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Thunderstruck: Chapter Five
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Shadow of the Leaves: Chapter Four
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Mass Effect Dissension: Chapter Two
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The Equestria Zoology Society: Chapter One
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Weekend Blog Post - The Strange Ways of Fimfiction · 7:27am Apr 6th, 2013

Before I go on I want to preface this blog post with the following statement:

This site is owned and maintained by Knighty and, for whatever perceived shortcomings myself or anyone else has with things he may do, ultimately he has the final say when it comes the actions he takes on this site.


What is expressed here is entirely my own opinion and does not reflect the general opinion of any groups that I belong to.

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You have the most epic profile pic I have ever seen.
That is all.

Wait, what's going on with this guy? He's dead, then he's in a cult, then he's alive again? I'm so confused.

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