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On the Sliding Scale Of Idealism Vs. Cynicism, I like to think of myself as being idyllically cynical. (Patreon page.)

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The blog post which updates a bunch of prior blog posts · 4:06pm Yesterday

Or: 'I'm too tired to think of a better title.'

* The closed-down comic book/T-shirt shop is getting ready to host its next tenant. This time, I pulled over and took a long look in the window, while there was still time to do so. It is about to become -- a collectible card games store.

Which also sells a few comics. Plus toys. And maybe a Funko or two.

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Author Interviewer

Ohh, it was your fault! >:B

Well, I'm now down to A Special Offer From Shutterfly!, RariTwi Shipping, and The Bounce Test (and your unfinished Triptych and the one Fluttershy story thingy). Read 160k words of your stories in the last week or so.

Getting there!

Hope things are going well for you.

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