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Niche' game markets · 6:18pm Yesterday

The banner ad which appears here is currently visible on FIMFic's front page, just below the Feature box.

...I have some questions.

* About this 'you' getting eaten thing. You do mean in the game, right? I'm not going to get home and find a suspiciously roaring package?
* What's the competition like? Are there other games where I can get eaten by lions? What if I prefer to be eaten by a bear? Why are you neglecting the bear market? Don't you care about the poor hungry bears? What is wrong with you? BEAR HATER!
* How would you describe the overall category of gameplay? Is this a physics game where I'm trying to launch myself and there's a lion's mouth in the area? How about a maze game where the player has to work their way through the digestive system? Have you considered doing this as a platformer? How about a FLE: First Lion Eater?

And of course:

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Next time your computer goes side-ways, read this blog. You may feel better.

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned these before, but there's a series of articles about equines in SFF over on Tor.com. I was struck when reading the latest article just how well herd nature is addressed in the Continuum. :twilightsmile:

Hey, how's stuff going?


Wait, what? Did I miss something?

(Edit for anyone else: ta, been brought to up speed.)

I'm glad to see that the ban was only 24 hours.

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