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On the Sliding Scale Of Idealism Vs. Cynicism, I like to think of myself as being idyllically cynical. (Patreon page.)

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This is why I shouldn't do anything when I have the flu. (Warning: language.) · 4:52pm 6 days ago

Four days in now. I've mostly spent them lying in bed while having those thoughts you only have when you're either running a fever or have gone insane, which may actually have a Venn overlap.

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By the way, I have some question if it's possible to commission you a story, and wondering how much it'll be (Of course I still need to set up stuff before being able to pay you, and save up the money), but I'm wondering if you do it and how much it'll be :)

Thank you for reading (and it's ok if you didn't answer ^^)

I feel like I have to bring this to your attention as a writer and a baseball fan. It's an article about Doug Ault of the Toronto Blue Jays. Here's the link.
It's kind of heavy, but masterfully written. Some of it actually reminded me of your prose in the rhythm of it. And I hope me saying that doesn't put you off reading it but I felt it too strongly to not mention it.

Hope you're doing well.

I feel like you would be suited to make a story out of this: https://www.cadencewm.com

Why do you have to be so amazing? :raritydespair: Take my follow, you monster! No, take my favorite as well!

Read this. Your welcome. (It's an Aragon story if that helps sell you.)

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