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Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning to a harsh dose of unreality. She is stranded, without her friends, on an island which matches no known locale on Equestria. Surrounded and harried on all sides by the alien and the dangerous, she will find her mettle sorely tested, and find perhaps that the best friends you will ever have in your life are the ones you make when your back is to the wall...

Thanks to CedricBale and noobie56xx for tracking down the name of the artist so I could give them credit.

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Good Start, Looking forward to more!

Well written. No mistakes jumped out at me, and it drew me in pretty well. Can't wait to see more of this. I'll be watching this. :twilightsmile:

An excellent start to a fanfic. Can't really think of much else to say at this point. :pinkiehappy:

Favorited, liked, and everything else. Great start, great world building, great reactions, great characterization, great OC, great grammar, great vocabulary, great setting, and a great need to read more of this. I require more of it. Immediately.

This was, truly, brilliant. I look forward to reading more!

This is looking great. Definitely tracking. This human you've introduced seems pretty interesting. Two things that bugged me, though. For one, I don't like how you took 2 paragraphs to explain what was going through Twilight's mind between "The realization struck just a tad too late" and then the description of what actually happened. Felt sloppy to break up the action like that. Also, if this is being told in Twilight's perspective, I don't like real world comparisons being thrown in (like when you compared her panicking to the Incredible Hulk). It just feels out of place.

Nice, It's pretty well done. I especially like how you added in a sort of calm/analytical narrative, like me. Or Twilight, in this case.

628935 Heh, yeah, I kinda agree with you there. I agonized about both points internally to a great degree actually, it's gratifying that I didn't do so needlessly. I also feel that the action of the trap is broken up a bit, but I didn't want it to come across as too trite, if that makes sense? I was trying to show that smart people do dumb crap from time to time, so people didn't get the impression that Twilight was just, "la da da da da da da oopsie! Tee Hee!"
But I suppose it comes across as needlessly apologetic. I'll ponder it a bit, see if there's a better way to handle it.

As for the Incredible Hulk reference, it's not... actually from Twilight's perspective. The narrative type is third person omniscient, which means the "narrator" in this case is an outside party privy to all the thoughts and feelings of the characters of the story. I DO tend to try and avoid breaking character when a character is directly thinking about a situation, but in this case Twi is doing an action (going bugfuck) and the omniscient narrator is describing it in what I had hoped was a humorous fashion, so I figured it was ok.

I do generally try to keep the narrative voice "in canon" so to speak, but will always err on the side of what I think is funny. I'm sorry it didn't go over well.

Also thank you very much for your constructive criticism!

628935 AHHH I see what the problem is.

Ok, it does come across as third person limited in this chapter... because I was trying to keep Marshall as alien as possible by not immediately showing his viewpoint...

In that case, my bad? Still, I stand by my comment. I will generally try to error on the side of comedy.


Daaaaaaaang, you know Cosmic Castaway? Did you just listen to the song and liked it, or did you watch Titan AE too?

And this is why you dont give Pinkie Pie alcohol. The dimensional barrier will never be the same.

This is amazing:rainbowlaugh:. When he talked about a "crazy island", I instantly thought of Improbable Island.
look it up, it's crazy

Awesome story! Hope there's more soon.

629378 Over 30 Sci-Fi nerd, bro. Titan A.E.? Naturally.

Wanna really take a trip back? How about Explorers?



Unfortunately, I'm not as old as you, heh.

Titan A.E. was one of the earliest movies I watched, so that's probably the furthest extent I have with sci-fi. :ajsleepy:

629528 Check out Explorers bro ham. It's like Goonies in space.

I will be eagerly awaiting more.:scootangel:

One of the best new stories I have read.

Can't wait for more.

Love it so far, i am truley looking foward for the comming chapters.

This... is... AWESOME! That's... really all I have to say; I can't think of anything that looked like it needed criticizing. I really like that you used "sussurus." It's one of my favorite words.

You're so cute.

Cum = latin for "with"
For instance, if you graduated summa-cum-laude, you graduated "with the highest praise"

Ergo, read as tree-with-library (also tree-which-is-a-library)

Or don't, because in a way that makes it kinda hilarious in it's own right, I suppose.

633170 Sure, that analogy works, if when you experience orgasm pulped pieces of your insides come out your....

You know what, I'm just gonna stop there. Ew.

Now THIS is a fascinating concept. Excellent opening, good humor without washing out the scenes with it. Great character building and interaction. Ok I'm on board.

This is shockingly good for a first HiE fic...there's gotta be a catch somewhere. We're going to have to wait forever for the next chapter? Author is an insufferable egotistical ass? Downside of being an editor you get jaded :rainbowlaugh:. Seriously though continue this!


Ok, you got me... um... the catch is... I get really bad gas when I eat mexican food? I mean, clear a room, dogs whining, gnashing of teeth bad.

Sorry if that ruins your reading experience.


Didn't ruin the story! I'll get back to you about my lunch though :pinkiesick:.


An Interesting concept, and a very well writen one too boot. Not so much HiE as Human/Equestrian interaction. Reminds me alot of the show Dual Survival, or Lost. I look forward to more. :moustache:

Very good writing, original, good detail and good sized chapter. You sir, are some kind of genius on brain steroids.

Your story promises a lot. I quite enjoy your writing style; you narrate the perfect mix of involvement and disconnect. It'll be quite interesting to see where this goes.

My only regret was that, while I was reading this, I was also going through a bunch of other fics on here; ones that had upwards of five or six chapters. The knowledge of more chapters concerning the other ones blended with my expectations for this one, and by the end I was ready to open the other five chapters of this fic and save them for reading material later at work.

Imagine my surprise.

Well folks, I hope this is clear of errors, because I'm dog tired. I couldn't seem to let it sit, though.

Hope you enjoy.

I was just rereading chapter one, wishing you would update. Went to search for stories again, and here is chapter two...

This is beyond strange...
*backs away slowly*

Well, not an unpleasant surprise at least!


Yes that's right Random. I'm watching you. I know where you browse the internets and you should be ashamed.

*DustTraveller uses humiliation against RandomEncounter.*
*It's super effective!*

*RandomEncounter faints.*

*DustTraveller gains 491 experience points.*


And this is why FimFiction.net is awesome.

By extension, does that mean I am awesome? :pinkiecrazy:


Yes, Random, it means that very thing.

Cool, I hope you can update it soon enough.

Didn't see anyone else mention it yet, so cover image source: http://cosmicunicorn.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/&offset=120#/d3c5uz6

CosmicUnicorn (previously CrappyUnicorn) is one of my favorite artists on DA. :P

This story is awesome and you should feel awesome!

heh murder turkey:rainbowlaugh:
can't wait for next chapter

Certainly an intriguing concept. I can't wait to see what happens when the next day dawns.

Write more, and do it quickly lest I grow bored!

Nicely done. I've seen more than a few human soldier meets ponies and of them all, I'd have to say I like Marshall the best. So many of the others are just assholes, but despite the fact he isn't sure he sane Marshall still acts like a decent human being. Very entertaining story, I'm looking forward to future chapters.

Feels a little like a cross between the film "Cast Away" and the FiM fic "The Dread Chitin". Excellent story, and well worth the read! Good job! :scootangel:

I found the author of the cover image!


It took me many minutes of searching but at last, my persistence is rewarded and my quest is complete.

Now give her all them creditz!:pinkiehappy:

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