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It's finally Saturday, and after a long week I have some time to just sit back and play some games with a few of my friends.

It's a weekly thing we have going, every Saturday we pick a game to spend a few hours playing it. This week it's my choice, and I decided on playing the 30th anniversary edition of Rome: Total war. James complained about my choice, but he picked a Mario game last time so he can just deal with it.

I just hope that Mike doesn't try and put his mods in again, considering what happened last time. Well, I doubt that anything can be weirder than the dancing Carthaginians, so I probably don't have all that much to worry about.

Coverart by ohthatandy shamelessly used without permission.

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Tracking with eagerosity~ :pinkiehappy:

My favorite RTS is Age of Empires,or Age of mythology.
Never played total war, but this looks good, just don't forget about your other story.


I don't plan to, this was done mostly on a whim and I'll only really continue it if such a whim happens again, or a large number want me to.

I'm currently about half-way through the next chapter for Black Wings, but whenever I get close to done I'm dissatisfied with it and start over. :facehoof:

Any chance for Age of Empires in this?

:scootangel: :unsuresweetie: :applecry: these three great generals will destroy all of you with one peasant unit. But yay, I likie.

Let the destruction of innocent minds by way of brutal warfare commence... :rainbowwild:

Ah, it's always amusing to do so. Like gutting a rabbit or squirrel in front of young family. It's ALWAYS amusing and worth doing.


Well, I haven't seen this approach before. Looks interesting.

Finally someone make some about these kinds of games!

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