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Wolf Blood

After a few years of watching the show ideas always continue to bubble up in my head now's the time to release them.


Happy New Year and Future Plans · 10:00pm Jan 1st, 2020

Good Morning Noon and Evening everybody.

Yep it's me Wolf Blood I ain't dead yet after such a hectic year and that's what I wanna talk to you about. To be blunt and to the point about it most of you have noticed that I haven't been posting as many characters as I normally do lately.

Also I'm sorry to bring you more bad news but updates to my story A Wolf Among Ponies are going to be slow still because I have a few things I wish to catch up on.

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Thanks for the fav man.

Thank you for adding At Your Service to your favorites! I'm glad that you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

I was re-reading your Wolf Among ponies story there are a a few links you have to redo from images and music

Thank you for adding How I Ended Up Living With Six Pony Girls? to your favorites, means a lot. :eeyup:

  • Viewing 169 - 173 of 173
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