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After digging WAY back into the concept archives... · 7:50pm Wednesday

...today, I'll be writing a story about dealing with birds in your dryer.

As per a suggestion from ChudoJogurt, it'll be set in Ponyville's spa. (I was trying to think of ponies other than Rarity who would truly need a drier, and that brought up Lotus & Aloe.) It'll be a light comedy. Fluttershy will naturally appear, Ratchette may come in for a few seconds, Rarity is mandatory -- but it's mostly just the Spa Sisters, and primarily Lotus at that.

And why?


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Why do you have to be so amazing? :raritydespair: Take my follow, you monster! No, take my favorite as well!

Read this. Your welcome. (It's an Aragon story if that helps sell you.)

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