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Commander Ashley Williams, Council Spectre, has seen a lot in the seven years since the end of the Reaper Invasion. Even though the Reapers themselves are helping to rebuild the war-torn galaxy, the peace that Shepard bought with his life is tenuous at best. Many individuals still hold onto their lingering hatred of the machines that butchered millions and feel the Council has betrayed everything the war was fought over.

And when a species is discovered that posses abilities that seem almost impossible, it falls on the shoulders of Commander Williams to keep their power from falling into the wrong hands...

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Applejack had certainly dealt with her fair share of critters taking apples from the farm in her life. Unfortunately for her and the rest of Equestria, this latest apple thief encounter may just be more of a hassle than the ponies can deal with...

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Sometimes you find your calling in life. Sometimes your calling in life finds you. And other times you get hit by lightning while drunkenly walking home from a bar, only to find that your life will never be the same afterwards.

Come in, sit down, have a drink if necessary (cause it might be), and read about the curious odyssey of Shaun Davis as he finds his place in a new world; full of magic, friendship, but sadly for Shaun, no booze.

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