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I've been writing for about 15 years now, and if there's one thing I want, it's to whisk my readers away into another world, where they can lose themselves in the fantasy.


This story is a sequel to Tales of the Oppressed

A prequel/sequel to Tales of the Oppressed. (Yes, it's somehow both. Time travel is screwy)

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Equestrian Allied Forces, Sombra has been defeated. The country of Equestria once again returns to the peaceful state it used to be. Seth Rogers and Rainbow Dash, the couple brought together as a result of the grueling war, finally fulfill their promise to one another and depart on their cross-country flight.

But what of Amaryllis, the one girl who served as an emotional anchor for Seth? According to Seth's perception of the timeline, she should have been able to live out her life in peace. However, Seth and Rainbow make a discovery that suggests that this might not have been the case...

This is a mostly human-centric story focusing upon Amaryllis, with the intent of expanding and clarifying the universe established in Tales of the Oppressed. While my intent is to make it understandable even to new readers, it is recommended that Tales of the Oppressed be read first.

Edited by Schadenponi and ScootalooFTW

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So excited for this story!

Oh boy the ride never ends c:

Still no sex tag, eh?

Alright, fine. But I expect epic action scenes!

Yes Rainbow and seth are back! though.. even if its only to open the new book. I cant wait to read it, I have know what happened to Amayrillis! Im looking forward to the next chapter!

Once more unto the breach!


Actually not a fan of that series, so I haven't played any apart from a few minutes of Fallout 3. No, bunkers have been a common theme in literature for a long time. I've just drawn from that. :twilightsmile:

So... this is going to be amarylisses story?

That sucks.

Be nice!

I have a feeling its going to be more than that.

Unfazed (I need to find better names for you guys) is probably right, so shut up anger.

Make me.

Ill sic joy on you

...you wouldn't.

Try me


This story is a sequel to Tales of the Oppressed

This makes me so glad I just finished Tales of the Oppressed

(FANGAMS OF DEATH):pinkiegasp:

YES!!! a sequel.:pinkiehappy:

(throw everything i was doing on the ground)

Fuck this figurine made out of pasta.its time to read:pinkiecrazy:

Hey, good to see you back in action, Terran. One chapter in and it already has my attention.

If I see the whole chapter quoted as "commentary" in the comment section with just the person's input between the sections, I will kick a puppy!

Heya Terran. :3
Leaves me to think what the heck happened after Sethie was magicked away into the future.
I hope Seth will contact White Opal on this discovery.

Oh, I finally sound a green bladed sword and a green magic bow with arrows on the
Second Life marketplace. >:D


Marketplace....Glycer? :pinkiegasp:

Yes! New story. So happy I'm shaking.

Awesome! I've been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Tales of the Oppressed since you posted it's epic finale two months ago.

While it will be depressing to see what Amaryllis went through before her death in the war against Sombra. The bright side will be seeing how the knowledge of her life during the war will strengthen the bond between Seth and Rainbow.

*Reads chapter*


Oh wait, scratch that i read some of the comments below.

Hmm, i think i'm going to put this in my favorites so i can track it better, and based on the previous story i'm sure it will stay there.

Wow, I'm a little late to the party... Oh well, better late than never. This is going straight into 4 of my 6 bookshelves. One of those is dedicated to stories by Terran.

Where will you be when the world ends?
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ack, need more already


I'm working on it. Coming slowly though :raritydespair:

Damn. I'm glad this is back. I could literally FEEL the oppressiveness in the air, as if I was in the campus itself. Great job, Terran! Can't wait for the next chapter!

YES! I'm so excited that this series is back! I LOVE IT!

Right now, I can't really think of a way to imagine Sombra (no fault of your own, you're providing everything I need, I'm just having issues actually making the mental image), so right now I'm kinda trying to make it like Demise from LoZ:SS but with dark hair and red eyes.

Anyways, again, I'm so fucking happy that this is back. It's my favorite story series right now!

I enjoyed the entirety of the tales of the oppressed greatly, I just hope this turns out just as good. great so far, can't wait for this to continue. :pinkiehappy:

Heart pounding the entire chapter.

On a minor note, lots of lingering subject-verb and tense agreement issues threw me off at times.

Go figure i find this right after ranting and begging for a sequel... But... I still don't want to finish the first part.... yet... I hate endings...

And so, the wait for the next chapter begins once more...

So... Wait. After this, is the Tales of the Oppressed series done? Like, we don't get another story with Seth or anyone in this universe? Cause if so, I get it if you want to cut the story, it's huge right now, move on to other projects and shit. But if not, how in the hell are you gonna come up with more condlict? Go the classic route and follow the story, adding your own twists in there, or what? Just curious.


Oh no, there's more. I still have two side stories planned, besides this one. I have Bird of Prey planned (which is Hawke's backstory, and also delves into Sombra and his generals) and Land of Storms (which is Bleak Island's history, focusing on Iron and Salamul). I won't continue much further with Seth's story though, else I fall into the trap of just throwing him against other villains in the series without any real development.

Other than that, I don't know. Might get struck with more inspiration or not. I definitely plan to rewrite a few chapters in Tales of the Oppressed.

"fall into the trap of just throwing him against other villains in the series without any real development"
Yep. Sadly enough, some writers keep trying to go on. They try pulling a DOaMM, but instead get an On My Honor.
No one starts with a plotline intended to be read over a literal lifetime.

Great chapter by the way. I can practically feel the star that is her emotions. Grand, fusing, and on fire.

so im just going out on a limb and say somehow Amaryllis goes to equestria or atleast this equestria where she meets rainbow and hava ( hopefully) a cat fight ) where seth will have to choose witch one he will be with

6986730 Unfortunately for that theory, Terran has already stated in a blog post or in one of the earlier chapters that after that final goodbye, Seth and Amaryllis never see each other again. At least, I think he did.


I did. As fun as it would be to see Amaryllis in the world of ponies, that unfortunately doesn't happen. I did state when I suggested this story that Amaryllis would not have a happy ending. But, everyone voted for it, so here I am. That, and I tried EXTREMELY hard to avoid the Rainbow Dash vs Amaryllis thing. :rainbowlaugh:

That being said, don't be discouraged from posting theories. Sometimes I like to take what readers say and entertain little what-if scenarios in my head.

6987150 To use an overused analogy, That would be sort of like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You know what's coming, and that it's going to be horrifying, but for some odd reason, you just can't look away.


Yeah, pretty much. Or like playing Crisis Core. You end up having this magnificent bastard as the main character...


and you're like, yeah, this guy's awesome! I wonder what happens to him in the main game!


....Fuck. :rainbowlaugh:

6987185 Pretty much. Never really got into any of the FF games, but I have heard about most of them. So, ya know, I get the concept of the general things people talk about, but I get lost at the really in depth stuff.


I dabbled a bit.


That's an understatement. I have an old 100k word long fanfiction about all the FF characters sitting over on fanfiction.net. It's dark as hell though, and slightly crap, as that was a while ago before I knew what a pony was. :twilightsheepish:

k just carious since anybody we has already read the first chapter already knows she died in battle . Thats one of the reasons why i cant prequels u already know whats going to happen before u read it

6987198 Like, FiM pony, or actual pony, because if you didn't know what an actual pony was, I will go back in time and educate your past self.


Sorry about that. Spent my life around horses and the like, so I guess you could say I dabbled a bit in that as well. Not as much as my brother, but enough to know that there are more differences between an equine and a bovine than just name and looks.


Durr, what's a hoerse?

Kidding. FIM pony of course. I actually thought they were quadruped worms the first time I saw one. :twilightblush:

6987222 I... You... Fuck this shit. I need a drink.


*comes back with a glass of water*
The fuck did you think I was gonna get? Shitfaced on a Monday? Idiot.
But in all seriousness, when I first saw them, I honestly didn't know how the hell they were supposed to be ponies either.

My thought process at the time: "Where the fuck are their hooves? Why does that one have both wings and a horn? HOW IN THE HOLY FUCK DID THAT ONE BREAK ITS BACK AND WALK OFF LIKE IT WAS NOTHING?!

6987262 Yeah, sorta like that. Their spines, they don't... noooooo...

I theorize that Amarilis collected a hair from RD that was on Seth and she clones ponies.

Well, interesting so far Dashie. Pfffffft. Snrk.
I myself have been playing the first Prototype game for PC.
I bought it on Steam for $19.99
It does have Infected and battling against military people in it also.
This is the best music video for it, in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADvBX-IZl98

I also found Alex Mercer's jacket on amazon. Hehehe. >:D

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