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Shawn Spencer, psychic detective, is a thick-tufted boy genius who ice skates through life on polished blades of snarky eloquence. He has tested himself against some of the greatest criminal minds of his time and emerged victorious... though often through unbelievable luck and not a small amount of bumbling.

Now, he faces a challenge unlike any before. One that will test his mind, his sanity, and his adaptability as he is thrust into the midst of an unfamiliar world and the ponies who populate it.

The Mane 6 face their own challenge, as an old enemy, tempered in the crimes of a much harsher world than theirs, returns to Equestria. It is a challenge they are ill-prepared for and one that only their strange, new, alien friend can help them overcome.

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I did a literal spit take when I saw your description. A Psych crossover? Heck yeah!

Ok now that I actually read the story, I must say PLEASE CONTINUE! You are spot on with everything so far and I can't wait to read more!

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Love the title reference. A little disappointed that Shawn didn't turn into a pony but that's alright I guess.

It's about time someone made a PSYCH and MLP:FIM crossover!

For me, I'm happy he didn't turn into pony for that has been done many times before.
Anyways, the jokes in this made me laugh, even the demon donkey line and what Rarity said.

Pardon my language, but that was fucking hilarious!:rainbowlaugh: You have Shawns personality/snark down pat. "Demon Donkey" definitely sounds like something he'd say.

Thanks for all the positivity, everyone! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! I'm also happy to note that the newest episode of psych struck a chord of inspiration in me, so chapter two will (hopefully) be finished and posted by Sunday or Monday night.

Beyond that, I'm hoping to keep a schedule of at least one 5k word+ chapter a week.

As a side note, I do check the comments often and welcome any and all constructive criticisms, questions,  and outright flattery (it will get you everywhere).

New chapter! Let me know what you guys think!

Also, I apologize for not posting it sooner... Editing the monstrosity took far longer than I thought it would. You can all expect a new chapter by sometime early next week. I promise the next one will be far more action-packed.

Thanks for reading!

USA... Make this happen...

Another good chapter.

I never stated this in my last comment but I never even heard of this series till i saw your story. I have seeen it now and enjoy it.


You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that. I'm glad you're enjoying the show. =)

I am loving this story. You seem to have captured Shawn's personality and his eccentricities perfectly. I also liked how you were able to show his awareness without explicitly stating it.

Please keep writing I must know where this goes.:pinkiehappy:

If anyone knows of or has something that would make for good cover art for this story, please do let me know. I'd really like to get an image attached to this thing, so all ideas are welcome.

Hmm... over five thousand words you say? In fandoms of significantly larger size, chapters that are five thousand words in length is one of the criterion I use to judge whether a story is even worth my time when compared to the many others that meet that criteria. It's very nice to see someone in the MLP fandom taking a shot at it.

I was a bit worried for a bit that Shawn didn't seem to be acting like himself, but I think I can safely say that was due to him being shell shocked from his new situation. Also, is Twilight going to be Shawn's new temporary Gus? Please say yes.

Wow, you write a really authentic Shawn Spencer. I can't find anything good in my archives that would make a decent cover image for this, but I wish you luck with your quest for a cover image.

Loving the story, and I'm definitely putting it on Alert. :scootangel:


I agree completely with the sentiment, which is why I made 5k my goal. But, of course, longer chapters often mean slower updates. It took me about 3 days to write and fully edit 6k, so I figure a chapter a week gives me some leeway to work with without letting the story go stale.

Also, thanks! Shawn is one of my favorite characters, personality-wise, in any medium... I'm glad I was able to capture him somewhat.


Shellshock...ness... is a common side effect of waking up in a cartoon.

Also, Shawn will always need a Gus. :moustache:

Here some questions I want to ask about your story.
Q1.Are some of chapters going be murder cases?
Q2.Is Shawn still going to fake being psychic even though Twilight and the gang know the truth?
Q3.Is Gus and Lassiter going to appear in EQUESTRIA? I would like to see how they would react in that world.
Q4.At some point of the story is Twilight and the gang going to have to travel to Shawn world?
Q5.Is Shawn going to give Twilight and the gang silly nicknames?
Q6.Is some of chapter going to begin with flashback like the show PSYCH?
Q7.Are these characters going to make a appearance in the story? :
Princess Luna
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Big Mac
The Mayor
Hoity Toity
Sapphire Shore
Soarin from The Wonderbolts
Prince Blueblood
Derpy Hooves
Dj Pon3
Lyra Heartstrings
Fleur de Lis from the episode Sweet and Elite from MLP:FIM


Q1) Considering the title of the story, I think it's safe to say there will be some criminal activity and that Shawn will be assisting. Anything more than that would be spoilers. :raritywink:

Q2-7) Read and find out! :moustache:

I think i can help find a cover image for your story.
Here a guy some time do request and commissions you can request him to make a cover for your story
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I hope it helps.

Yesterday I had the passing thought, "You know what would be an awesome crossover? Psych and MLP!" and lo and behold, when I searched your fic came up. So far, this is perfect! You really have the mood and humor of Psych down pat. I laughed at the debutante mix-up and the flashback of them being forbidden to sneak into the facility immediately followed by them doing just that. I can't wait to read more of this!

The cell phone ringtone was hilarious, as was Shawn's panic about the Demon Donkeys. He's perfectly in-character, even to the point of worrying about Gus. I'm anxious about Shawn and Pinkie Pie teaming up, because obviously they will be BFFs and Ponyville will be doomed to crazy shenanigans.


I apologize to anyone who might stop by expecting a new chapter. I actually write the story within the fimfiction editor and a cat related incident caused me to accidentally hit the publish button. I'd also like to apologize for not sticking to my promised schedule. In my defense: Christmas involved about 20 hours of cumulative driving this time around. Chapter 3 (as of this comment) stands at 4500 words (out of a planned 6k or so) and I expect to have it finished, edited, and posted by tomorrow night if not sooner.

Syntax is awful.
Actions and dialogue are associated with the wrong characters frequently and is a giant distraction.

Delightful story.


Yeah, I realize I'm in sore need of a pre-reader... kind of hard to tell how someone else will interpret the associations, as they are firmly set in my own head. The syntax problem is a new one, though. Any particular examples? Or is it just the whole thing? If you have the time to point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it... I'm trying to fix this story up as much as I can.

In either case, thanks for the constructive criticism! And I'm glad you at least enjoyed the story itself. :pinkiehappy:

New chapter! Not a false alarm this time! Enjoy, rate, and review!

As a side note... Still looking for cover art, here, if anyone has any good images.

I'm enjoying your fic so far, and Twilight should consider herself lucky Shawn may be activly insulting and ill behaved things could be far worse. She could be dealing with Monk. Great mind that he is Monk would not take to being in Equestria anywhere NEAR as well as Shawn is.

Oh boy, Twilight never say that again! lol

Anyways, great job, i'm already on season 3 of the series.

Another awesome chapter! I giggled a little at the pineapple and then totally lost it during the Puff the Magic Dragon converstation. :rainbowlaugh: Sounds like Shawn is looking pretty snazzy, I can't wait to see what happens when he meets the princesses.


Unfortunately, the syntax problems are consistent. It's mostly the incorrect use of quotation marks.


Hmmm... I hadn't noticed, but it looks like you're right. I was planning on slowly re-editing the chapters over the next couple of weeks, so I'll hopefully be able to catch and fix most of the errors now that I know where to look. In the meantime, I don't suppose you'd know anyone who'd be up for pre-reading chapters for me, do you?

In either case, thanks for taking the time to point it out to me. I can't fix problems if no one tells me they're there.

Oh man I just got the whole pineapple refrence:facehoof: cant belive it took me so long.

When I first saw this fic, I thought, "A Psych crossover? REALLY? How does THAT work?" And even though it's outlandish, it works really well. I have to say it just seemed so weird to READ Shawn's actions and inner thoughts as opposed to seeing him on TV. But by the time I got to Chapter 3 with Shawn's trademark smarmy attitude toward authority and Twilight essentially becoming his Gus, this fic REALLY hit it's stride. Love the detail you've added with the random Pineapple.

Will he be giving Tiwlight nicknames or will he do that with the rest of the main 6 too?


Well, that depends. He doesn't always nickname people in the show. But he always has something ready for when the situation calls for it. I do feel comfortable confirming that I'm trying to recreate him and Gus's dynamic between him and Twilight. Of course, Twilight is not Gus, so it won't be quite the same. Actually, I'll just tell you what I tell everyone... Read on and find out! :moustache:


Mwahaha, I'm excited about this next chapter, actually. Celestia and Luna are completely different personalities from anything he's run into before. It's been fun, though difficult, to plan their interactions.


The fact that this story turned you on to the show, rather than the other way around, is probably the best compliment I've gotten so far.


I gotta watch Monk. I hear it's good, but I never get around to it. And I figure I'm going to need a new crossover to work on after this one is eventually finished. Maybe I'll put it to a vote... actually, that might be fun: letting readers decide which crossover I should do next. A thought for the future.

Thanks again for reading, everyone! Look for Chapter 4 later next week!

I think i can help find a cover image for your story.
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I hope it helps.


Thanks for the heads up. I put in a request... now comes the waiting game.

In the meantime, anyone else who knows-of/finds/has/draws/conjures an appropriate cover image, please come forward!

You got me to watch Pysch on DVD just to get the references, good job on geting people interested in other shows :scootangel:

Great, need moar, also should explore meat eating habits.( akward dialogue is best dialogue):pinkiecrazy:

Aaaaaand chapter 4! This one was exceptionally fun to write.

As always: Enjoy, rate, and review!

I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter! Keep up the good work!:yay:

You have no right to make me laugh so much at a silly crossover story! :flutterrage:
I'm important. I have an image to maintain. How can I do that if I wind up chuckling to myself like some kind of idiot? :rainbowhuh:
So, in the future, place a warning message at the beginning, so folks will realize that involuntary guffaws or strange faces will be forthcoming if they choose to continue in the reading. :twilightsmile:

It seemes as if death follows the man everywhere he went i guess.


Anyway, great chapter. His meeting with Princess Celestia and Luna was handled well.

Heh, Twilight is going to absolutely flip her lid when she learns that Shawn hit Celestia with a rock.

This is great. You are the best person to have decided to make a crossover between psych and my little pony.

This just gets better and better each chapter :scootangel:

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