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Dimensional traveller, Guardian of Air, all around good guy.

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Trotten Tyranitars Draft Picks!

Come support the Trotten Tyranitars on Pokemon Showdown during the first ever Harmony Championship League!


What... What Happened? · 4:05am Sep 17th, 2015

Sigh... I don't know where to start. What happened to this place? To this fandom? I know it wasn't perfect; no fandom is. But this place, it seemed so bright and cheerful, so full of love and comedy...

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Allo, comrade.

We will be good friends, yes? :rainbowwild:

Follow for a follow, good friend?

1781984 Amy and Emily are OCs, Amy is my girlfriend and Emily's my adopted sister.
Nowi is from Fire Emblem Awakening.
Oichi is from Pokemon Conquest.
Namine is from Kingdom Hearts.
Blaze is from Sonic.
You already know where Twilight is from.
Sinon is from SAO.


1781973 Ah. Mind if I have the names of them? Just for curiosity reasons.

--SYA, The Horse

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