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I have come to read

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Thanks for the fave!

1762279 Afraid not but the models secretary lets you know when the sex scene is about to happen and you can skip right by it if that helps.

thank you for understanding.
just to ask, do you know any good fic's (without sex scenes) that you recommend?

1762161 Completely understand able it's a shame you had to stop but I understand.

thank you for telling me. Most fic's i have read have have a sex tag on it but it was more for the sexual talking not actual sex (latter the sex tags were removed form most) thus i was chill with it.
But i will have to stop reading your fic because i am struggling to stop with anything porn (like) and please understand that its not against you it's just contradicts my personal moral's that i am try to uphold.
Again it's your fic you do with it as you will, and thank you for the great fic thus far : )
From: The Shon:moustache:
Ps: i am not judging you for your own morel choices (it just contradicts with my own sorry :pinkiesad2:).

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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