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steel soul

Gonna work on that Kingdom Hearts fic at some point

Badguy In Equestria

Amazing Fanart made by Droll3


"Steel" here...Hehe...Jokes...Heheh...I made one. · 8:58pm Jul 28th, 2016

So yeah I'm still here mind you all. Just a random update of random stuff.

So for Kingdom Hearts of Harmony, I have the first part already down, only two more to go.

Also I am working on a side story for my main man Riku and his part to play with the Changeling queen, dealing with thier part in the Kingdom Hearts of Harmony story.

Guess that's all for now. Later peeps

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Thanks for faving Another Chance Beyond the Door.

Haha, it's mostly a coincidence

But a happy one none the less

Thank you for ALSO adding my first CYOA story Rainbow Maid to your favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :rainbowwild:

Three stories so far, I'm beginning to think you like me. :rainbowlaugh:

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