her hoof while looking nervously studious.

Also, while less... technical, there is actually a pretty good story about Pinkie Pie watching paint dry that far predates "Too Many Pinkie Pies". It is mostly Pinkie waxing philosophical in her thoughts inspired by drying paint.

I'm baffled really. Truly Baffled that this is a story and its this long. I applaud you.

Very unusual story, I liked it!

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