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I have seen far too many fics that have the ponies being evil monsters, whether it is to humans or the other races of the world. I feel that those fics run counter to the series and to what the ponies are truly are. Yes they may be cautious, as we saw in Bridle Gossip, but outright malicious? No, and their leaders certainly will not act that way as well. So I commission all of you find those fics that show the ponies being who they truly are, that show that Friendship is the Right of All Sentient Beings.

Please not that this isn't an anti-group, this is a counter-group, as in we run counter to the other side.

I welcome you all to this group, and thank you for joining. Also I wish to ask that when you add a story to the group that isn't yours please leave a comment on that story about you adding the story to the group. This is A) Thanking the writer for writing the story, B) Spreading the word of the group.

-Celestia's Paladin

PS: Make sure to add the fic to the correct folder, Mature rated fics go in the one labeled Mature.

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Nobles would still treat Humans like wild animals regardless of how developed we are.
Even if we traveled the stars they would think us lesser beings.

The ponies of this franchise aren't malicious, just cowardly. They seem more like the type to cover their asses and run, rather than attack out of fear where possible(with very few circumstantial exceptions), and if they found less developed versions of humans(or any other species), they would likely treat them like pets/wild animals to be avoided(if hostile).

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Kinda dead this group....
Hmmm...Someone should start a new thread or something.

That it does, Gefreiter.

This group needs a icon.

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