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Maximum Ride and the motley crew of mutant birdkids have been through a lot. From rescuing the youngest of the group from the hellhole where they were created, to a flight for their lives across the country, even going to Germany to put the CEO of Itex, a polluting mega corporation, behind bars. Surely they deserve some downtime, don't you think? Nope.

This story takes place between books 3 and 4 of the series.

(I do not own the ponies, Maximum Ride, or any members of the flock. Those are copyright of Hasbro, Inc. and James Patterson, respectively. Legal stuff, legal stuff, blah, blah. Look, if I was trying to claim ownership of these characters I wouldn't label it a crossover, now would I?)

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Tears of joy, man.
Tears of joy.

From the ashes of despair it is resurrected anew!

This is looking much better than your original, that's for sure. You're adding in far more detail, and you've reduced your grammatical mistakes by a lot. You've come a long way, young padawan.

What's with that name, anyway? he wondered, idly tracking the insect with his eyes. It's not as if they look anything like us.

Saphira? How many times do I have to tell you not to invade other Dragon's minds?

YEY, you make sound like James Patterson wrote this himself.

flying threw trees, like a boss. fighting flyboys, like a boss. meeting ponies, like a......wait what..................

(my message is at the bottom of this)

"Anyway, for the first couple years of our lives, we were tortured by countless experiments that had absolutely no regard for our personal safety. For example, Iggy here had the best eyes of all of us, until the whitecoats decided to give him night vision. He can't see anything, now. Darn."
The ponies gasped at that, but I wasn't even close to finished.
"Anyway, despite all this, there was one whitecoat that cared about us, one who knew what the others were doing was wrong, one who decided to do something about it. His name was Jeb." I clenched my fists and felt tears threaten to fall at the thought of our father figure. "He smuggled us out of the School and took us to a safe place. He raised us and taught us to read, to write, to fight, to survive, to live. Those few years were the happiest of our lives. Then, one day, Jeb disappeared."
I could hear the ponies sniffing, but if I looked at them I doubted I could keep my own tears in. I hated this. I hated not being in control of my emotions. I had cried more in the last year than I had in the entirety of my life.
"I was unofficially in charge of the flock for a while, until the School found us again. They didn't take too kindly to our escape, and they kidnapped Angel. When we took her back, we found out that Jeb hadn't died, but had betrayed us. He was working with the whitecoats and torturing Angel. Since then, we've been on the run from the agents of the School, unable to stay in one place for very long, trying to learn anything about our pasts.

wow.....they never really explained their story (long or short) to anyone, but.......... i feel this IS how they would say it. (minus it the stopping to listen for pony exspression.)

Oh boy *takes off sunglasses*
Shit just got serious...

*snickers* Absolutely hilarious. *giggle* Excuse me a sec *snort* I need to go breath.

If Gazzy was female and not disgusting, he'd basically be Angel.

that's disturbing

Well. Shit's getting serious.:rainbowdetermined2:

truthfully, i just found this fic today.
its a good fic, no doubt about that

Mostly because I usually forget about comments in my rush to read something else or fall asleep due to extreme fatigue...

A couple times if I see something especially bad or very good, I'll leave a comment, or some reference that I seem to be the only one to get, but other than that, usual I just forget.

thanks. I appreciate it.

I loved the maximum ride series! So awesome!:rainbowdetermined2: I cannot wait to read this!

Have to say, I am loving this so far, can't wait for the next update

All of my yes, please let the spetacular-ness of this continue.

Decent enough chapter, can't wait to see where it goes from here.

It wasn't quite the work of Sun Tzu, but I ha pulled through worse situations with much less of a plan.


Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out!

Sorry about not commenting! I don't usually comment on stuff, so don't take it personally :twilightsmile:

On the matter of the fic itself, I personally love it. The Maximum Ride series is one of my favorite of all time and in my opinion you have captured it's style very well. I think I found the fic when it was about 3 chapters in pre-rewrites, and I have loved it since. Keep up the great work!

Hmm, should be interesting to see what happens when Carpenter finds out that Nightmare can't control the sun and moon.

I really hate to do this to you, but...

where to find the NIghtmare and by proxy,

"Crickets chirped.

"You're right, FLuttershy.

The Castle of the Royal Pony SIsters.

Now that that unpleasantness is out of the way...
Good chapter! I liked how leaned on/broke the fourth wall now and then in this one. Keep up the good work!

Eh the fourth wall break was a little heavy handed, but overall a good chapter. And don't worry about glacial speed writing. I know it's tendencies far to well to judge others on it.

Shit! I knew editing this late would bite me in the ass. Thanks. It should be fixed now.

Yeah. It made me chuckle writing it, but it probably wasn't the best move in the long run.

Wow, Shining is Dangerously Genre Savvy.

...max can fly over the speed of light

:unsuresweetie: i see somthing weird

Somewhere in the Everfree, blissfully unaware of the ongoing crisis, Zecora sneezed.


As soon as I saw this fic I was like :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

"Oh come on!" Nudge cried as loudly as she dared. "What are they basing this off of, a bad fanfiction?!

Dude, did you just call yourself out?

Someone made a crossover for maximum ride? :heart:

Who said anything about stealth?

And the plan goes down in flames🔥

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