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Commander Ashley Williams, Council Spectre, has seen a lot in the seven years since the end of the Reaper Invasion. Even though the Reapers themselves are helping to rebuild the war-torn galaxy, the peace that Shepard bought with his life is tenuous at best. Many individuals still hold onto their lingering hatred of the machines that butchered millions and feel the Council has betrayed everything the war was fought over.

And when a species is discovered that posses abilities that seem almost impossible, it falls on the shoulders of Commander Williams to keep their power from falling into the wrong hands...

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Comments ( 59 )

I have some words for you, Random.

I have some words for you too. One of them you can find on most pieces of machinery. :trollestia:

When you get left out on a raft in the middle of the ocean, I'm not coming to your rescue. You brought this upon yourself.

I'll deal with that when it happens. But I have absolute faith that my readers would never set me adrift. :twilightoops:


Haha, that's cute... he thinks we'll give him a raft.

"Oh god, it's like Eden Prime all over again"

So this is control or synthesis?

Also: I'm sorry Ashley.

Control. There wouldn't be dissension if there was complete understanding after all. :pinkiesmile:

Well... it's still better than the end of Mass Effect 3.

Heh. Didn't like my chapter I take it? :applejackconfused:

968044 Well...sort of didn't like it, mostly because reapers still exist...I just killed them off with the good path, :facehoof:
keeping them alive is just rude:duck:
and understanding them is redonculous.:trollestia:

Heh, true. Though, I chose this very ending to write for because I felt it would just cause strife. Don't worry, the kids gloves will come off soon enough, and you'll see some real conflict. Williams wasn't called in to just babysit after all.

I mean, hell... the things that just laid waste to galactic civilization are all buddy buddy now? It doesn't sit right with you... nor does it sit right with a significant number of people in this story.

Why, one could almost say it would cause... dissension. Wouldn't you agree?

968184 Im still waiting to see a reaper go derp and crash into the sun :derpytongue2:

If I can fit that in, I will try. :pinkiecrazy: (Though this fic will probably be too serious for that. Maybe if Derpy somehow takes control of a Reaper though? :derpyderp2:)


Wait, that should be considered spoilers now! (Not really. :pinkiesad2:)


Sounded like cautious optimism to me.
that is, he fully expects it to be as bad as the rest, but he's got enough hope to get the mind=blown gif out.

For my part, I haven't had the misfortune to encounter "the rest" so I'm just plain optimistic.

Don't disappoint me, though.

If it sucks, at least I know a number of people are ready to call me out on it. (Which is actually a good thing.) :twilightsmile:

confusing:fluttershysad:....but....... MOAR!!!!!!!!

Well, I haven't read too many crossovers with Mass Effect (Plenty with other settings though) but so far I'm liking where this is going!
I eagerly await more!

Hey, with an inleiding of this caliber, i'm happy to volunteer my services as critic/potential fan. if the rest is of the same quality, I'll probably be happy, just because there's so little good stuff on here to read.

This is genius... :rainbowlaugh:

Splurge splurge everywhere! Oh my gerd! So much awesome! Can't... handle.... GAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! :rainbowlaugh:

968671 What you don't like my mindblown gif?

This, boys and girls, is how a crossover should be done.

You did well with keeping the feel of the ME universe in the story thus far, and had the personalities nailed down (especially Joker). Kinda felt like starting up ME for the first time. Well done, Buddy. :moustache:

That said: Don't keep us waiting for a month for the next chapter. :twilightangry2:

Oh yeah. 'insert obligitory comment about hurrying up with your other stories here'

*pings the new peace-keeping Uber-Construct of the Citadel* "Oh Great One... Tamer of the Reapers... what say you of this fic?

I am absolutely tickled to see one of these set as a 'Post Reaper-War' / Galactic Reconstruction Period to show that after the Paragon Ending that even with Reapers helping repair the damages that there are some pains that run too deep and the Galaxy does indeed go on (both good and bad things happening) following the sacrifice of it's noblest hero.
Knew it was gonna be Normandy, because with Garrus being a turian (OH! I hope he's a Specter himself by now) and therefore not an option and both Shepard and Anderson gone, nobody else could. I am very surprised that Javik is still alive though, didn't he say he was going to 'find the graves' of his former crew and do some sort of seppku thing?
ANYWAYS! I'm rambling. I guess I should just say : 'Favorited, Thumbsup, Awaiting more!'

Also, I have Reaper Override codes... so if you fall behind, I am not afraid to use them. :pinkiecrazy:

It depends actually with Javik. There are a few different ways his story could end post ME3. I pretty sure there are three actually.

1) If you talk to him on the Citadel only, he'll remark before the final battle that he could probably live like a king among the hanar.
2) If you talk him into viewing the memory shard, he'll remark that he will end it all where he killed his friends.
3) If you didn't talk him into viewing the memory shard, he'll remark that he will perhaps write a book with Liara (she suggested the title be "Journeys with the Prothean.")

Ideally, if you want Javik to live storywise post ME3, you either want to end conversations with him on the Citadel, or tell him not to look into the memory shard.

Also, thanks for the fav! :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks... *reads the comment on updating* ... yeah yeah... :rainbowderp:

I like it. The only thing i dont like, is that Ash survived virmire.:twilightangry2: Ah well, that'll probably just make things more interesting.:moustache:

I just don't like her for some reason. She just annoys me.

974102 Yeah, I liked Kaiden more as well. Probably because I favor Adept as my class.
And Destroy. Always Destroy. Why? The Catalyst is lying. Remember why it said that you would die? Because you're partly synthetic? Shepard survives in the best Destroy ending and that one only. (Yes, the official guidebook adds "Shepard lives" to the description of that ending.) The wave didn't take him out, so why would it kill the Geth or EDI? It's possible that they fixed this due to all of the extra resources, but the Catalyst isn't aware of it yet. And he's also a Reaper. (Refuse him. Just try it.) You at least alluded to Synergy or Control in the description.
973752 See above, devs said "nobody starves" in all endings, which means that Earth is either made of food, or has the resources to rebuild the Relays.
967913 Still a better love story that Twilight.

A MLP stroy from the at surficeint verlocity crowd I'm in

All these pointless comments [img]

Just thought that you and the other people reading these comments would like to know a neat bit of trivia. What's that? Well, it turns out that this isn't the first time the Williams family has helped ponies out. :rainbowdetermined2:

... I will have to kill Ashley off now it seems. Thanks man! :rainbowderp:

Just kidding! :pinkiecrazy:

Naw, you can't kill Ashley off . . . that was the twist in the second game. If you kill Ashley off people will go, "Yawn. The protagonist dying? Seen it before, what a snore fest."

Are'nt they all those kind of missions when you are a specter?

Believe it or not, there is a way of rating just how FUBAR a Spectre mission is. :twilightsmile:

I mustn't have been paying attention during my ME3 playthrough because I have no idea what a Javik is.
Otherwise... I liked this.

You say you don't know how your gf owning your soul works? Easy. All girlfriends are soul collectors who take their boyfriends' soul the second it becomes official.

Moar >:pinkiegasp:

You're supposed to be sympathetic! :pinkiesad2:

Soonish! :pinkiecrazy:

1079116Why am I supposed to be sympathetic. Never had a gf, had my heart stepped on before I even got there.

I honestly think I speak for everybody here.

Since there are so many moar comments I suppose I might as well.

MOOOOOOOOOAR!! :flutterrage::twilightangry2::raritydespair:
It ended so soon.... :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry:

I honestly can't wait to read more of this story.

I like how all characters portrayed so far are, in my humble opinion, quite in-character. I certainly hope to see more familiar faces such as Wrex or Liara, but one thing that really interests me is the interaction between the characters themselves; that is one of the main reasons I like to read crossovers.

Another point that REALLY, REALLY interests me is that you chose the Control Ending. Why? Because it adds a lot more, like you said: Dissension, not just within the story but also without, among the readers. I can't wait to see that, the latter, that is.

And lastly, I can't wait to see Joker and Garrus interact with the ponies. Those two are probably a gold mine of laughs.

Keep it goin'!

Oh, yeah. In spirit of this comments' section; MOAR!!!

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