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Wolf Blood

After a few years of watching the show ideas always continue to bubble up in my head now's the time to release them.


New Art and First Attempt · 12:58am Dec 31st, 2018

Now I know many of you have been asking me this for a long time and today you get your wish but keep in mind this is my first attempt of doing a coloured drawing including putting my character's face on paper so without further adieu here it is.

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Thank you for adding New Life to favorites.

Aw!~ Thank you! I appreciate that! Its funny. I remember reading your story before I even start Star Eater. lol. Anyway, more chapters are coming so no worries about that. Have a good one and hope I can keep you invested!

Yeah but it's slow but you my friend...wow I love Star Eater can't think of anything that I don't love except those scenes where the conversation just cuts off before we learn something good.

Ticks me off but in a good way and dare I say it in my opinion your story is better then mine.

My respect and hope to see more soon.

Well, Holy Shit... Never thought I'd see you read my story. Thanks for the fave on Star Eater and thumbs up if you like it! What do you enjoy most about the story so far.

Gotta say, saw your name pop up and I was like 'No... It can't be who I'm think of.' Sure enough, it was. Been awhile since I've seen the creator of Ash Blade! Lol. How are things going? Still working on the sequel?

Ok thank you. Love the story btw, nearly cried at the end of a wolf among ponies.

  • Viewing 159 - 163 of 163
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