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"'Descent into madness' implies you went unwillingly." College student, stupidly into gaming, voice actor hopeful.


I've had my fair share of critics in my line of work. It's understandable—someone with the power to invoke fear in those he touches? Yeah, that's someone I want to watch over me and my children.

But that's what I am now; a Metahuman Agent, using this and the other 'perks' of my unique condition to help my team in taking down the baddie of the day. Of course, it was while taking down the baddie of the day that I fell victim to his malfunctioning machine; a Rift that tossed me, randomly, to a head-scratchingly insane world of magical, talking ponies...

All I can do now is wait, pray I can get home, and try to show them I'm not the monster I appear to be.

(Dread's homeworld is based somewhat on the Little Victory comics by jollyjack; an Earth where metahumans are enlisted and trained by the government to defend the populace from threats, big and small.)

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Not sure why you are getting so many downvotes. I guess it's because some people take a look at it, and immediately think 'Oh yay, another generic HiE starring a Mary Sue. Downvote.' It is a little slow at getting to the ponies, but since it's building backstory, that doesn't really matter. In fact, it's preferable to just jumping straight into 'OMG PONEIS!'

After about thirty seconds, the Purist’s eyes flickered shut

Nope. Asphyxiation is not as simple as movies and TV make it out to be.

Assuming total oxygen cutoff, no air whatsoever, it takes three minutes to black out, another three for brain death to start, and another three on top of that for brain death to finish. I admit that these times are averages, but thirty seconds is too much of a deviation. I could maybe believe two minutes, if he was clearly panicking and struggling, as that would use up more oxygen. One and half minutes would be a stretch, but if he's really struggling, I would accept it.

On a related note, have you ever heard the rule of threes? "Three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food." It's a general approximation for the average length of time it takes for each of those conditions to kill you. As always, Your Mileage May Vary, although I sincerely hope that you are never in a position to find out.

3843951 *shrugs* Heh, I really wouldn't know; my medical knowledge and experience is... limited, at best.



But seriously, yeah. I want to see JoelXLuna.

What sucks: the amount of dislikes on this fic
What doesn't suck: this fic
What would make this fic even better: if I had a TARDIS and could go into the future to read the whole thing right away
What would make this fic worse: you rushing to get updates done and degrading the quality of the fic

Take your time with updates, we care more about quality than quantity.

This is... interesting.



what appeared to be liquid is actually a mass of damp, microscopic stones, held together by a small but immensely strong magnetic field that shifts to Joel's command,

What you made here seems to be a very powerful Psion. Wouldn't call his abilities on par with a Gary Stu at all. It's not like he can make reality his bitch, is almost indestructible, and immortal or something. *cough*Discord*cough*

I'm wondering why the government didn't involve the Military at some point. I mean, the Purists are getting combat-style armor that can take 7.62 rounds and AK-47's to fire said rounds; That certainly deserves FBI, CIA and Army attention, they're terrorists at this point. US government wouldn't stand for this in their own country, attacking their own citizens.

There will be times where preventing casualties in the present is more important than preventing casualties in the future...

...there were a fair number of times he would ensure the simulated hostage’s safety before clearing out any threats, even though the primary goal of the challenge is to protect the hostages for a given amount of time.

Not liking the Director's view point here. The whole point of sending someone with powers such as his into a hostage situation would be to ensure the safety of the hostages before someone else handles the threats, just as Joel did. Otherwise why send him in?

but in more time-limited challenges—the disarmament of bombs, for example—this could be a very risky prioritization.

Ah, now here is where I agree. Joel – despite his crippling weakness to fire – should be the one disarming bombs. All it would take is removing the detonator pin (or whatever is closest to it) out of the explosive. Even is there is a dead-man's switch he can disable that at the same time, being a blob of atoms held together by magnetism.

(Dread's homeworld is based somewhat on the Little Victory comics by jollyjack; an Earth where metahumans are enlisted and trained by the government to defend the populace from threats, big and small.)

Is that why it/this sounds so much like a crossover?

I wonder what would happen if Joel used his abilities on Sombra...

I honestly did NOT feel this was 10k+ words, and that's a good thing.

...never see it coming,” She said, as if predicting the coming of some dark, ancient god

What. The. HELL?!

This was 10k?! Wow. It certainly didn't feel like it, just blew right through it. Not saying it wasn't done well, just that I was so enthralled with it the whole time. Great chapter.

Also HA! Luna wants to hit him so bad but she can't!:rainbowlaugh:

3860300 Well, the Purists aren't exactly a definite organization; like Cerberus from Mass Effect, they're more of an ideal... A very STUPID ideal, but an ideal nonetheless. I probably could have mentioned this somewhere, but any Purist attacks are either made by individuals or a group of close-minded friends; they don't just go to Craigslist offering the chance to do these things. The point is, the Purists aren't a single organization, but a loose community of xenophobes who go by the same name.

Again, I probably could have discussed this... Probably will, at some point.

I'm not quite sure why you felt the need to make this a pony story other than feeling like you might need that built-in fan base. You've got a decent amount of world building going on completely separate from the MLP universe to drawn on.
That said, I've been enjoying the story and can't wait to see what happens next. Your writing style for both this and your 5x20/4 side story are great. Thanks for making me happy when the favorite star lights up. :)

Damn this is really good so why the hell are there so few views?

Hope to see more soon :pinkiehappy:

This is a fantastic story. its got a great plot (so far) good character design and I have yet to see an errors.
Wonderful job my good fellow, wonderful job.

I have my JoelXLuna, therefore I am happy! Thank you.

Luna slowly placed her hoof on my claw.
I stared at it for a moment.
...DOES NOT COMPUTE. ERROR ERROR ERROR. I suddenly, quickly, withdrew my claw. “UH…” I said… Then I said it a few more times for good measure.
What? Why? How? Does she…? What? I forced myself to focus. Need to think… NEED TO THINK…
“HOLDTHATTHOUGHTBEBACKINASECOND,” I said rapidly, before throwing myself off the balcony, spreading my wings and gliding towards the courtyard; I didn’t even glance at Luna to see her reaction.


Great chapter, loved the 'puppet' part! :rainbowlaugh:

This story is amazing and I wish that it had much more views.

This is one of the few fictions on this site that I have really enjoyed.

I only wish that I could read all of it but I will wait until you have finished the next chapter so that you don't rush.

Anyways have all my upvotes ;)

P.S Don't think you are doing anything wrong, I don't think this story could be any better than it is (this is a good thing)

Even if it was futile and if not made pointless, I gotta give bulwark props for taking a stand...

more please. but dont rush it.

I'm sorry Bulwark, I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

3884860 That! Good sir, is most certainly the best nope gif I have Ever seen. :rainbowlaugh:

You have earned my respect for that. :moustache:

Finally caught up and it seems things are just starting to get interesting.

Think I'll keep a close eye on this one. :derpytongue2:

Very interesting. Why does this facility remind me of the game SCP where they experiment on weird stuff like that.

So Joel or really "Dread" has become an agent. Awesome!


If you do JoelXLuna don't rush it take your time.

Just recently found this fic, and didn't want to spam the pages with a comment on every chapter, but I'm really enjoying it so far. Heis a interesting character who I don't think is Gary Stu at all. I mean all superheroes are well, super. He has a defined weakness that he is just keeping hidden. I think it was a mistake to not at least tell Luna that someone was manipulating pride...that stuff always comes back to bite in the ass.

This is actually one of the best super powered fics I have seen, due to the main protagonist being somewhat under-powered yet very overpowered in other situations, so the mary-sue is avoided. I can see lots of funny jokes stemming from Dread's form as well, which is a plus, and having Dread use his powers on Sombra would be very amusing. Haven't yet read the rest of the story, but so far, this story is awesome.

Now that I have read up to the current chapter, one thing really stands out to me. How much not telling someone that the griffons were corrupted is going to bite him in the butt later. But I can expect a big standoff between Celestia and Luna over Dread, then Dread vs Sombra, so this story has pretty much sky rocketed to being pure awesome. Keep up the good writing please!

Dang, too bad Bulwark is gone. I hope the next chapter is soon.

Oh shit Celestia, you're making a bad move.

Gah I hate things like this, it's written well, and it's no fault of yours but betrayals and well manipulation, always rub me wrong. Still enjoy your story though.

This is good and terrible at the same time, in the sense of good fiction. But the turns the story is taking are making me curse Celestia. The story's good, the situation is terrible.

Hmmm, I wonder what they will think if he is happy to be human again.

I bet joel is happy he doesnt cause nightmares when he hugs someone anymore!

4531890 he never did that in the first place. he controls the power.

4531931 I would have nightmares if an ash monster came up and hugged me! It would remind me of Lost and its shit ending.

yay I can add something new to my list about stuff that I hate Celestia for.

4532287 I gladly join that group. Maybe Tia's horn took too much much of her frontal lobe for it to to work correctly and not notice the other signs of what caused the nightmares to happen. Joel's and Sombra's powers should be noticeably different.

And now... it is time for Celestia to learn precisely why the trial is supposed to come before the execution of the punishment.

Oh Celestia, do you see your mistake?

In other news, I'm hoping they can bind Joel back into the mass. 'Cause otherwise, seems like they're pretty powerless against Sombra.

Well, the good news a somber doesn't know he has a really terrible weakness. Also, is Joel could screw up as him, maybe somber can as well.

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