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When Nightmare Moon scatters the Elements to hidden temples across Equestria the mane six enlist the help of the Hero of Time to retrieve them.

Co-Author ZeroChill

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1/2 of the intro was from Majora's Mask.:pinkiegasp:

Did you know that in Majora's Mask, Link is supposedly dead?

3753374 I heard that rumor but I disagree with it though, it never explains how he died

Yeah, you probably heard it from Game Theory. Actually, it does explain how he died. He became a stalfos from staying in the lost woods too long, hence his appearance in Twilight Princess. It's a cool theory, but... I'm a bit skeptical of it as well. I think it's more symbolic than literal.

I believe that he died turned and into a stalfos after Majora's Mask because he ends up back in the woods continuing his search for Navi in the end.

3752909 Yeah because It's takes place after Majora's Mask.

"Prologle" is supposed to be a joke?

That was the first thing I noticed about the Hero`s Shade.

I just realized my redundancy in my writing. I described bulk twice in Fluttershy's first paragraph :facehoof:

3767668 Want me to get rid of the second bulk for you?


Replace the first bulk with something else that's more fitting without being redundant.

I like this. This is good.

3781244 Thank you. Glad you like it.:twilightsmile:

3754883 Oh, OK. For a second, I thought this might be a sequel to that other Zelda fic that used MM's intro.

Bearer is supposed to be barrier, right?

3785969 yeah autocorrect is a bitch.

In the second paragraph, its sounds as if the stolen gift was given to him by the same friend that he is searching for.

While I know that is not the case, for anyone else who hasn't play OoT or MM that would be what it seems like.

Your temple really feels like a Zelda dungeon. Good work!


We aim to please. Just wait until you see what the next chapter has in store.

Well done on the Forest Temple, I hope you have Rainbow's Element in the Fire Temple (I've never played Twilight Princess, so I'm assuming theres a Fire Temple like in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks)

If you wouldn't mind centering and italicizing the first line of the chapter? It's purpose there is to open the chapter, and it just feels weird seeing it like every line.

Well then, make AJ's temple Fire Temple!
Also good job setting up the temple, and also with Zecora.

3801699 Oh right!:derpytongue2: I'll get right on that.

ooo new items this makes the story a lot more interesting! :pinkiehappy:
And he still has the Deku mask witch means he still has the Zora, and, Goron masks i assume?
Also great job describing the layout of the temple it feels like im playing a brand new zelda game as i read! :pinkiehappy:
what would make the experience more intriguing is if you put a link to mini boss music when Link starts fighting Flaumig then convert it back too normal afterwards

Whoever wrote this THANK YOU I love Zelda games and you made the good parts of the games in a fan fiction

3754674 Actually Link doesn't become a stalfos. The Lost Woods treat him as they would a kokiri. They don't affect him.

Link does eventually die, probably of old age. It's the Triforce of Power that grants Immortality, and Ganon has that. The Triforce of Courage boots your stats.

All the Links after OOT are the same soul, reincarnated lots of times without his previous memories. That's why they all have the Triforce of Courage. Because it's bonded to the soul, not to the body and therefore it reincarnates him.

Zelda is the same Zelda's soul from OOT, just getting reincarnated like Link.

This cycle will go on until Ganon is defeated(killed) for good, then they will finally be allowed to rest without getting called back.

As for the Link from OOT...

I prefer to think he settled down with Malon, had kids, and eventually died of old age after he lived a good life.

4288553 There is a little problem with your theory

Its confirmed that the Hero's Spirit that teaches the Link in Twilight Princess was in fact the Link from OOT and Majora's Mask

4301322 In one timeline maybe, but there are others and infinite possibilities where anything can play out and therefore my theory is true... somewhere.

Why no new chapter Me want NOW

No problem. That all happens to us. Now, I shall be writing the next chapter with the information given.

Comment posted by sonicfan21 deleted Jun 20th, 2014

You might want to fix up the link with the boss title at the intro. My fault there.

mad decu scrubs for the win

So, since he still has his masks... no Fierce Deity action?:fluttershysad:

Hey, look, more dungeons.:ajsleepy:
On the bright side, no Water Temple!:yay:

4801911 Well it wouldn't be a Zelda crossover If I didn't have them solving puzzles and looking for keys.:moustache:

...So Zecora's this world's equivalent of Sheik?

4802130 Yes that should have been made obvious in chapter 3 when she introduced herself as the last of the Kivuli.

4807067 He can in my story to make it more interesting and help move the plot along.

I am noticing a very common thread here. This reminds me of L.O.Z. Windwaker where link takes one of the sages reincarnations into the temple to help him to solve the Current Temple. So I must ask which L.O.Z. storyline are you using WindWaker Or Twilight Princess Or a mixture of both with just a hint of O.O.T:rainbowhuh:

This is turning into a great story I eagerly await your next chapters and I can't wait to see who Link's next partner is going to be. Can you give me a hint?:twilightsmile:

4868954 It takes place in the child era timeline (so Twilight Princess) after Majora's Mask but I'm putting in elements from all the games.

4887257 Awesome I look forward to read more:twilightsmile:

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