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Strawberry Sunrise

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Braized Lamb Tempura?

Rainbow is a Food Wars fangirl, is she?

Hahaha! Cute story. :rainbowlaugh:

I also loved the punch line. Good amusing twist to cap it off. :twilightsmile:

Nice, though the ending peters out quite a bit.

I wonder why RD never bothered checking her PHONE for the answer.

Or why the others weren't so fed up with this insanity that they just gave her the answer.:twilightsmile:

Some people just enjoy the chaos and want to watch the world burn.

Well, Rainbow was technically right.....even with all the help in the world.

I think I had this conversation once... like, this literally could have happened with my friend group in high school.

Didn't you read the story? Is said that she wanted to guess it on her own, without any help

Me: Finally! She gets it right.
Fluttershy: Nope.
Me: ...
Me: I beg your pardon, madam...

Not bad, though I was expecting a bigger pay off.

This story is hilarious and entertaining, what a fun read.

Pretty good, decent little twist with the beets as well :) Thanks for the read.

me: <facepalm>

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