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Pre-read by AShadowOfCygnus.

So I got the idea from a post a friend put on Facebook.  

Clickbait source

And I was snickering about it all day at work, so I thought, why not write it?  And I could totally see Sunset being the one who made the sandwich, and of all the Equestria Girls, I think she'd handle a sudden demon appearance the best.

And then I also thought that FanOfMostEverything was having a princess contest, and this might vaguely qualify [EDIT: It did not; it was not princessy enough].  Of course, the only slot that it qualifies for is already taken; however, the person who claimed it hasn't posted anything yet.  So I might be able to squeak in on a default.

If it doesn't, that's okay, too.  I don't regret writing it.

I kind of got the inspiration for the weather from the drive to work. There wasn't much blowing snow, but there were big fat flakes and what normally would have taken fifteen minutes took a half hour instead, and that was fresh in my mind when I started writing. The snow's gone already; it didn't even last the afternoon.

The demon in question is from Magic: The Gathering. I figure throwing in a MtG reference in a story for FoME will be appreciated.


I was kind of torn about whether Sunset Shimmer would put meat on her sandwich, but I think that she's acclimatized to living on 'Earth' as a human, and isn't vegetarian anymore.  Maybe every now and then she snacks on some hay for old-time's sake, but I think for the most part she's indistinguishable from a normal, everyday girl.

Except, of course, that she's awesome.


Does that look like a girl who would be fazed by a demon appearing in her kitchen?

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it's awesome that you take the time to get through all comments !

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Thanks for the fave on Comma Comma! I hope I can continue to entertain you with my past and future work. :twilightsmile:

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Happy Vernal Equinox.

Have some Equestrians celebrating Winter Wrap Up/Spring with humans.

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Thanks for the favourite, based Admiral Biscuite-senpai. :twilightblush:

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I was looking for Rarity + Human stories and found yours and it looked interesting, so I gave it a read.  A little bit more action-y than what I was expecting, but on the other hand, you've got Rarity kicking butt with fist and sword, so that's a big plus in my book.

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Science! · 2:56pm

So, in the interest of determining how much ponies actually weigh, I decided to conduct an experiment.

The concept was simple.  I could easily determine the difference in volume between an IRL horse and a pony, using displacement of water and of rice (obviously, I used the rice first).

The horse is a Haflinger mare by Safari Ltd.  Inspection of the selection on offer yielded this one as the most appropriate, especially since it's a breed with pretty distinct characteristics, and it's a breed that's designed to be pretty good at most anything--like the Jeep of horses (as a side note, their Clydesdale stallion was also 100% accurate).  For the pony, I picked AppleJack, since she's an all-around work pony, and she's honest, so that's a plus.

First, I measured the two at the withers.  

Haflinger was 2.4"/61.1mm tall.

Applejack was 1.75"/45.3mm tall.

The rice experiment demonstrated that the volume of the Haflinger was 25ml greater than the volume of AJ.

**given that I didn't have a vibrating table, I expected these results to be somewhat inaccurate.

The water experiment demonstrated that the volume of the Haflinger was also 25ml greater than the volume of AJ.

Specifically, the water level was 900ml with Haflinger, 875ml with AJ, and 850ml with nopony in it.

Thus, the Haflinger has a volume of 50ml, and AJ of 25ml.

**it's worth noting that the brushable's bodies are hollow, and there's a through-hole for the tail.  I didn't see bubbles, so AJ's barrel probably didn't fill with water, but that's why I wanted to try the rice first.

IRL, a Haflinger stands between 13.2 and 15 hands (137-152 cm; 54-60"), and weighs between 317-450kg (700-1000 lbs).

So, in summary, we have a Haflinger with a volume of 50ml that is 61.1mm tall; IRL it would be let's say 140cm tall.

We have a pony with a volume of 25ml that is 45.3mm tall; IRL it would be about 70cm (28") tall (note, measured at the withers)

Now, it's my birthday, and I don't feel like calculating all this out yet, so anyone who's interested is welcome to have a crack at it.  We'll assume that the density of a pony is about the same as an IRL horse, and that Equestrian gravity and Earth gravity are the same.  The question is: how much does AJ actually weigh?

**It's probably going to be a range (as well it should be), since my measuring cups are only graduated in 50ml increments, and the mane of both horse and pony will skew the results.  If someone wants to repeat the experiment with better equipment, have at it.


Applejack should be somewhere between 48–69 kg (106–152 lb)

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