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Tyler, Amy, and Emily were three regular trainers dragged into the third battle against the evil group Cipher and their Shadow Pokemon. And they were able to defeat them... At a high price. With one of his Pokemon partially corrupted by a new type of Shadow Energy, and the sting of betrayal fresh on his mind, Tyler wasn't in the greatest of positions. And then Arceus decided to enact a mass exodus... Now in an unknown world and an unknown body, they must learn to live with these ponies and find a cure to the shadows within.

Side story to zeusdemigod131's A New World, A New Way. This story will be using concepts and characters from Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, including Wes, Rui, Michael, Shadow Pokemon, Cipher, and Snag Machines. Links here and here.

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Sombra has resurrected Zenoheld, Magmel, and Wiseman to help in his revenge. As they go on the attack, Celestia decides to even the odds and summon great heroes. those great heroes are the one and only Bakugan Battle Brawlers! Join Dan, Shun, Marucho, and all their friends for a battle you will never forget!
But all is not as it seems in this peaceful world. Especially with two shadowy figures watching the Brawlers. Who are these two, and how do they know about Equestria? All will be revealed, in time...

Chapters (3)
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