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When Twilight Sparkle set out that fateful day before the Summer Sun Celebration to defeat Nightmare Moon and save Equestria, she thought that at worst she would have to deal with a mad pony goddess of the moon, but with the aid of Princess Celestia, she would surely over come that. She wasn't expecting there to be two bipedal monsters running around and sowing chaos in their wake.
Likewise, two certain cosplayers weren't expecting to be eaten by wormholes, and then spat out into Equestria. Thankfully, one is a brony, so he should be able to keep his pony-hating counterpart in check, right?
Well, he would. If only he hadn't decided to cosplay as a Berserker...

Crossover between MLP:FiM, Fate/Zero, and Warhammer 40,000.
Inspired by Malideus; Son of Invention; Of Blood, Skulls, and Friendship; and all of the other "superpowered human villain in Equestria" stories that are making the rounds right now. This is just my contribution to the bandwagon, so I encourage you to leave a review and tell me what you did or didn't like, but I will warn you up front, updates will likely not be on a regular basis. Let us not worry about that for now, though, and let us instead move on to the actual story, so just click that button there for the first chapter, and 'Allons-y!'
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Hmm... my guy made a comment about wanting to cosplay as Lancelot Berserker instead of John Egbert, then, minutes after I publish my chapter, this appears...

I kid! I'm going to check this out...:pinkiehappy:

I only followed this because I'm a sucker for Nasuverse.

Nasunerd mode, activate!

The basic physical stats are on a letter scale, with E (the level of a normal human) at the bottom, and A+++ being the best.

No, the average human has parameters at a value of 1 (and even the strongest human in real life would still have a strength of 1, maybe close to 1.1). Rank E has a value of 10. This doesn't scale linearly, either—while it was stated that "being ranked at 1 under the system identifies the ability of a normal human, so the E Rank, classified as 10, indicates someone ten times above normal human ability," this isn't actually accurate given the feats—E rank strength isn't merely ten times stronger than a human, it's exponentially stronger. If a strong human can unleash 1000 joules of energy in a powerful attack, a Servant with E rank strength can unleash billions of times more than that in a powerful attack. Rank A strength should be comparable to a few megatons of TNT going off, confined to a very very very small area. It may sound ridiculous, but it actually matches up with their feats in Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night.

Additionally, A+++ isn't the highest rank. Technically, EX is the highest, since it means something along the lines of "EXceptional". Even then, it's not always used to represent something too large to be measured on the conventional scale, as it can be used to represent anything that cannot be measured in the "conventional sense" (like Unlimited Blade Works).

This also nerfs Berserker enough that I can set him loose on Ponyville and the Apples, and not have to worry about him killing somepony, since while he now has a permanent existance, he doesn't have the boost to his luck/defence that "Protection of the Fairies" grants him.

Yeah, you'd have to SEVERELY nerf him in order to prevent him from outright slaughtering everypony around him before they could even realize what was killing them. If you haven't figured out by now, Heroic Spirits are extremely superhuman—for example, ordinary bullets, even high speed rifle bullets, are laughably slow to them (Berserker is much much MUCH faster than Rainbow Dash, to the point that it's actually kind of sad comparing them). I know, you're probably going to say something like "but then how did Emiya Shirou"—maybe that is why everybody in the story treated him like he was some kind of freak anomaly for being able to fight Servants, hmmm?

Yeah, I can back this shit up. Just drop me a PM and we'll discuss.

Poor, poor Tzeentch. Never really got into all that Chaos magic thing. Anyways, I have a feeling I know who the second guy is cosplaying as. Also, great first chapter if I say so myself and I like how in involved my character in it, even if he was just mention.

As a fellow LoHAV member I congratulate you on creating something a bit different than the standard. Bravo, sir, bravo. You have my favorite, like and I'll be reading the next chapters as soon as I see the notice in my e-mail.

If that other guy is Ahzek Ahriman, then it's already been done.

then again, he doesn't have a psyker cowl...

anyways, i'll fave this for now and wait for the next chapter.

“Oh, this is, this is just great, this is nice, right here. Where the hell am I, anyway? There’s still some unresolved issues here, God, or alien space bat, or Azathoth, or whoever’s in charge of this industrial grade fuck up. How do I get home? What am I supposed to eat? How am I supposed to breath? I’m inside this, like… big, black, ball. Is this all in my mind, or something? What was that vortex thing of despair and doom, anyway? Am I even real? Aw, hell, I hope I’m not some figment of my own imagination. Or someone else’s.”
In another dimension, a brony typing on a laptop suddenly sneezed, blew his nose, and went back to work.
Are there any busses that run through here, or something? I mean, I’d like to go home now, but, uh… where’s home? Is this how you run the universe? Is this where we go from here? Okay, so maybe I’m… damnit. Just…. god damnit. The movie had better make up for this, because I am stuck. In fucking nowhere land. You ran out of ink too, didn’t you, you bastards.” I paused. “Yeah, you know you’ve hit a low point when you’re quoting Shinji Ikari.”

That was humorous. :twilightsmile:

That cover photo looks similar to the Neo-Shadow heartless from the Kingdom Hearts series! :pinkiegasp:

...Your Nasu nerdcred trumps my own. I think I need to go brush up.

Well, you could always join the TYPE-MOON fan group I just made.

Since I'm in it and all, you could ask me questions and stuff.

Huzzah fangroups! I generally find online resources can answer questions faster than forums, but what the hell, I'll lurk and keep an eye on things. I'd at least like to know of any other crossover-type-things that happen.

I'd like to point out that you are not really obligated to follow canon Nasuverse in regards to combat. Because, frankly, if Servants were actually that fast and strong, their battles would've looked differently. Some people prefer to brush aside this bullshit about supersonic movement and treat Servants like extremely skilled humans. Nasuverse humans, of course, meaning they're still capable of pretty insane feats, but not some terminators that can take a rocket in their face and shrug it off like nothing.
There are some facts that hint at many Nasu descriptions in fights being blatant exaggerations:
In F/SN UBW route Shirou doesn't die in 5 seconds in his battle against Archer and even wins, and said Archer fights with real Heroes of the past like Cu Chulain successfully, meaning modern mage using reinforcement can be at least close in speed to Servants. Also, if we don't suppose that Heroic Spirits and Counter Guardians get some sort of boost from Alaya (and why would it waste energy when it can pick the best heroes from all times to achieve it's goals?), then Archer himself is an example of modern day human capable of fighting Servants.
In F/Z Maiya were capable of following Servants battle. If they were supersonic, she would be completely useless, as well as Kiritsugu's guns - if Lancer was capable of seeing bullet mid-way to Kayneth (and then moving in it's way to block it), Kiritsugu wouldn't consider idea of assassinating him.
In F/Z final battle Kiritsugu fought Kirei evenly with something like 4x acceleration using his family magecraft, Kirei being stated to be capable of fighting on level close to Servants.
And I'm not even touching how these super strength and speed will be mostly useless because people simply cannot run faster than sport cars lest they lose cohesion with surface. And if you jump, you're effectively defenceless in mid-air, unless you can change your trajectory with something like Invisible Air.
So when Nasu starts to spout something about three strikes made literally at the same time without using magic, making them absolutely unavoidable, then Saber avoiding unavoidable attack because intuition, I tune it out as Nasu trying to convey how awesome his characters are and choosing poor method of doing that. If you want Nasuverse combat to make sense, relying blindly on canon descriptions is the worst thing you can do. Taking key components and then reconstructing it into something logical and consistent is the way to get result, though it will not necessarily be similar to popular fanon (and fan-wank).
Also, most importantly, you as author have to understand your characters' capabilities to be able to write good story without breaking reader's suspension of disbelief. Choose what they can and can't do at the start, have some sort of explanation why in your head, and don't change that midway. If there are worlds where Servants are supersonic, why there can't be worlds where they're just several times faster than trained human? Prankster Club are not idiots, they won't send someone who will simply kill everyone he meets effortlessly into Equestria because it will be boring.

That said, I agree with Permanent Temporary on one thing: Berserker will totally slaughter Apples. They're civilians, not elite guards or high level mages, furthermore, they're equestian civilians, meaning they aren't even vaguely familiar with war and concept of killing others. They're too slow to run away (they can run in different directions, but probably too frightened to consciously consider such tactic) and they can do absolutely nothing in fight against Servant (who, more importantly than his physical parameters, is a person who literally spent his entire life either killing people or training to do so more efficiently). Unless Berserker becomes sane or Twilight shows up, like, right now, using magic to shield everyone, there will be some dead bodies in second chapter. And by some I mean quite a lot.

...I appreciate most of what you say, but I think you responded to the wrong person on accident.

That aside, I think that a lot of what they are referring to as a Servant's speed in Fate is more referring to acceleration-- I remember mentally substituting it when I played through Stay Night, and finding it worked significantly better.

Never watched Fate/Zero nor played Warhammer, but I look forward to reading this story as the concept of a good guy in an evil suit really peaks my interests in both literature and anime. Similar in Accel World, how Haru was infected by Chrome Disaster and tried to brutally rend and maim Noumi. And in a different anime, Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar. How Kenshi turned into the black Seikijin and ripped Dagmeyr's seikijin making his cry and piss his damn pants and traumatized him.

Anyway, I like those types of anime series. If you know one that is pretty decent and has this category, send it to me. But please make sure it isn't any of these:
One Piece
Fairy tale
Death Note
Soul Eater
Ao no Exorcist
Deadman Wonderland
Darker than Black
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
07 ghost

Ah yes, thought you were Cog Archival for some reason. -_- Too used to spacebattles with authors responding to readers a lot.

Well, it's been a week since I was last on Fimfiction. Thankfully, the school musical is now over, so I have time to go check on my story- :rainbowhuh: :derpyderp1: :pinkiegasp:
*spits out drink* HOLY SHI- 91 FAVORITES? In one week? I seriously wasn't expecting this to get that popular this quickly. :yay:
4099261 4109948
I'm sorry, I knew about E being 10 times a normal human's level, but in my defense, I was writing that up at midnight, and was confused from reading a different fic recently where that was how the measurement system worked. That said, the both of you make a very valid point about how overpowered Berserker is compared to the Apples, and even the rest of Equestria. However, I hold that ponies aren't on the same level as humans, so they do have a few things in their favor. First, all ponies seem to be much more durable than humans are. I know that that is partly because of cartoon physics and the Rule of Funny, but think about it: we have seen Twilight get hit in the head with multiple flower pots, several wooden crates, and a grand piano, within the space of a few seconds, and only have some bruises and bandages to show for it. And that's not even counting all the times we've seen Rainbow introduce herself to immovable objects with her face at high velocity. Pony physiology, at the very least, is more forgiving to blunt impact trauma, and Berserker doesn't have any bladed weapons (yet). Second, there's the Prana issue. My understanding of the Berserker class as a whole (and I'll freely admit that I am nowhere near being a Nasuverse expert) is that they have the potential to be even more powerful than a Saber, but have two drawbacks; they're difficult to control, and they run through prana like a hummer goes through gasoline. Fate/Zero Berserker was scary, yes, because of how his abilities worked, but he wasn't the walking terror factory Fate/Stay Night Berserker was, because his master couldn't provide enough prana to turn Lancelot into an unstoppable murder machine. Berserker doesn't have a master right now, so he doesn't have as much mana on hand to work with as he normally would. Using his Noble Phantasms and running around punching Apples in the face is going to burn up what he does have enough that he won't be as big of a threat if the ponies manage to wear him out, especially if they force him to use up more energy on defending himself. Gee, if only there were some pony on hand who we know can produce magical artillery on demand... :twilightblush:
Thank you, I wanted to try to break the mold just a little, so the confirmation that I succeeded is very reassuring to me.


First, all ponies seem to be much more durable than humans are. I know that that is partly because of cartoon physics and the Rule of Funny, but think about it: we have seen Twilight get hit in the head with multiple flower pots, several wooden crates, and a grand piano, within the space of a few seconds, and only have some bruises and bandages to show for it. And that's not even counting all the times we've seen Rainbow introduce herself to immovable objects with her face at high velocity. Pony physiology, at the very least, is more forgiving to blunt impact trauma, and Berserker doesn't have any bladed weapons (yet).

I would argue that most if not all of those are entirely "gag feats" akin to Looney Toons, but you've already at least partially understood that it's very much a cartoon with cartoony lack of defined physics, so I'll just move on from that. Let's see... the biggest blunt trauma feats we have are the Rainbow Dash high speed faceplants and probably something like Twilight getting hit with a piano (even though that last one was a totally 100% undeniable gag feat that even emulated an old Looney Toons gag feat down to the letter). I'm not sure if it was a grand piano or some other kind of upright piano (there are different kinds!) but sure, why not, let's call it a grand piano. But Rainbow Dash comes first.

Okay, so Rainbow Dash is probably like 50 kg (110 lbs) and I'm going to be generous and say she's moving at Mach 2 (even though she only needs to be Mach 1 to fulfill the known requirements for a Sonic Rainboom—no, forget what you've heard about her being Mach 5 or Mach 10 or some bullshit like that, she's Mach 1+ in canon, deal with it okay?), so her total kinetic energy is 11.5 megajoules. That's equivalent to almost 2.8 kg (6 lbs 3 oz) of TNT, enough to pulverize a few large trees before stopping. Okay, so now we come to Twilight's "grand piano", which I'm going to say is about 300 kg (660 lbs) falling at 50 m/s (112 mph), which is a total kinetic energy of 375 kilojoules, or about 9 g (0.3 oz) of TNT, which is... more than you can produce, that's for sure.

Meanwhile, we have Fate/Zero's Berserker, who is 81 kg (179 lbs) without armor. A human arm makes up about 5–6% of the body's weight, or about 4.5 kg (10 lbs) in this case. Berserker can punch things at a speed of somewhere around Mach 20 (...no, I'm not kidding, I'm completely serious, it's that fucking fast, which is ridiculous), which means canon Berserker's freaking jabs (his jabs, not even full force punches) should produce over 104 megajoules, or almost equal to 25 kg (55 lbs) of TNT, which is enough to level your average small house, all while completely unarmed, unarmored, and without using any added force from muscles or magic.

———Yeah, my gut tells me that a single punch to the face from Berserker would brutally insta-gib about anypony. It's just a hunch though, I can't seem to explain why...


If you want Nasuverse combat to make sense, relying blindly on canon descriptions is the worst thing you can do.

...Okay, I swear what I just read was "I don't rely on the text that is attempting to explain the events of the story to explain to me what is going on in the story, and instead prefer to just ignore it and substitute my own version because I don't like the original, you should do the same thing and ignore the actual story."

Exactly. Nasuverse combat contradicts everything else in Nasuverse severely. If you want consistency, you are going to disregard one or the other. Obviously I choose to disregard one where Nasu wanks about his awesome Servants without thinking how being that awesome will actually affect combat.
Only explanation of ponies being more durable than in real life is magic. There is a lot of it in their bodies, not big stretch to assume it passively makes them more robust. However, it doesn't matter for Berserker. He is a trained killer. The moment he sees the skull of first pony he punched not shattering in pieces, he will change tactics. Next pony's neck will be twisted with enough strength to make sure it snapped. Or he will hold their head and beat it with his knee until there's nothing but bloody pulp. There are many ways to ensure your opponent is dead, and Lancelot knows them, he dealt with enemies stronger than they appear in life.
You need to either hand Berserker idiot ball of epic scale, or make ponies unbelievably durable (to the point of making Heracles seem fragile) for Apples to survive him without immediate help from Twilight. He is a killing machine and he dealt with magic in life, sentient magic ponies are not an Out of Context Problem for him, merely something a bit out of ordinary.

In short: you didn't actually read the story fully.


Is falling to insults your basic discussion mode with anyone who disagrees with you? Both your comments directed at me were like that, without even trying to reason.

I've never directly insulted you. If you're insulted by what I've written, that's a problem with you, not me.

You've decided to ignore the elements of the story that explain things to you simply because you dislike them. I have no sympathy for such an ignorant attitude.

4122146 4121209
Again, valid points. You've definitely given me a lot to think about for my next chapter (which I already have an outline for, huzzah), and I'm going to try to take all of that into account. I do have a few rebuttals, however, that I would like to make now.
1: Berserker's self restraint. Yes, I know that's an oxymoron. However, in canon, we see that even when Mad Enhancement is active, a Berserker's actions are influenced by their base personality. Lancelot goes chasing after Saber every chance he gets because of how his guilt and shame over betraying her has been twisted into an intense hatred of her, and Hercules looks after Ilya as though she were his daughter, not just his master (or at least, that's my interpretation of their relationship. Opposing views are welcome.). So Berserkers are influenced by what decisions they might make when able to think rationally. In this case, that is not going to be enough to completely prevent Berserker from destroying everything. It might, however, be just enough that he will hold back his punches just enough to not murder things instantly. Hospitalize, yes, brutalize, yes, maim, possibly, but the brony trapped inside the suit isn't going to want to kill anypony. Flandre, while you are correct that Berserker knows how to deal with stronger/magical opponents, this isn't technically Berserker. He's not a trained killing machine who has slaughtered entire castles of armed knights, he's a relatively ordinary otaku/brony who has Berseker's skills and weapons, and who has probably only killed flies and the occasional other kind of bug up to this point. He has the skill to kill someone 27 different ways with just a stick and his bare hands, but he doesn't have the killer instinct needed to use those skills on another sentient being, let alone one who he is a fan of. However, mad enhancement, so we'll see.
2: Human/Pony comparisons. A fairly common theme running through the Fate series is the idea that humans used to be a lot tougher and more dangerous than they are today, due to the fact that magic and stuff like that was more widespread during the Age of the Gods. However, Equestria is still very much in the middle of its own Age of the Goddesses. Part of this shows up in the inherent magic that all ponies possess (telekinesis, weather manipulation, growing plants), but it also shows up in a few other ways. Twilight casts spells on a whim (turning frogs into oranges, turning a some leaves and a rock into a suit and top hat, smashing a hole the size of my damn room in the sides of the crystal caverns) that I doubt any Nasuverse magi could cast without a lot of preparation,and set up, except for some of the Magicians (I'm looking at you, Zeltrech). What's more, Dash can break the sound barrier, and perform sharp 90 degree turns while still moving past the speed of sound. I just pulled up this which assures me that this means that Rainbow Dash is capable of surviving 1,670 g. As she was also carrying Rarity, and seeing as how Unicorns are usually depicted (in fanon, at least) as the most physically frail of pony races, I think it is safe to conclude that its not just pegasi that have this crazy immunity to g-force. For comparision, the record for human g-force tolerance was set by a guy named John Stapp on a rocket sled in 1954, when he underwent a peak g-force of 46.2 g. He survived, and lived to the age of 89, actually, but his vision was permanently damaged. My conclusion is that ponies, either biologically or through the inherent magic that they possess, are much more durable than humans. That is not to say that there won't be blood, though. Not to spoil anything, but at least one pony has gotten impaled in the course of the next chapter's outline so far. There just won't be gallons of it.


What's more, Dash can break the sound barrier, and perform sharp 90 degree turns while still moving past the speed of sound.

Actually, by that point, she was only traveling at little more than twice as fast as the ponies falling due to gravity, so more like a fraction of the speed of sound (check the scene out, I am not making this up)... unless we're assuming that the ponies were falling at nearly half the speed of sound for irrational reasons. Now, while it is possible to reach Mach speeds in freefall, this requires one fall from a truly massive height—far far FAR above the two to three kilometers altitude of Cumulus-genus type clouds seen in these scenes. From that altitude, the ponies' terminal velocity should be 120–140 km/h (75–87 mph) at best, so Rainbow would only be traveling at 270–315 km/h (169–196 mph), which is Mach 0.22–0.26—certainly nowhere near supersonic speed.

The best thing about this evidence is that it's not really logically refutable, since she's quite clearly shown to be only flying 2–2.5 times faster than the ponies falling in those scenes, and arguing that the ponies must have been falling at Mach 0.5 is simply ludicrous, I'm sure we can both agree. So, at this point in her flying career Rainbow is apparently not able to maintain this speed for more than a fraction of a second—a Sonic Rainboom seems more like a very brief burst of speed to get her closer to her target than sustained supersonic flight. Which makes some sense seeing as how she hasn't mastered the ability whatsoever and pretty much pulled it off out of desperation.

Well, let's assume we're having civil discussion. To the point:
I say Nasu often starts to spout complete and utter bullshit during his fight scenes in attempts to make characters seem more awesome. Said bullshit contradicts others things Nasu says, physical laws and simple logic. Trying to invent excuses for it to be a part of Nasuverse makes things unnecessarily difficult, while dismissing it loses nothing.
Main example of said bullshit is supersonic Servants, which means they react and move dozens of times faster than normal humans, while their strength and durability is beyond any realistic measure.
Let's assume Servants are supersonic.
1. We know magi under reinforcement are fast enough to react to Servant attacking them and keep track of their fights. (Possibly even not under reinforcement, though I don't think I can find quotes of that immediately.) That means they're at least in the same ballpark, even if somewhat slower.
2. When you're several times faster than someone, 99% of times that means they're not a threat to you. They move in slow motion to you, you can evade easily, as well as take your time to make your attack perfectly.
3. Which means everything that is a threat to magi is supersonic too with few rare exceptions. Dead Apostles are explicitly said to be supersonic as well afaik.
4. If everything supernatural is supersonic and moves at roughly same speeds, then what's the point to make them supersonic in the first place? It's not like normals were a threat to Servants or DAs to begin with, right? (Unless Medea uses reinforcement on them.)
When you're obscenely strong, fast and durable, surroundings interact with you differently. When jumping somewhere you have to calculate carefully to not plow right through your landing. When running somewhere you have to account for cohesion with surface to avoid sliding like these cars in F1 in sharp turns. When hitting someone you have to do it without flying away from them.
Making Servants supersonic serves no purpose aside from overcomplicating things. Treating them like humans (which in Nasuverse includes people like Bazett, Kirei, both Shiki, Aoko) is much more logical and simple. Most of them were humans originally after all, and if we don't involve Alaya overpowering them many times for unclear reasons, they should stay about as powerful as they were in life.

It's your call about personality of Brony vs personality of Lancelot. If you only give Brony skills and muscle memory of the latter but not much else, then sure, him being rather tame even under Mad Enhancement is possible. Just please don't forget to emphasize than ponies don't die not because he's incapable of killing them but because he does his best to restrain his impulses and because he doesn't have a habit of ensuring everything he attacks dies and stays dead.


I say Nasu often starts to spout complete and utter bullshit during his fight scenes in attempts to make characters seem more awesome. Said bullshit contradicts others things Nasu says, physical laws and simple logic.

And this here is why I said you didn't actually read the story, and don't know the actual lore.

It seems that until you actually research these things in depth instead of just dismissing them, arguing with you about them would be as entertaining as pulling teeth, so... yeah fuck that I have more important things to do.

I say Nasu contradicts himself, provide examples (none of which you refuted), provide my reasoning. You say Nasu doesn't contradict himself and it's All There in the Manual, I'm just not attentive enough. It's entirely possible, sure, but your argument is not very convincing.
If you don't want to discuss this, just say so without implying in every comment that I'm incompetent. If you don't want to waste time finding relevant quotes, you can tell your reasoning in simple words and tell where you think I can find these quotes myself. Maybe I'll research this more thoroughly later and you turn out to be right.

Good point about the timing of the fall, I hadn't really thought about that. I will concede that it's likely Dash only went supersonic momentarily to catch up with the others, so I'll retract my point about the 1,670 g turn.

Yeah, it's funny what happens when you apply to math without properly applying logic first. For example, that guy's ridiculous acceleration calculation.
Also, there is this, which assumes a pony length of 2 meters.
Using this logic, in order to for Rainbow Dash to be moving at ~340 meters per second in any of these scenes, she would need to be at least 8.4 meters (27 feet 7 inches) long snout to tail, which is about the same as the length of a London Routemaster bus.
———I think we can both agree this is just a little bit absurd an assumption to make.

So, using the 60 meters per second estimate as her speed during the turn resulted in a g-force of 52.6 instead of the original 1667.2; which, while is still superhuman, is 31.7 times less than the initial assumption. It's also only 14% higher than the peak g-force "record" of 46.2 you mentioned earlier. However, the highest g-forces survived by humans are actually around 100, suffered in high-speed (~100 km/h, ~65 mph) automobile crashes. The actual highest recorded g-force ever survived was 214, while 46.2 is the maximum acceleration a human has survived on a rocket sled. Hell, a parachutist routinely experiences g-forces of around 33 during the opening of his or her parachute. Physical damage in humans (and other large animals), like broken capillaries, occurs at g-forces higher than 18, but the damage would be relatively minor; serious injury or death in humans is likely to occur at g-forces higher than 50, but as I stated humans can survive such acceleration. So in this scenario, Rainbow Dash would only be slightly superhuman, since she'd only have accelerated that much over a short time period of less than a second.

I'm going to choose to concede defeat here, as I don't want any more math thrown into my face today. :twilightblush: I never claimed that ponies had durability on the same scale as Servants, but, as you yourself stated, I think we can all agree that they are "slightly superhuman."

By the way, feel free to call on me if you have questions related to Nausverse or physics stuff.

Arondight deals extra damage against dragons and those with the attributes of a dragon.

Well, the dragonborn is fucked if they get into a fight with the Berserker

4219940 that picture is funny as hell. Seriously though, you're a genius for this fic

It's ironic that you say that, because the original title of this fic was "Equestria's Black Knight," until about a week before I published it when I saw another "costumed human in Equestria" fic called "The Black Knight." Darn you, Zaralann. That one is also a Fate crossover, so apparently there's some kind of jinx on Fate/MLP crossovers. That, or there's also that saying about great minds thinking alike.
Alright, here's one for you: what exactly does a Servant's mana rating mean? My interpretation of it, based on the short snippet on the wiki, is that it shows roughly how much prana a Servant has to use for themselves before they have to start drawing on their master's prana, but I've also heard that it relates to how much prana their master is providing them with, or is it something else?

As far as I can tell, it's a basic capacity rating. It seems to be influenced by a variety of factors, including the magical strength of the Heroic Spirit (how magically-inclined they were in life and legends), the magic potential of the Master, compatibility with the Master, whether or not they have divine blood (demigods with strong divine heritage may have higher MGI), etc. The approximate formula for determining the value in Servants is "30×MGI = prana count".
• "E" is ~300 units
• "D" is ~600 units
• "C" is ~900 units
• "B" is ~1200 units
• "A" is ~1500 units
• "A+" is up to ~3000 units
• "A++" is up to ~4500 units

Thanks! Here, have a new chapter as a thank you gift.

This is pretty amusing, and I am really looking forward to finding out what Berserker does to ponyville.

So wait the brezerker is the good guy? I'm confused.

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