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A letter sits upon a table where it had not just a moment before. A golden glow lifts it as it unfurls in front of the reader.

Let us see here, how to begin?

Well, I suppose the best way to do so is with introductions. I am Prometheus and while I was, as one might say, tied up for quite some time I noticed your world. I have to say it's quite interesting, but unfortunately stagnant as well. So Miss Celestia I, being the patron of progress that I am, have sent someone your way. He is not a creature native to your world, a species I personally have a great deal of interest in, they're ambitious little scamps. I am bestowing a gift upon him as I send him, one he will in time learn to master. It is my hopes he brings progress to your world, but as the past has proven on many an occasion the best intentions can at times have the worst effects. We'll just have to see how it goes won't we.


Ha, not as smart as the bastard thinks he is. I managed to snag the paper from him. So "Miss Celestia" my name is Coal and apparently I'm supposed to stir up some dirt. I'll admit I know just as much as to what is going on as you do, but if he's the Prometheus I'm thinking of, things might be a little more complicated than he'd let us believe. Crap, he's coming back. Ummm... Why did I just waste time writing Ummm?

Winter is coming... I'm disappointed with myself if that's the best I can come up with.

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I must say, this prologue definitely has me interested. Well written and it seems like it should be a fun read. You my friend, have earned yourself a like and a Read Later.

You have my attention. I look forward to more. One thing though, I might be wrong but I think it was ravens that were eating his liver not eagles.

Huh, thought this would be a Skyrim crossover, considering the title. It's the same as one line in the Song of the Dragonborn.

Thanks for the comments and favorites everyone, I hope I won't disappoint.

I'm already working on the first chapter, "Falling into a Mare's Bed... Kinky."


As for the Eagle eating Prometheus' liver there is a bit of controversy over what kind of bird actually did the liver nommin' I just felt the eagle was more appropriate seeing as it's considered the emblem of Zeus an Zeus was the one who set the punishment up in the first place.

>dat pic
so, Alucard wears black and have a dragon wings now?

after read edit: so far so good, you might want to add some more "f"s to the fuuuu and also fix the [ I know I'm what quit ] in the beginning.

Thank you!.... This is going to be so much fun to read.... :rainbowlaugh:

Read the Prologue last night, really liked it, now I read this and I'm still loving it. Keep up the good work. Also, I hate to be *that* guy, but I did see some messed up grammar in the section when he was escaping the city where you mixed up past and present tense a few times.


I'm glad you enjoy the story so far, and don't feel like "that guy" for pointing out mistakes. I don't have a proof reader and when I finish something I can't stop myself from putting it out there so I do appreciate things that I missed being pointed out.

My fav box seems to think that I haven't read this chapter even though I have…

This is an epic story... Now can we have another chapter please... :pinkiecrazy:

Holy shit this has to be the biggest sugar rush I've ever felt.

my tummy hurts:rainbowlaugh:

And if he goes and gets himself killed Cobalt won't forgive him for dying before apologizing.

woman logic right there

Some small errors. And a good bit of tense confusion. Switching from past to current.

according to WoW, cobolds are short rat-like anthro creatures with a candle on a head. Live in mines, dig stuff.


He he, low level mobs... I probably shouldn't say anything.


So....Kobolds served dragons did they?

Coal's getting an army.
Oh shit.

1961334 Oh shit probably doesn't even BEGIN to cover it.

We're talking kobolds with upgraded technology, most likely.

1957972 I was thinknig of Kobolds from mabinogi.


That is a very good question. Here's another question, if the Kobolds serve dragons and they have a tunnel right by Cobalt's lair, why aren't they serving her?


1961462 Because the human/dragon hybrid just arrived, my friend.

I doubt he can impart technology THAT fast.

I can't wait to see when Coal figures out that getting hit with magic will change him more.
if it where me I would make it a point to piss off every unicorn I saw till the change was done and I was a Dragonborn

I was imaginging the Kobolds from Golden Sun [And they were more like animal things

Well it seems my browsing through stories payed off I want to see where this is going.

Awwwww yeh kobolds I realy liked thet they builded a city on there own so far and seem smarty and they serously deserv a positive spotlight after all oh and I like the story so far and it woud be cool if Coal woud turn into thet dragon thing which TheCanadianKing showed it woud be so awsome:rainbowkiss:!

Hehe this shall be a good turn of events... Do continue. :pinkiehappy:


I am confused, wasnt Promethesus punished by Zeus for giving fire to humans? I am sorry but I am just going off my knowledge of grekks/romans


He was, but another part of Greek mythology stated that during his lifetime Hercules, son of Zeus, freed Prometheus. I hope that helps clear it up a bit.

The question remains...Peace?...Or War?


other than a couple typos this is great. Now I wonder what Celestia is going to do about this new creature.

3-4k words each, but they seem so short. I think I'm starting to read faster after reading fics that are over 10k per chapter.

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