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When Twilight Sparkle set out that fateful day before the Summer Sun Celebration to defeat Nightmare Moon and save Equestria, she thought that at worst she would have to deal with a mad pony goddess of the moon, but with the aid of Princess Celestia, she would surely over come that. She wasn't expecting there to be two bipedal monsters running around and sowing chaos in their wake.
Likewise, two certain cosplayers weren't expecting to be eaten by wormholes, and then spat out into Equestria. Thankfully, one is a brony, so he should be able to keep his pony-hating counterpart in check, right?
Well, he would. If only he hadn't decided to cosplay as a Berserker...

Crossover between MLP:FiM, Fate/Zero, and Warhammer 40,000.
Inspired by Malideus; Son of Invention; Of Blood, Skulls, and Friendship; and all of the other "superpowered human villain in Equestria" stories that are making the rounds right now. This is just my contribution to the bandwagon, so I encourage you to leave a review and tell me what you did or didn't like, but I will warn you up front, updates will likely not be on a regular basis. Let us not worry about that for now, though, and let us instead move on to the actual story, so just click that button there for the first chapter, and 'Allons-y!'
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So, I'm in "Equestria," and normally, I would be okay with this. But, I have no idea how to get home, and worse, I seem to be shifted over to random "Equestrias" at seemingly random intervals. And these alternate worlds I'm doomed to wander? They're the worlds of fanfictions.
So, in short, this is the story of me and my wits against the imaginations of the community of my fellow bronies.
I'm screwed.
So I heard you like pony fanfictions...
Rated Teen for some violence, language, and some possible adult themes later on.
If you have a fic, or want to suggest a fic to send my poor, suffering OC to, I'm open to suggestions. I do have a general story line I want to follow, so don't be too upset if I don't include your suggestions.
On a related note, there are some fics that I flat out will not do, which can be summed up as "Clop or Cupcakes," meaning that I won't do a fic that has clop in it, or gratuitous gore for the sake of gratuitous gore. I may reference some grimdark fics, but that's it.
I will always try to ask permission before using your fic. If you see I've used your fic without having asked you first, that means I wasn't able to figure out a good way to contact you, and I apologise.
Also, I would appreciate it greatly if you would agree to look over my stuff before I publish it, to ensure I don't mangle your story too badly.

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