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Going Print #5: we have an artist. (All-followers premiere book choices/story selection input and image dreams needed.) · 5:02pm Monday

Which means it's time to revisit four considerations:

* The contents of each book
* Which publications should go first
* Pacing out the printings
* What should be depicted

So let's talk about all of that for a bit -- after I tell you who's agreed to take the commissions, one by one.

The style should look familiar.

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Yes, it's not life threatening, Medicare doesn't cover it.

Will let you know when I get it done.

Right now, I'm at home in my apartment. Fortunately, I kept up on the rent even in the hospital. (Didn't want to lose my stuff.)


Okay. Tell me when the GFM goes live, and I'll boost.

So you were covered for everything except the bone chip, because -- I'm guessing here -- that was considered elective?

...actually, where are you right now? Hospital? Home? Because 'crushed pelvis' does not sound like you should be on crutches yet.


First: take your name out of there immediately. Basic Internet safety protocol. For similar reasons, I have no intention of looking up your physical address.

Second: for an online fundraiser, people need ways to get money to you via direct transfer. This generally means PayPal or GoFundMe. In this case, it may be easier for you to set up the second.

Third... it helps to have a grand total which can be chased. I don't know what your procedure is going to cost. (Also, you might want to figure in some rehab sessions. I know Medicare covers some of that -- but not if they would do so for your case.)

So the requirements are:

* Full description of what happened.
* Complete list of what's needed, and the total of how much it's going to cost. (At least a solid estimate.)
* A receiving address with one (or both) of the two companies listed above.
* For you to get in contact with your bank and set up for the final transfer.

I've never set up a GFM, but I'm guessing that if needed, someone could be found to walk you through it. I can say, from experience, that PayPal needs a day or two for connecting to a bank account. (They deposit a small amount, withdraw it immediately, and then ask you to tell them how much it was.) But I don't know how GFM pays out. A physical check may be possible, but they might need to confirm a bank account too. However, those are problems which can be solved.

Once all that's arranged, the bell will be rung.

  • Viewing 466 - 470 of 470
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