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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.


A brief recollection of the series of events which took place before and after Applejack smacked Strawberry Sunrise upside the head with a stool.

SEQUEL: Strawbe-Retract This
READINGS: Get Strawbe-Wrecked | Strawbe-Rematch and Strawbe-Retract This

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AJ: haha stool go smack

Saw the cover art, stayed for the story, was not disappointed.
Well done thumbs up!

So much for being a back ground pony! You go, Applejack!


I don't know how you managed to fit the entire story into one comment, but there it is.

Ah, a story with a morale about the gift of knowing things. Knowing things is a very good choice topic to go on about. A good choice indeed!

Remember, kiddos: Knowing is half the battle!

...The other half is incredible violence.

This is the equivalent of a Saturday morning cartoon short that can only air on Adult Swim, and I love it.

Eh, this is OK but it needed some follow through. Maybe an explanation as to why she was antagonizing AJ all of a sudden.

...S9 logic dictates a crush but I don't like that trope.

Take a seat Strawberry Sunrise, and let's talk about apples.

Now I'm picturing all of Applejack's customers stepping over the unconscious mare as they buy their apples. And Applejack having to stand for the rest of the day as she somehow broke her stool. :rainbowlaugh:

There's a writer on this site named Strawberry Sunrise, and I can't wait to see her reaction to this tale! It's gonna be epic!


Maybe an explanation as to why she was antagonizing AJ all of a sudden.

It's a reference to her appearance in Season 7, Episode 9.

I'm aware of that, but that only happened because AJ was in her face. Here she is going out of her way to repeatedly harass AJ. It's a bit different.

My point is more the ending is abrupt as-is and it feels like something's missing. Might work fine if the build-up was more comedic but it comes across rather matter of fact.

Plus side the writing itself is quite good.

I'd say it needed someone just poking the bitch saying, "Yeap she's in a comma, Well lets take her away." a bunch of random ponies pull her away while big mac leans over,

"That was my seat you know?"

"Yeah well take one from her stand she ain't using it now."

...note to self: Don't make Applejack angry!


In all seriousness, this is hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

This whole story was not only satisfying as heck, but beautiful in its own violent and funny way! Every step of the way reading this fic is absolute bliss and it's pure amazingness! Hope you didn't mind, but I made a lil' reading on this story of yours!

Audio Linkey!: https://youtu.be/seAhtLHk_9Y

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment somehow!)

"She don't like apples."

Complete | Published: Yesterday | Download | + Groups | 4 words

Who else just had those wrestler commentators voicing AJ's actions in their head?

Basic but fun. Extending it further would've been overplaying the joke in any case.


She's going to be using that marepile as her new seat for the day.

It's not teabagging, but it is Applestooling.


Well...she was asking for it. :rainbowlaugh:

...Couldn't Strawberry Annoyance sue Appejack for assault?

:raritystarry: next?
:ajsmug: Well hello Spike, Rarity
:moustache: Wow! You sure showed her, I guess she wont be selling her strawberries any time soon...
:ajsleepy: Nope I guess not Spike, Why don't you help yourself....
:raritystarry: Spike!
:applejackconfused: What are you doing there partner?
:moustache: Getting a piece before the line starts
:eeyup: eeyup! plenty of guys lining up already
:facehoof: What were you thinking?
:moustache: Strawberry short cake? A lot of Strawberry Short cake
:duck: of course enough for everypony in Ponyville
:rainbowlaugh: pranked you

i was somehow expecting rainbow to be dressed up as strawberry as a prank :rainbowlaugh:


Not unless she wants a countersuit for consistent and unprovoked harassment and likely something for disrupting her business.

Then again, this is out in the countryside, so what we've seen here is the court of country justice. And none of these ponies are more country than Applejack. Whose special talent is spouting Countryisms.

To be honest Strawberry should it stop while she was ahead but of course he has to keep pushing Applejacks button and she got burn lol

Ya know...this is one of those lessons that stick.

And later that day, apple Jack was arrested for assult.

Looks like Applejack hit her WAY harder then she thought


Applejack: s-stay away from me...

What strawberry needs is to get help right now she crazy lol I didn't know that she will be like that

To be honest she did got what she deserves because she was acting like a jerk

Technically not, since Strawberry Sunrise could be charged with multiple accounts of harassment. And even if I'm wrong about that (not experienced in this matter, so I probably am), who'd believe her (SS)? She (AJ) has a reputation for being a level headed pony, so unless she (SS) mesmerized the faces of everyone around who saw that, she wouldn't have anyone to act as a witness. And even if she did, it would have to be someone who'd actually support the idea of one of the town heroes being charged with anything, and be willing to help someone who's been harassing that same hero.

Applejack pushed Strawberry Sunrise off her, eliciting another fit of mad giggles. As she watched the pegasus thrash around on the ground, repeating the words "Hit me!" over and over again, she glanced at the ponies around her – who were backing away as quickly as their legs would carry them – and groaned.

"That does it," she said. "From now on, Mac is gonna run the stall."
I don't blame her she crazy

I honestly didn't see this coming. Also, just how hard did AJ swing that stool to cause that much damage to it?

Oh great, Strawberry is one of THOSE types... XD

:raritystarry: What an uncouth ruffian you are ... Spikey? Take me!
:moustache: Take you? Where do you want to go?
:eeyup: You want me to what?
:ajbemused: You heard me...
:derpytongue2: muffins?
:trollestia: Problem solved
:duck: Almost - Spike! I'm waiting. . .

I would like a sequel in which KARATE RARITY goes for Revenge!!!

I like it, but the ending seemed kind-of abrupt. I get that Sunrise's been antagonizing Applejack for a while, but it felt like it went from Point A to Point C by skipping Point B.

Maybe they should make sure she doesn't have a concussion or brain damage...

Once you go "smack" you never go back...?

That was an unexpected twitst, though, that's for sure.

No I can’t unsee it.

This a...interesting plot twist to say the least. Was not expecting that at all.

Heh. Ok this was kinda funny.

Minor quibble: Settlements are usually to avoid going to court.

Short n sweet...

Like strawberries!

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