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Nobody really comments on my stories anymore, so I don't really care much now...

Of course. I wrote a book called 'Lux Locus' over on Inkitt. I'm writing the second book 'write' now (Pfffffffffffffbththtbtpf).

It's a space-magitech setting. I've already introduced three of the twenty alien races so far, plus god-specific people.


I can't get enough of MLP fanfiction for some reason.

Especially HIE, despite the some of the cancerous stories in the genre that can be found.

I go from fic to fic, rather than from author to author.
Don't be too worried if I don't comment on many stories of yours, they probably didn't click with me, though that doesn't mean they're bad by any means.

It's like with book covers. I'm that one guy who will ignore the white books with black words that look dated, like Around the World in 80 Days and such, and will go straight to Forgotten Realms and Amos Daragon because of the covers.

I just look for specific things.

A reason I might miss some stories is because I filter out any stories with below 80, 000 words, so that they can last me a while.
I didn't know there were two sequels because of that, I'll have a read later

Still, it's fun to see people grow and pursue their goals further as one does theirs.
I'm sure both of our personal progresses have been pretty big since the time I'd written those comments.

Tried releasing non-fandom related fiction yet?

I was looking at Steamlord and saw your comment. I expected you to have deaded. You're still here. Sounds like sorcery.

Thank you, though I tend to be more of a lurker on here. If I don't say anything negative, it's because everything is positive.
If one thing is commented upon negatively, if a bit, it is likely the only thing that's there to be found.
Say, a typo, though frankly, I've only seen one so far.
Truly, I don't really feel the need to tell you to keep it up. You seem to be doing very well as it is already

2048187 It has a bad habit of that, it's true. Do read on, I look forward to your comments.

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