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I've been writing for about 15 years now, and if there's one thing I want, it's to whisk my readers away into another world, where they can lose themselves in the fantasy.


Chapter 9 has been rewritten! · 10:13pm Feb 25th, 2018

Like before, please don't read below if you don't want to see the potential spoilers that may follow in the below change list.

The Changelist:

-I readded the scene with Pinkie, but this time it went much differently. Still not quite sure why I had her leap on him before in the original...but whatever.

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The rewrites change quite a lot of stuff, I get that it might be too late, but you CAN find the old version in full on ff.net.

Question; I'm just starting Tales of the Oppressed and have gotten through all of the rewritten chapters. Should I continue? Is the story going to stay the same, just with better writing, or will the old story line be remade entirely, and would me going through the old ones would be a waste of time?

So....... how’s the rewrite going?

I just started reading Tales of the Oppressed for the first time, and I have to say that the rewrites are appreciated. The story so far is detailed, well written and enjoyable (aside from the main character being an asshole, but I look forward to seeing that change). People who've already read the story may not want to reread an improved chapter; but for new readers like myself, the improved writing style really helps to get us hooked. Thank you.

you probably get this a lot and i feel like i should have said this a lot earlier considering iv read your story multiple times but your story is so awesome, everything down to the last detail of interactions and emotions between characters, they truly feel like the characters from the show i just love it so much and i hate to admit it cause i feel weak but ever since i got off the mountain, off the streets.... this story was like a light shining in the darkness for me for along time.

last time i was on here you had just started wilting flower and now i see new rewritten chapters which im totally going to read over the next few weeks, though im just going to put it out there that id totally die for a sequel story featuring Seth, RD and the others, maybe more human secrets to discover, i dont know how well that'd work cause im not up to date. anyhow im looking forward to catching up and again thank you Terran for great storytelling.

  • Viewing 46 - 50 of 50
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