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Lmao the CMC Olyfactory plush pfp is cute af!

My fellow writers, I need urgent help:

I'm writing a story where I have Rarity in the hospital in a coma. Sweetie Belle had run away to Equestria after Rarity had been constantly ignoring her sister and her talents. Sweetie Belle at first didn't want to make up with Rarity for she feared of another broken promise from her sister., and that's why she ran away. But now after hearing and being convinced of Rarity maybe dying, what can I have Sweetie Belle say to wake Rarity out of her coma? SHe promises her sister about helping her, no more hiding things, speaking up, and telling how much she loves her sister and begs her to wake up and not to die. Sweetie Belle just wanted her sister to love her and Pinkie Promise. Sweetie Belle would cry and rarity would move her hand to comfort her little sister and she would wake up and say:

"Don't cry, Bella (I give her a birthname of Bella Elizabeth Rarity as Rarity herself is Juliet Rarity). Then Rarity would go the My LIttle Pony Pinkie Promise and both would finish with stick a cupcake in my eye as they would cry emotionally.

Your help would be appreciated as soon as possible. I'll credit you when I put the scene in as I'm blending in 2 other plots at the same time.

With Human Sweetie Belle in Equestria and not wanting to go home until hearing about Rarity, what can Pony Twilight, her friends, and Rarity (rarity is important here) say to Sweetie Belle that she has to go eventually go home as her human family needs her, loves her, and how does Sweetie Belle eventually listen to go through the portal and have assurance that she can come back at any time to visit with the ponies?

Darren Schivo

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