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This is a group dedicated to stories by Estee that are set in the Triptych Continuum; to keep and discuss the series as a whole, as well as discussing general ideas that are found in the stories.

All stories belonging to the Triptych Continuum in one way or another can be found in the relevant folders.

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Since this group appears frozen, I've started a new group

I've set it up so that any member can add stories

Anyone interested PLEASE feel free to add stories
If you're not sure where they go, post them into the "Unassigned" folder
Hopefully, I'll be able to move them to where they belong later

IMO, Estee needs to add another administrator. They would need to add about 60 stories to the right folder(s) + maybe work on the "Recommended Reading Order"

I'd do it, but I don't have the skill to add stuff to files using BCODE (anything more than "drag & drop", I'm lost)

Oh. That is a bit of a problem. Being offline would somewhat preclude adding stories to groups, wouldn't it.

Looking at the files, they haven't been updated in QUITE awhile

Looking at Estee's blogs, I can guess why she hasn't been working on this. No Clue Whatsoever why Sind hasn't. Might have something to do with the fact that they've been offline since December 9, 2015.

It was honestly a bit of a rhetorical question haha. I asked because I noticed it's not in the "Canon Long Stories" folder where it should be.

One point. There is a rival candy store set to open near Bon Bon's store.
If Lyra and her DO conceive a foal, this might hurt the rival

IMO, the attitude would be "You're trying to put a mother out of business! She's got an innocent foal to support ! You're a TERRIBLE person!"

It's canon. It's set as the IMMEDIATE sequel to Triptych

Anchor Foal is AU to the main verse. It covers the same time frame but the dividing point seems to be that (for whatever reason) Triptych didn't survive. Died at birth? Killed by Coordinator giving her that booster? (If she was a unicorn at the time....). The reason isn't clear, but mainline Discord has Triptych & "Anchor Foal" Discord does not

Is A Duet for Land and Sky not part of the canon long stories?

Wild Mass Guessing moment: Knowing what we know now, what if Chrysalis really is an alicorn? One uplifted by self sacrifice of her hivemates?

Kind of a terrifying implication.

I have a question about the Murdock subplot.
There seems to be a point in the timeline where Murdock was exposed and there was some sort of failed revolt. Some of the later stories, in the timeline, make reference to it as a past event, while most of the side stories seem set when Murdock was still in power.
Which, if any, of the stories cover the fall of Murdock?

Estee is AU. Hasbro says the first 3 seasons took one year. Estee says three. The stories are basically side stories to the episodes. Goosed has The Crystal Empire but no one blames Discord. So, season three before Keep Calm and Flutter On. Triptych is a week or two after Magical Mystery Cure and is probably the most AU of all the stories.

401480 I've already ready 4 or so of Estee's stories, so I know her style.


There's not really a best order - my recommendation would be to take a few of the one-shots (Pinkie Pie vs. The Soufflé, Twilight Spackle, 100% Move = 50% Fire, Twilight's Escort Service and Mechanical Aptitude - the last two in that order) to get a feel for the style. If you like the style then go on to A Total Eclipse Of The Fun and/or Triptych itself.

For the most part the actual order of reading isn't really important.

Much like with the Discworld series, I must ask:
Best order to read these in? :twistnerd:

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