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The Triptych Group won't let me add stories. (Either I'm doing it wrong or the site is blocked, IDK which.) Therefore, I've taken it upon myself to try & form a new Triptych group.

ANYONE wants to help, I'd be sincerely grateful because I have No Clue Whatsoever What I'm Doing

Estee has stated that 1 show season = 1 year
If you look, they started Triptych after Magical Mystery Cure (S3 finale) but BEFORE the release of the first Equestria Girls movie and before Princess Twilight (S4 premiere). Therefore, events in Triptych and any stories set after it are not canon to the show. Most of the stories in the Continuum do not contradict the events in the first three seasons. They may or may not contradict subsequent seasons and they assume the EQ Girls movies never happened

For example, in the Continuum,
Pinkie had an abusive family and is estranged from them.

The Element Bearers still have their Elements

Tirek has not yet blown up the treebrary (assuming that he even exists)

Nor have the Main 6 met Sunset Shimmer (yet)

Starlight Glimmer has been introduced in the story Glimmer. As the Mane 6 still have the Elements, it seems likely that they will be used against her.

Due to health issues, it is uncertain how much longer I can do this. There is urgent need for a new editor

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Like a Well Oiled Machine is set 2 weeks after the pilot. It mentions that Rarity met Fluttershy about 2 years ago.

Rarity gets a 10 year mortgage in Tricks Of The Trade Show. Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity specifies that she spent several months settling up and met Fluttershy after opening.

Since it is year 4 After Pilot, the mortgage has 2-3 years still to go.

"Three Hundred And Sixty Degrees Of Saturation" refers to Rarity having had "a recent lesson in when to vent". It is therefore set after "No Sale".


I added a number of stories to the "non canon" folder because they were either from a contest sponsored by Estee or fit in to the "Element Of Elements" collection.


Try the TV tropes page? PM Estee & ask?

I got hit by a car on December 31, 2020. My cellphone & I both got smashed. I'm somewhat recovered. My cellphone is not. :raritycry:

I'm pushing 70. Modern tech & I do not get along. I can't access my account as Sweetolebob18, so I've started a new account as Sweetolebob16.

I seem to remember there was this whole glossary post for terms in this continuum. I just don't know where to find it...but I do remember that one of those terms was "field."

Thinking about it, it's canon the verse that "Griffons raise the children of enemies killed in battle". (Naked Lunch)

This means that it's plausible that some DRAGONS were raised by griffons. IMO, there's a story in that idea.

It's not quite clear what you're asking.

If you mean the mechanics of how alicorns work on a magical level, then that's a huge spoiler for Triptych. And to some degree A Mark of Appeal.

So I'd like to start this series, but I have one question about alicorns. I think I read somewhere they're really complicated, compared to what Hasbro said about them.

Granted, it wasnt' much. But they're different in a lot of ways compared to their canon selves?

Or is it spoilers to tell now, and I have to read it?

Well, yes. They're out of order.
At the least, Winter Wrap Up (E 11) HAS to be after Fall Weather Friends (E 13). Secret of My Excess, (S2) Spike says "It's my first birthday since we got to Ponyville", so less than 1 year. There's only 1 episode per holiday for the first 3 seasons.

May The Best Pet Win (S2), but in Season 5, Dash doesn't know that Tank hibernates so it has to be the first winter since she got Tank.

Demonstrated as false.
S2E1, far more than 52 scrolls. S1 was much longer than one year. Or the episodes aren't in the correct order and Return of Harmony is much later than it was broadcast.

It's... arguable. I personally go with "The first 3 seasons were 1 year" (tight but mathematically possible, especially if you assume that the CMC episodes took place during other episodes & Magical Mystery Cure took place over 1 day)

Estee went with "1 season = 1 year" so that there would be time for the stories to take place in the gaps between episodes.

Princess Twilight Celestia implies but does NOT explicitly state that it was 1 year since the Pilot.

Call Of The Cutie, the Crusaders meet. That puts it at the start of the school year. (IMO, August -but that's a separate issue). One Bad Apple, they meet Babs. They are talking about a Summer Harvest Festival & do not appear to be going to school. That puts this late May, year 1 or early June, year 2.

Apple Family Reunion, Babs mentions her new school, so that is AT LEAST August, year 2 (& could be as late as October). (Yes, by my theory this is AFTER Twilight is an alicorn. IMO, this is just barely possible. Twilight is the ONLY character without at least a cameo, she COULD be an alicorn)

BUT, the point is that this is unarguably NOT during the first year, very good proof for "The seasons cover more than 1 year"

1 show season = 1 year

Which is demonstrably false

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