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Games n' Things · 8:15pm Aug 4th, 2014

Just a bit of a personal blog post here, and it does not pertain to any stories currently on the site.

At the moment, I'm in the midst of setting up a tabletop game based on the Fallout franchise that I will be GMing. The rule set being used is Fallout Pen N Paper V 2.0 which I will post a link to the wiki below. While it is still in its infancy with me making a lot of crunch for it, but I'm also a bit shorthanded on players, hence this post.

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dude are u gonna update your half dragon story?

All I want from Christmass is an update...

Is the story dead, or do you have a massive special of a chapter planned? Or is stuff irl taking priority? Did someone die? Did someone you wanted to die survive? Did you lose inspiration? Did you lose your left sock? Are these questions a little too intrusive into your personal life? Does this bother you? Do I bother you?

You must continue writing brother

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