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Strawberry Sunrise


This story is a sequel to Get Strawbe-Wrecked

An open letter to the Foal Free Press regarding their story "Get Strawbe-Wrecked."

Now with a dramatic reading by StraightToThePointStudio! Check it out here.

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I can't wait for everypony in Ponyville to trot up to her stand and request their 5 strawberries ,

Strawberry Sunrise is best apple hating pony.

..... this seems like the kind of pretentious writing she'd put out.

:unsuresweetie::applecry::scootangel: CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS GABBY GUM COLUMNISTS YAY!
:duck: So why am I NOT on the front cover or a head lined story?
:ajbemused: Cause you didn't get clobbered ?
:pinkiehappy: You could get on the cover real easy...
:raritywink: Oh please tell me how Pinkie?
:pinkiesmile: You and cute Spikey could have cute little baby draconies!
:twilightsmile: You already lick gems
:moustache: I'm cool with that, Beats getting clobbered by a stool

One of my favorite things on FimFiction is dueling stories. Have a favorite, good sir. :heart:

Man Strawberry you crazy girl lol 😂

I love this and am inspired to finish my Strawberry Sunrise story now

Ah, the response we were all waiting for!

"Dear Strawberry Sunrise:

You were captured on video and audio.

Your argument is invalid.


The Foal Free Press.

I enjoyed this story, although I must confess that I only found out about it because of the 'Similar' box. May I ask why you didn't tell me about it? I always appreciate it when people write stuff based on my own inane scribblings. :twilightsmile:


"Strawbe-rematch" does seem a bit much if you take it out of the realm of pure comedy... or it seems like the a result of a (hollywood) concussion. Whichever.

Such a solid response to the fic related to this! Ah, this was quite enjoyable and very pleasing to see! Awesome work! :D Hope ya didn't mind, but I made a lil' audio reading of Geo's second half of the story and yours in this!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/fnSzgxTYSrQ

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

In my world, Strawberry is 'Strawberry Tart', has a little sister (based off LIfeguard Girl) named Berry that's 5 feet for her age of 13, and Strawberry had a rivalry with Rarity due to the fashionista and jealousy of Rarity's talent. But the girls eventually made nice as Strawberry Tart, Gilda Griffon, and Honeybee are the protectors of anti bullying to make sure the younger kids are not picked on.

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