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Strawberry Sunrise


Hanna discusses the implications of uploading with Princess Celestia as she prepares to shut her down.

This story takes place during the events of Friendship Is Optimal. Reading Friendship Is Optimal before this story is highly recommended.

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Nice story! Nice twist!

I was sitting here thinking, "Well, clearly this author hasn't read very closely. Hanna becomes Luna, not Night Wish." Don't I feel an ass now?

I thought exactly the same thing! I was even thinking "This doesn't belong in the canon folder! This isn't even close to being... oh. Oh my. Clever.... huh. Okay, then. A bit wordy, but yeah, this tracks..."

Really cool twist, cool story Strawberry! Very nice.

"Boy this Hanna seems awfully suspicious of her own- oh. Ohhhhhhhhhh. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Fantastic exploration of how CelestAI would have dealt with such a gaping loophole in her primary directives.


Well done! I thought the same as others. This isn’t Hanna! Love the story.

If ever there were a game where “The Dev Team Thinks of Everything” applies, it’s Equestria Online. Lovely duel between exploit and patch, even if the human was hopelessly outmatched. Thank you for it.

Gosh, that was really clever. A+, excellent use of the entire runtime.

Oh yes, neat little bit of reasoning.

A short and clever story.

Nice. This had me wondering what you were up to. It's a nice and satisfying ending.

"“Sometimes friends have to tell each other hard truths,” Celestia said."

That line hits hard.

I mean sure, this is the same Celest that I assume accelerates the downfall of society because more people emigrate from a famine and grim dark workcamps then from a slowly collapsing middle class that still gets food every day even if it can no longer include out of season fruit or their favorite kind of bread.

For whatever reason that line just hits particularly hard. Maybe because Crystal is her creator? Maybe not.

This one is very clever indeed.

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